Beware Britain! Extremist Perkasa Who Threaten To “Chop Off Heads” Is Already In Town

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Jun 24 2014
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The current crisis in Iraq is not an internal problem confined to the country alone. ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is “invading and capturing” cities in the northern and central Iraqi provinces at lighting speed. But that’s not the mind-boggling parts of ISIS. The group raises eyebrows because of their brutality, so much so even international terror group Al-Qaeda distance itself from them.


ISIS fighters would not think twice about killing their same Muslim brothers who do not agree with them. Calling themselves freedom fighters and disguised under fancy name “Jihadist”, surprisingly it attracted thousands of foreign fighters from Cambodia, Europe, America, Australia and even Britain. That’s what distinct ISIS from other terror groups.

ISIS Terror Group MembersBritish Muslim Extremists - Reyaad Khan, Nasser Muthana, Abdul Raqip Amin

Recently, Britain Foreign Secretary William Hague has admitted that around 400 young British men had travelled to the region to fight as jihadist. But a Birmingham MP said that was an understatement and believes more than 1,500 young Britons may have been recruited by extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has since uploaded propaganda clip to YouTube to recruit Muslims from across the globe.


Unlike traditional obsolete terror groups, ISIS is well verse in technology. They even leverage on the present 2014 FIFA World Cup fever to spread their propaganda and recruitment exercise. Tweets were sent with hashtags such as #Brazil2014, #ENG, #France and #WC2014 in their attempt to hijack the tournament to spread their message.

ISIS British Muslim Extremists - Nasser Muthana - young and nowISIS British Muslim Extremists - Aseel Muthana - young and now

In a stunning recruitment video, three British extremists were identified as Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana (a star medical student), both 20 from Cardiff; together with fellow Abdul Raqib Amin, a former Aberdeen schoolboy. Nasser’s brother, Aseel, 17, was also brainwashed to join the fighting in Syria and Iraq.


The UK government is in an embarrasing situation when it was revealed that more British citizens signed up to fight in Iraq and Syria than joined the Army Reserve last year. There were merely 170 extra reservists when the British Government was targeting at least 11,000 by 2018; but thousands were allegedly joined the ISIS terror group to fight in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS British Muslim Extremists - Abdul Raqip Amin

Did the British military intelligence aware of such breeding ground in their own backyard and do nothing about it? Sure, former prime minister Tony Blair started it when he partnered former President Bush and invaded Iraq in 2004. But shouldn’t such extremism be stopped by the relevant authorities under the present government before it gets out of control, as what happens now?


The British govenment may not realize this but the biggest problem is not the young local boys becoming extremists and fight for ISIS. The biggest problem is “after” the whole thing is over and the remaining “experienced” jihadists go back to UK. It was like bringing a ticking bomb back home from Iraq and Syria. And the fun part is – the British authorities may not be able to identify each and everyone of them.

ISIS Terror Group Executing Iraqi Soldiers

If that was not enough, the British Government seemed to be complacent when it allows another extremist group from Malaysia to spread its wing into the country – the infamous Perkasa organization. While the UK authorities could be forgiven for not knowing their Muslim citizens who turned (secretly) to ISIS, the same cannot be said about Perkasa group – they’re well known for their “extremism and gangsterism”.


If the British trio YouTube recruiters have their recruitment clip titled “There is No Life Without Jihad”, Perkasa has their latest trophyYouTube video of “Chopping Heads Off” of people who ridicule Islam. Here’s the amusing part, their “ridicule” definition cannot be found in Oxford dictionary but subject to their own discretion (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Perkasa Extremist - Threaten to Chop Off Heads Perkasa Launching UK and Europe

Recently, Perkasa supremo Ibrahim Ali kicked off “Perkasa UK and Europe” campaign with 253 Malay members, comprises government servants, businessmen and students. The extremist group opened its first overseas branch late last month at Southwick St, Paddington, in London. Has the extremism and gangsterism culture of Perkasa spread to British citizens, without even the authorities realize it?


Well, if Perkasa could partner with other Malaysian extremist group in calling for “Jihad” against innocent and delicious Cadbury chocolate, do you need to be Einstein to tell what else the group dare not do? Heck, by comparison, ISIS would look like boy scout. Amazingly, unlike British Muslim extremists, Perkasa is an unofficial group of ruling party UMNO hence funding was not an issue.

Perkasa Extremist - Jihad Against Cadbury ChocolatePerkasa Extremist - Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir Mohamad

Perkasa is endorsed by influential former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who is still calling the shots in Najib administration. If a star British medical student Nasser Muthana could turn to the terror group, what assurance are there that British students who joined Perkasa would just go out yelling “Jihad” once in a blue moon before go back home for dinner (*grin*)?


The fact that the authorities couldn’t detect and prevent Britons from joining terror group ISIS before it was too late speaks volume about the weakness of Government of the United Kingdom. There could be more silent extremists in the country. And if Perkasa could spread its wing to Britain without much problem, chances are there’re more in the country. Will we able to say “We Told You (Britons) So” ?


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