With Friends Like Ibrahim Ali & Michelle Yeoh, Who Needs Enemies?

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Apr 22 2013
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Post Mar 2008 general election, Malaysians were introduced to the concept of political frogs, magnified by the infamous lost of Perak state by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to Barisan Nasional (BN). It began with 3 Pakatan Rakyat state legislators defected due to money and sex scandal. The most famous of the trio was definitely former Jelapang Assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong. You may scratch your head how could she betrayed her own party who had groomed her from an unknown to the first non-Malay female deputy Speaker in the country’s history. But the temptation of RM25 million was simply irresistible.

Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant - Hee Yit Foong

Five years later today, her decision in choosing money over party’s struggles proves to be a fruitful one. Almost every Perakian was waiting for the right moment to teach her a lesson but unfortunately she wasn’t “winnable’ enough for caretaker PM Najib to nominate her again. Amusingly, frogs like Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali would represent Najib’s BN to the 13th general election battlefield. If Hee Yit Foong didn’t take the RM25 million offer, she may not be a multimillionaire today and perhaps could be dropped by her party as a candidate as well. At least she can enjoy her dim sum now with her latest business acquisition – Ipoh’s famous Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant.


Ibrahim Ali, popularly known as Ibrahim Katak (Ibrahim the Frog), is perhaps the most successful political frogs to date in this country. He hopped happily from BN to Semangat 46 and later to PAS before becoming BN-friendly frog (though still under PAS ticket). It could be due to his magnificent happy-go-hopping talent which impressed former PM Mahathir, so much so that the former premier entrusted Ibrahim with Perkasa’s presidency. Just when everyone thought Ibrahim Ali could be sharing the same bench as Hee Yit Foong, the former suddenly sprang to life when he is set to represent BN against Kelantan Nik Aziz’s son in Pasir Mas. This brings the much sought after entertainment and excitement, without which this election would be too dry and boring.

Ibrahim Ali with Mahathir Mohamad Racists

If you think the previous 2008 Election was the Year of Frogs, wait till you see this year’s results. If 2013 is the Mother of Elections, this year will also known as Year of Mother Frogs simply because there would be hundreds of frogs hopping for fortunes. What do you think the record number of 270 independent candidates (79 for parliamentary and 191 for state seats) were doing? Surely they were not there to lose their deposit money. While some of them were merely paid and planted to spoil the votes, many of them were waiting to be instant millionaires. They hope to hit jackpot the same way Hee Yit Foong got her RM25 million five years ago.


2013 will also be known as the election year where the Chinese voters are spoil for free entertainment. Hoping to get Korean “Psy” (pronounced “Sai”) delivers some votes, Najib was humiliated with “Kanasai” instead. Caretaker PM Najib then arranged for Hong Kong stars such as George Lam, Leon Lai, Hacken Lee, Alan Tam, Grasshopper to capture Chinese hearts in Penang in another attempt to sway their votes. While local singer Eric Moo was criticized for his short speech that the coming elections are clean and fair, the latest speech by actress Michelle Yeoh urging people to vote for Najib was bombarded with heavy criticisms.

Abdullah Badawi touched Michelle Yeoh

Short of calling Michelle Yeoh a slut and prostitute, some Facebook naughty comments dug the past and said if the international celebrity could let herself touched by former PM Abdullah Badawi, she could literally do anything for her own selfish monetary gain. Of course many said she was not fit to play the role as the Myanmar democracy figure Aung San Suu Kyi in the first place, since she supports the evil corrupt and brutal BN administration. Actually, Michelle Yeoh has her own right of which political party to support. After all, Malaysia is a democratic country so one should not force their own political belief into Michelle Yeoh’s throat.

Najib Razak and Michelle Yeoh

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. PR supporters may think BN was poison that everybody should avoid at all cost. But to Bond girl Michelle Yeoh, BN could be her piggy bank and Najib her sugar daddy. Nevertheless, the moment Michelle Yeoh publicly praised Najib and “urged people” (during a freeflow of wine, dine and songs session) to vote caretaker prime minister, she crossed the line. People saw the actress as “campaigning” for the tainted Najib Razak and that triggered many people spamming her with criticisms. It’s one thing to support Najib Razak but another thing altogether to lobby by telling people publicly to vote for the caretaker prime minister.

PKFZ Corruption Scandal - Michelle Yeoh

The supposedly 5,500-table mega dinner sponsored by tycoons benefited from BN administration was held at PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), the same place that raised eyebrows due to its RM12 billion corruption scandal engineered by MCA, the same party that Michelle Yeoh’s father supports strongly. Her father Yeoh Kian Teik, a MCA politician himself, is also the owner of Sri Maju bus company. Some said Michelle Yeoh was returning favour to BN administration for not arresting her brother Bobby Yeoh Lam Jit over an alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) case some years ago. Her brother, married with a son, once caught fondling 37F-cup actress Joey Choi Wai Man (nicknamed “Big Milk Cow”) in Hong Kong Central District.


Michelle Yeoh herself appears in local advertisement such as Anlene products. In Malaysia where BN controls all the media, it’s impossible for people like Michelle Yeoh to get any job unless she sucks up to the regime. Her husband, former Ferrari Formula-1 owner 66-year-old Frenchman Jean Todt, was appointed as Malaysia tourism ambassador with annual fees amounted to RM593,400 alone plus RM388,000 for the couple’s holidays in Malaysia. If that was not bad enough, taxpayers’ money of RM360,000 were spent on their flights excluding accomodation, travelling and lifestyle allowances. Michelle Yeoh and her husband were also speculated to have been given a piece of land in Pulau Besar, Terengganu by the BN regime.

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt - Datuk SeriMichelle Yeoh - Anlene Advertisement

Facebook fans accused Michelle Yeoh of knowing close to zero about the suffering of the average Joe and Jane under BN administration, since the international actress live a luxury life overseas and spend very little time in the country. Certainly she also knows nothing about the country’s RM500 billion debt, illegal foreigners, crimes rate and whatnot. Heck, if she really loves Najib that much and think the BN regime was the best invention since sliced bread, Michelle Yeoh should ask Najib to nominate her to stand at a parliamentary seat for the coming general election. Based on her popularity, she should have little problem winning a seat for Najib.

Michelle Yeoh with Zambry KadirBersih - Police Brutality - Michelle YeohNajib UMNO CowHead - Michelle YeohMalaysia BN Government Debt - Michelle Yeoh

Like it or not, Michelle Yeoh doesn’t actually care, even if you scream till foam at mouth, about BN regime’s corruption and bad governance. She loves rubbing shoulder with politicians. She has tons of money, a “kwailo” sex partner and fame. For now, perhaps she hopes to get the next “Tan Sri” title and to help her family get new projects from BN regime. It’s definitely a small price to pay by sucking up to Najib Razak. Just like Jelapang millionaire Hee Yit Foong, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out money as the main motivation for Michelle Yeoh.


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just one correction. Foh San is not sold to HYF, confirmed this with Foh San owner who is my neighbour, still very much in their hands…

The jelapang woman has a dim sum restaurant? I m surprised people haven’t boycotted it and put in out of business like they did to the butt wriggling sekinchan ikan bakar guy.People power lah!
Can’t blame Michelle Yeoh her dad MCA man She played Aung sung su ki so well though what a pity Now I wonder if we could boycott Anlene for using her

Its her right to pledge support to whowsoever she wishes and you have to respect that eventhough you are of a different opinion. This is called a democracy. Your right to your views. Her right to her views. No one should be forced to swallow something they do not want. If you fail to grasp this very notion of what democracy is, and you force people to accept your views, and condemn others who do not share your views, then you have no right to participate in the democratic process.

I did not think so HYF have any interest in Foh San. If it is true, Perakian would have boycotted the restaurant ages ago.

hmm… come to think of it. bystander, your neighbour lied to you. Admission would bring Foh San business tumbling down. It is better to lie to ‘bystander’ or suffer the wrath of Perakian.

It is a good rumour to investigate further. I am not in Ipoh, unable to boycott Foh San.

Fate has fallen on Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, numerous outlets has been closed down. Jamal Md Yunus terbakar sendiri. Datuk Jamal, stop playing with fire.

She was having it all…fame, fortune ..but alas , she lost the most treasured of all, respect. that’s the price you pay when u don’t have brains..

With more people like Michelle Yeoh, the country is certainly going to be doom! Hope more Malaysian will understand this and not to be influenced by her. Vote out BN is the only way to change for a better Malaysia.

are you sure bystander? though hee yit foong doesn’t looks like einstein, she was smarter than jamal sekinchan ikan bakar than to tell the whole world abt the business, lest she has too much money that she enjoys burning her own money …

cheers …

I don’t see what’s the big deal. Most people who’ve already decided to vote PR already know who they’re voting for.

The fence-sitters who haven’t decided would wonder if this is a campaigning gimmick and still be fence-sitters.

This is most entertaining!

To sdfsd, we know everyone has their right to support whoever they want, but the problem now is when you are a public figure, people have high expectations of you. It’s like CSL with his sex video, nobody gives a damn if he’s an ordinary person, but come on, he’s representing MCA and the people do not want to be associated with people of such kind. The same goes to Michelle Yeoh, whatever her believe, people have a right to criticize her, this is called democratic right like how BN likes to criticize everyone who does not support them. Worst still, Bond girl spends so little time in Malaysia and majority of people think she does not fit to ask people to support BN since she doesn’t know the suffering of the poor average Malaysian who has to bear with corruption, nepotism, racism, inefficiencies and stupidness that BN has fed us for over 5 decades.

Awful article.

Stop chastising others for their political beliefs. We do not live in a communist country. We should respect everyone, no matter which party they support.


when i heard of the rumour, i did check with my neighbour. he gave me a brief calculation of how much they are worth, etc etc, and while it isn’t impossible, HYF would really need substantial funds to buy over Foh San. In addition to that, they would have to face internal revolt from the workers, many who have been working for decades. subsequently, i checked around, and Foh San allowed the use of the space in front as a venue for one of the DAP Ubah truck roadshows some time back, so no surprise if this rumour was just spread around by MCA anyway. anyway, i personally don’t really go to Foh San that much (maybe less than 5 times a year), as I don’t like the tourist crowds, but we’re good neighbours, so for “Wave33” to accuse him of lying, well… thats up to him/her to say so. Ultimately, it’s up to you to believe whatever you want to believe, and eat wherever you want to eat. You can try the other dimsum places on the same road, competition is good…

Of course everyone has their own rights to preference. So when you have take your sides, then then whatever it comes with it. IF this stupid ‘LADY’ pledge for BN then be it.But it is also our rights to voice out against her and even boycott her movies and endorsement products. Thats our rights too. NO?

dear finance twitter,

why dont u get a copy of foh san company profile from http://www.ssm.com.my? if its true i’ll boycot my fav dim sum restaurant each time i go back to ipoh.

also im waiting for your write up on najib’s new year eve trip to hong kong.

im camping for more!!

Agree with Benjamin 100%. You have more of a responsibility when you have fame & the ability to influence others

any prove to show hee is the owner of Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant? very surprise about this.

The dinner is insincere, the support is insincere, the promises are insincere, the whole fiasco is INSINCERE! Lets not have insincerity slapping us in the face!

As much as I detest the Jelapang Hee Haw frog, please do not associate that low life with Foh San restaurant. It’s a scam probably by Foh San’s competitors. I have asked the staff at Foh San and Foh San has not been taken over by that Hee worm. I was told that the Foh San’s owners have published their refutal in local Chinese newspapers. Please do check the facts before publishing.

don’t be jealous lah …
if given the opportunity we would DO the same shit too .. No?,if everyone of us are so righteous and noble,Malaysia would be a different story now.

As much as I agree with you that bn is corrupted. Making false baseless allegations is another. You should at least show proof of your facts. Pretty sure some of your figures are exegarated beyond believe.

Michelle yeoh and gang should be investigated by Pakatan after their victory. Perhaps the MACC should be sent to have an “interview” with her family in a tall building.

My mum of 65 yrs old asked me not to buy Anlene Gold for her anymore.

Michelle facebook closed down

I know for a fact that FOH SAN IPOH is NOT being bought over by Hee. The owners are my relatives. Reading the comments here I am glad some of you still have a good sense of judgement. The rest that are still skeptical please check http://www.facebook.com/ipohfohsan?ref=ts&fref=ts AND also http://www.facebook.com/wongkahwoh?ref=ts&fref=ts please do not drag innocent parties into this web of lies and be a RESPONSIBLE Internet user and not simply share things that you do not have facts to support it! All that is said and done, you lot can drive down to Ipoh and ask yourself!!

I am not sure whether this goner Malaysian Wonder Woman has any depth of thinking faculty, but having seen her once in the ASTRO Pheonix show ‘A Date With Lu Yi’, she came ascross as someone shallow and given to bragging about her equally wonderful family… and all that jazz. While I have no quarrel with the fact that she declared her support for Najib and BN, it is absolutely offensive for her to publicly urge the people in Malaysia to vote for the regime that plunders and abuses the rakyat in this ailing country. Frankly, if a woman had not an inkling of an ex-husband’s sexual orientation, it is hard to believe that same woman could actually be in a good position to advise the rakyat whom to vote for.

Michelle Yeoh have all her right to speak so is others. She just want people to know how corrupt and selfish she is to the malaysian.

ok, whether is true or not the news is spreading.
i will never go to foh san

To Finance Twitter,

May I know why did you removed my message regarding Foh San Ipoh (dated 26th April ) ? Why do you not want the public to know the truth that your article above is absolute bullocks ?!!! What is your intentions towards Foh San Ipoh to defamed their establishment?!!

For the rest of the peeps, please read the following links for the truth
http://www.facebook.com/ipohfohsan?ref=ts&fref=ts AND also http://www.facebook.com/wong.woh.3?ref=ts&fref=ts

relax juliana … nobody removes your messages … your messages were flagged as spam, so i gotta go dig and search for it …

Finance Twitter,

Whilst I appreciate your trouble. Can you pls also explain why in the world you write such untruthful article about Foh San Ipoh? Do you know ppl actually worked very hard and sacrifice a lot for their business? Do you not have a soul?

Opps! I’ve thought so, it is just a rumour about Foh San.

Order: One char siew pau, please.

hello juliana … how do you know she is not one of the shareholders of foh san, albeit a sleeping one? … because your relatives told you so?

well, she also appeared in “newspaper” and denied she jumped because of money, let alone took RM25 million … so i supposed many more people are soulless for not believing her …

cheers …

wave33, people can still go for their dim sum, even if she openly declare she has acquire 100% shares … yeap, good dim sum are hard to find so why boycott their delicious food … dim sum is innocent (*grin*) … chee cheung fun please …

cheers …

[…] With Friends Like Ibrahim Ali & Michelle Yeoh, Who Needs Enemies? […]

That’s why Malaysia getting deteriorate now

Michelle Yeoh are just doing the Anwar thing during Anwar was then Finance Minister..singing praises to UMNO and Dr M before his downfall with UMNO.


Don’t ask what country can do for you but what can do for your country.

Michelle had her part so did those critics her did the same else just keep quiet and suck thumb.

If Michelle Yeoh can play A.S Suu Kyi, a Burmese pro democracy heroin, then a prostitute can play the role of Mother Theresa or Goddes Of Mercy… How convincing! . Hell yes she has her bloody right to vote and she chose the corrupt side. To play a role of a person with moral high ground, she screwed up. I was once her biggest fan but no more. MY doesn’t know anything about the suffer of the ordinary people like us. Thanks God she did not win Oscar.

She is a Tan Sri now. Awarded by the impartial Agung! Agung is above politics indeed.

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