Parliament Dissolved – Next, Psychological Warfare

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Apr 03 2013
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Given a choice, Malaysian (PM) Najib Razak would like to cling to power via emergency rule, the same way his father did after 1969 racial riots post opposition huge victory in the general election during the same year. However unlike 44 years ago, today is the age of information where people get the latest update and alternative news faster than government-controlled print and electronic media. Essentially, it would be extremely difficult to architect a full-proof plan to justify a declaration of a state of national emergency or “Darurat” by the King and thereafter suspension of the Parliament before the prime minister (via a national council) enjoys absolute power in the name of a caretaker government.


Damn you Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg!!! How the current regime wishes Internet, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Smartphones and whatnot do not exist. It would be easier to cook up some stories without the internet. That was the reason why the Sabah invasion was viewed with great suspicion, especially when the highly popular (*grin*) Najib stubbornly refused to dissolve the Parliament despite being the most popular prime minister this country have ever had. Just what was he really scared of? It’s funny that he was so indecisive on this matter but was super confident he wouldn’t get caught bonking an actress at Port Dickson and sharing Razak Baginda’s Mongolian mistress (*grin*).

Najib Razak Facebook LikesMahathir Facebook Likes

For God sake, Najib has a whopping 1.5 Million Facebook Likes while his nearest competitor Anwar Ibrahim has merely 460,000 Likes. On the other hand, DAP heavyweight Lim Kit Siang has a paltry 115,000 Likes while PAS Guru Nik Aziz has 871,000 Likes. But even then, PM Najib has more “Likes” than all the three opposition chiefs combined. So, what gives? If that was not enough, Najib can still depends on his mentor Mahathir Mohamad’s staggering 2 Million Facebook Likes to help him send the opposition packing with tail behind their legs. Actually it’s no longer about cyber warfare between BN (Barisan Nasional) and opposition PR (Pakatan Rakyat).

Anwar Ibrahim Facebook LikesLim Kit Siang Facebook LikesNik Aziz Facebook Likes

Opposition did well in Mar 2008 general election primarily because of internet and hatred towards BN’s arrogance. Fast forward five years later, BN is on par with opposition PR in the social media presence. BN has been spending millions of dollars on battalions of cyber troopers in their payroll, never mind they couldn’t counter effectively the mismanagement of the present regime. For the 13th General Election, it is not about merely cyber war anymore. That was so yesterday. This round, it’s about “Psychological Warfare” on the cyberspace. In fact, BN has been using such weapon with great success in the name of 13 May 1969 racial riots, minus the internet tool. And every time former dictator Mahathir sensed a little uprising from the people, he would conveniently whipped out this weapon and Malaysians obediently voted him to power out of fear – for a good 22 years.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Social Media

Thanks to the internet, the present regime can no longer monopolize its media in brainwashing people with its propaganda. The alternative media of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs have given space to the opposition in airing their voices. Playing in the cyberspace is one thing but conducting psychological warfare in cyberspace is another thing. The biggest thing that had happened prior to today’s Parliament dissolution was the announcement that DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang would be contesting Gelang Patah parliamentary seat, bringing the 13th General Election to the state of Johor – BN stronghold. It was a brilliant move both tactically and psychologically.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Gelang Patah Lim Kit Siang

Tactically, Kit Siang’s move from his safe seat in Ipoh Timor (won with 21,000 majority) would add additional seat to the opposition. Kit Siang is like one giant mine clearing machine – clearing landmines for the soldiers’ assault thereafter. He is one stubborn fearless leader who enjoys going into enemies’ territory and create havocs out of it. Despite trying to calm their fear about Kit Siang’s entrance into their fortress, the fact is Najib administration is extremely nervous with their fix-deposit Johor. Psychologically, Kit Siang is leading the opposition bombardment into UMNO’s last bastion, and that’s bad news because the 72-year-old Kit Siang was bringing with him the “motivation” weapon too. Interestingly, despite being his birthplace, Kit Siang has never contest in Johor before.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Gelang Patah Lim Kit Siang and Mahathir

If former premier Mahathir’s latest speech in Johor Baru was any indicator, Najib administration is trembling at the sight of DAP’s flags in the state. Mahathir commented that Kit Siang was so stupid to attack UMNO’s fortress in Johor and it didn’t make sense. Well, if Kit Siang was really that stupid, why should the genius Mahathir so concern about it, let alone alerted the enemy? It was like former Iraq President Saddam Hussein asking why the Americans were so stupid to invade the country and warned they’ve covered the land with landmines. Get the juice? It shows even Mahathir was worried about onslaught by DAP’s heavyweights. Now that Kit Siang has invited Mahathir to contest in Gelang Patah, BN’s morale would be further cracked if the latter chicken out.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Kluang Liew Chin Tong

Another DAP big gun confirmed to be fighting along side Kit Siang in Johor is none other than a brilliant political strategist – Liew Chin Tong. Only a few know about this low profile strategist but DAP may not be able to capture Penang in the last general election without him. Liew who won the Bukit Bendera constituency in Penang in 2008 with a majority of 16,000 votes has decided to leave his “safe” seat to challenge Kluang, another seat held by the ruling government in Johor. If everything goes according to the plan, both Kit Siang and Chin Tong would add 2 new parliamentary seats to the opposition’s pocket. DAP could be sending more heavyweights into the warzone in the coming weeks so stay tune.


One of the factors that could swing in Najib administration favour is a low Chinese turnout during the polling day. This is because majority of Chinese voters are opposition supporters. But Malaysian Chinese voters are also super “kiasi” in the event of a riot should the incumbent BN regime refuses to transfer power peacefully if they lose the 13th general election. Hence it was a brilliant tactical move by opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in bringing four retired generals into the opposition camp, led by former army chief General (Rtd) Md Hashim Hussein – Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid (Army); Brigadier-General (Rtd) Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab (AirForce); Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Haji Imran Abd Hamid (Navy) and Brigadier-General (Rtd) Najmi Ahmad .

Malaysia 13 General Election - Generals Md Hashim Hussein, Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid, Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab, Haji Imran Abd Hamid, Najmi Ahmad

To add salt into injury, former army chief General (Rtd) Md Hashim Hussein was named as the PKR candidate for the parliamentary seat Johor Baru, a move that could send BN regime running for their money. Psychologically, the strategy could see Chinese voters flocking to the polling centers with the assurance by the retired generals that the country’s army is apolitical and loyal only to the King. Of course not all psychological warfare by the opposition was executed smoothly. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wasted precious time toying with Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow. Teng has no intention nor the courage to face Guan Eng heads on in the coming election, but rather to lure the chief minister hoping for him to make mistake so that the government-controlled media could spin some childish stories in order to boost BN’s morale.


Why do you think both sides of political divide were claiming victory before even Najib Razak found his gut, stuffed somewhere inside his closet, to dissolve the parliament today? Well, of course to boost morale as part of the “Psychological Warfare”, silly. There’re two instances where the ground machineries would not work – arrogance due to over confidence and low morale due to anticipation of a loss. Of course along the way, you’ll get entertained by certain politician who knows nuts about psychological warfare such as MCA President Chua Soi Lek who dare not challenge Lim Kit Siang but chicken out with lame excuse that he can’t be parachuted into Gelang Patah. If that was not comical enough, he even performed a self-praising stunt – MCA report card with flying colours. No wonder Selangor MCA chief, Donald Duck (Lim) begged the voters not to make MCA “eat egg”, literally means not to wipe MCA out during the election.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Donald Duck Eat Egg

While the opposition has tons of talents and giants to be unleashed as candidates, the same cannot be said about Najib’s camp. Obviously BN does not have sufficient good candidates to impress voters. When even expired MIC Samy Vellu offered himself as winnable candidate, you do not have to be rocket scientist to understand Najib’s dilemma. Najib’s biggest nightmare could be the candidate’s list. There would be many unhappy candidates wannabe who would sabotage its own well-greased machineries upon discovered that their names were not favoured. Facing an internal revolt, the Election Commission may have hard time allocating free postal votes to BN candidates if massive votes swing to the opposition.

Malaysia 13 General Election - Parliament Dissolved

If you care to listen to Najib Razak’s parliament dissolution announcement at 11:30 am just now, you may be able to sense how tense the situations were. Najib made an error in his speech about the date of dissolution – he mentioned 2012 instead of 2013. And when he walked around shaking his comrades’ hands, it was a sombre atmosphere, as if it was a farewell send-off (*grin*). Perhaps Najib Razak knew something that we don’t from the military intelligence when he unexpectedly promise to ensure a peaceful transition of power should the federal or any state government switch hands post 13th General Election 2013. But he may not mean what he said but merely to ensure minimal impact or volatility to the stock market.


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You are absolutely right on the point, BN will be scrapping the barrel bottom for talent.

It is hard to remove a stain, not even with Dynamo.

Reform? It is easier said than done.

Quote: “For things to change, I need to change first”
Change means the way of thinking and system in place, it is not physical change.

Then you need to…
Change your family, then…
Change your relative, then…
Change your community, then…
Chance your party, and…
Change the Nation

Change oneself, there have been some improvement since the day the PM shouted chinese blood on the keris in a Hoki Stadium. But his lying has not doze down, neither his appetite for women.

Change in family, well we are still waiting when is he man enough to say the word “TALAQ”. It would better to get the actress that he has been bonking in PD. That would improve his image further. No more worries about diamond rings and Birkin bags.

Change in relative, the Rakyat need a real Home Minister, we do not need a PM’s cousin whom like apple polishing and bodoh sombong.

Change in community, PM has not educated the community that Rakyat does not condone corruptions, murders, lavish spending, racist remark and cheats.

Change in party members, that is the most difficult part, changing the mindset of looters and sleeping incumbents. It sure scare the shit out of the PM, when Samy says he is coming back. When the community does not accept all these corrupted incumbents, hence only the party will change.

Change in nation, it is possible when PM has a new spouse whom he has been bonking in PD, relatives whom serve the Rakyat instead of the Executive, community that except clean and corrupt free environment and the incumbents party members joins Bala, we would have a rebirth of a new nation.

Will it happen? Fat Hope! Until the Fat lady sings!

So, what now… we have an alternative change.

Ubah! Ini Kalilah!

Do you think its possible Najib have so many like from normal citizens. who whould want to get updated whose hand he shake or which ceramah he attended or which kenduri he makan. I bet most of them are fake followers.

Mahathir facebook page comes with better content, endless of writing from the old man trying to justify for himself and umno. but if you read the comment, you will notice not all who likes his page actually likes him, we just want to get updated what he is mumbling about.

thanx for your comment tun-boleh … of course everybody knows that facebook’s “Likes” can be manipulated …

i was just trying to help najib – instil confidence that he is really super popular (*grin*) …

cheers …

[…] Parliament Dissolved – Next, Psychological Warfare Apr 03 2013 […]

[…] Parliament Dissolved – Next, Psychological Warfare […]

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