Why Is Genius PM Najib Delaying 13th General Election?

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Mar 22 2013
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Everyone is waiting for the next general election to be called but the cunning Malaysian Prime Minister Najib is toying and having fun with it. He’s dragging his feet over the matter and seriously, he was right with this strategy. In actual fact, PM Najib has nothing to lose but everything to gain by doing so. After he missed the best opportunity back in 11-11-2011, his next best option would be to prolong the 13th general election for as long as he could. He is facing enemies externally and internally – opposition and Mahathir’s team – so why should he rush to the “execution chamber”, when he can do several things with his remaining time?


Since he’s toast any way you look at it, why not spend the remaining precious time maximizing contracts allocation to his cronies? Well, actually Najib is a genius primarily because he managed to increase the country’s debt to RM502 billion last year, the highest in history and reaching 54% of GDP. In short Najib doubled the debt in 4-year what Badawi managed to do in 8-year, an impressive milestone indeed. If that is not a sign of genius, I don’t know what is (*grin*). It’s critical to build his war chest, just in case he miraculously gets to keep his premiership. If somehow he managed that, his next battle in UMNO election needs billions of dollars to secure the presidency seat.

Malaysia Government Gross Debt 1990 - 2013

The next UMNO election is a battle of wealth – who has the most money at their disposal – Najib or Mahathir? That’s why both Najib and Mahathir are rushing against time awarding multi-billion dollar contracts to their own camp – from MRT, Petronas to military projects and whatnot. We’ve written about this and we would like to re-emphasize this again – the current BN regime will still win the next general election. The opposition cannot boot out Najib administration, at least not yet, but the same cannot be said about UMNO. The fact is the people do not hate BN (Barisan Nasional) as much as they do in 2008. Even if the Chinese’s swing to opposition has increased since then, the Malay and Indian’s swing back to Barisan is more than enough to neutralize it.


So, Najib’s real battle is not the 13th general election but rather UMNO itself. Post 13th general election, Najib’s first test would be UMNO Supreme Council, the highest decision-making body within UMNO. He needs to “kautim” (settle) these bunch of Supreme Council’s members. Money talks hence in order to prevent the same fate that has fallen on previous PM Abdullah Badawi, Najib hopes to satisfy these people with dollars and cents. Do you really think Najib would let the same history that killed adorable sleepy Badawi to repeat again on himself? But the problem is – Mahathir’s war chest is many folds more than Najib. The same UMNO Supreme Council members can be bought either way.

UMNO Supreme Council MeetingMahathir Najib Agreement

The solution is pretty simple – send deputy president Muhyiddin into retirement, replace him with Mahathir’s son with Najib agreeable to let go of his premiership after his term. After all, it would be the same to Mahathir’s great dynasty plan – his son would still need to warm up the deputy UMNO presidency seat either under Najib or Muhyiddin. But for such plan, Najib has to do better than Badawi’s 2008 scorecard. That was why Najib is moving away from BN’s conventional warfare methodology after the 2008’s disastrous result. He has since adopted the U.S. Presidential Campaign models. Some said Najib is the greatest liar this country ever had but the fact is he’s also a great copy-cat.


He copied former US President Ronald Reagan’s 1980 speech. If you really believe in conspiracy theory, then he even copied former US President George W. Bush’s war campaign to increase his popularity hence the Sabah invasion. Now, the popular wannabe Najib even came out with “Action Kit” approach, similar to President Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign materials. Opposition diehard fans may see through all these propaganda and sloganeering tricks. But you would be surprise to see the amount of people – villagers or professionals – that actually fall for such marketing campaigns. Najib’s APCO has indeed done a great job in marketing the prime minister as if he’s Abraham Lincoln running for US presidency.

Reagan - Bush - Obama - Najib

Most importantly, Najib’s tactic in delaying the election was to exhaust the oppositions’ campaign machinery, not to mention hoping for them to make mistakes. You can only do so much damage by repeating anti-corruption speeches every night. Sooner or later, people would get bored if there’s no CowGate equivalent scandal to be exposed. Unless opposition can come out with a high-definition video clip showing Najib bonking the famous actress at Port Dickson, Najib’s rising popularity may surpass peoples’ hatred against corruption. His BR1M RM500 free money has swing tons of votes into his bag. His sky-pointing finger propaganda has done miracle to ignorant Chinese and Indian voters. His economic mumbo-jumbo jargons has paint a very rosy and exciting picture as if it was the best grass you’ve ever smoke.

Mahathir Launches Rosmah Biography

Now there’s only one final nail into the opposition coffin before he calls the mother of all general elections – allegation by men charged with engaging in terrorism in Sabah that the opposition paid them to do so. Heck, you may not know if these men were the real terrorists captured in the first place but the story would be enough to swing many young fence-sitters and old villagers to BN’s camp ultimately, provided the script is convincing enough. Looking at how Mahathir forced himself (*ROFL thereafter*) to launch and tell the public to believe what Auntie Rosy wrote in her biography, it seems both Najib and Mahathir has strike an agreement. If you think Mahathir’s Genneva Gold ponzi scheme was terrible, wait till you read the latest innovation product that Mahathir had just launched (*tongue in cheek*). Najib may survive after all.


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Najib strategy is brilliant, oppss… or was it Auntie Rosy? Excellent indeed, exhausted all stamina and funds that PR has in hand. There was many wolf calls by putting up flags along roads to trick PR into believing it. Selangor state fail to call the bluff and become the mercy of BN. Poor Khalid, cakap saja lebih, be a man, do it.

Anutie Rosy continue to roll out money to be given away. There are so many goodies, that the kampung folks do not want it to stop. The kampung folks will vote for BN, for the goodies to continue. Kampung folks do not understand what is GDP or Gross Debt. They only knows what BR1M is all about, advance payment for the kampung folks to pay their tolls later and higher electricity tariff. Get it?

I am astonish the way the goodies keep rolling out, perhaps it is Auntie Rosy style. When are we going to have a lucky draw for a Birkin bag?

The delay was well planned to have all those EXTRA postal voters strategies accordingly and new voters placed appropriately. That need time, Najib just gave Election Commission enough time to do it. Thumbs up for EC!

BN will win in the 13th GE, cause those ordinary members of UMNO are back in force. In 2008, they just wanted to teach Abdullah Badawi a lesson whom the ex-dictator speared headed. Many idolise the ex-dictator as God (I would prefer to use Allah). How could those kampung folks defiant what God tells them to do.

The Indians are just waiting to be bought, their are negotiating whether RM50 or RM250 will be the price for it. Why do you think, Hindraf have been standing on the fence for so long? Now, they went on diet to loose some weight. One stone kills two birds.

There some chance that Sabah and Sawarak will give BN the kick. The DAP heavy weights should be in Sabah and Sarawak, not in Johor, where the Malays are united under UMNO now. The Malay feels they are championed behind the keris of UMNO, Islam is defended (from who?), Ketuanan Melayu mantained, NEP prolong, free overseas education (who the f cares about PTPTN), discount for house purchase, free APs etc etc etc. There is a lot of plus to vote for UMNO, you just can’t blame the kampung folks. Well, the ordinary Malays would be sodomised big time after 13th GE, by harga Barang Naik. Those whom have half of dozen of children at home will suffer by harga Barang Naik.

Pakatan only hope is that Lahad Datu incident will work against BN in Sabah. Suluks with MyKad will vote for PR. Why do you think there is no more bodies of the Suluks fighters shown in the MSM. Now, we have civilian killed in the shootout from the well known trigger happy Polis.

If there is enough expose by Global Witness on Taib in the coming weeks, will be good to bring in more MP seats for PR. Taib is hard man to bring down. All those Sarawak MPs whom carry his balls are the same, the hands the feed them with biscuits crumbs.

Malaysia I cry for you.

We don’t know BN candidates yet What we know is they will be Najib loyalists and from the liberal Malay mould. There’s a big possibility people may not like them.This is a big factor that may cause the loss of some BN seats in West Malaysia. In Sarawak the land of the blind, old man Taib is king and continues his iron grip. He will deliver the bulk of the seats. Why do you think nobody has touched him yet. MACC only went after the Chinese lawyer. Sabah 50 50.

[…] Why Is Genius PM Najib Delaying 13th General Election? […]

[…] Why Is Genius PM Najib Delaying 13th General Election? […]

[…] Why Is Genius PM Najib Delaying 13th General Election? […]

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