Sabah Invasion – Another Najib Govt’s Screw Up?

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Mar 04 2013
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Sabah (Lahat Datu) invasion by the self-proclaimed Royal Army of the Sultanate of Sulu on February 9th 2013 has entered its second week, without any clear sign that a solution is on the horizon. A rough estimate of between 100 to 500 heavily armed men entered Lahat Datu, a mere 30-minutes away, without any trouble. From what seems like a Mr Bean comedy whereby these highly trained army announced they had come to enforce the sultan’s ancient claim to Sabah, it now has turn into a nightmare for the Malaysian and Philippine government. The invasion has since spread to Semporna and Kunak.

Sabah Invasion - Hishammuddin Hussein binocularsSabah Invasion - Hishammuddin Hussein binoculars 2

The invasion was not taken seriously initially. Even Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, cousin to PM Najib Razak, joked that the members of the Sulu intruders were malnourished, old, wear sarong and slipers so he concluded they were not terrorists and far from dangerous, despite these “old Sulu army” came armed with granade launchers, M16 and whatnot. Assuming he can earn some brownie points before the coming general election, the infamous controversial Home Minister entered the war zone watching from afar armed with military binoculars and inspecting rifles, as if he was Rambo. But after 7 deaths in 2 days alone, Hishammuddin is licking his arrogance and has been quiet ever since, except for the usual “we are in control” stunt.


One has to go back as early as 1658, when the then sultan of Brunei gave away Sabah to the sultan of Sulu, who ruled a western territory of Philippine, in appreciation to the latter’s assistance in helping to quell a rebellion. More than 350 years later, the Sultanate of Sulu is still claiming the ownership of Sabah, now part of Malaysia, due to interpretation disagreement in a contract made in 1878 between the Sultanate of Sulu and the British North Borneo Company. The Sultanate maintains the contract was a “pajak” (just like when you visit a pawnshop when you’re short of cash) so as long as the British Company paid a regular sum of money, they’re free to do whatever they like in Sabah.

Sabah Invasion - Sulu TerritorySabah Invasion - Map Lahat Datu

However, the British interpreted the “pajak” contract to mean sale, while the Sulu Sultanate was adamant it was a lease. The disagreement was never settled and when the British granted independent in 1957, and later the formation of Malaysia in 1963 which included Sabah and Sarawak, the issue of “pajak” was swept under the carpet. Interestingly and strangely, Malaysia government still pays $1,500 (RM5,000) a year to the Sultanate of Sulu till today, indirectly acknowledges the “lease” of Sabah. Otherwise why would a right-thinking government continues to pay the recipient until the cows come home, if it was not a lease at all?


The final straw that broke the camels’ back could be triggered by Philippine president Aquino’s ignorance – peace deal with Muslim rebel group MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and MNLF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) but ignored the Sultanate of Sulu’s claims. Even if president Aquino would like do, he couldn’t simply because Malaysia acts as the facilitator in the peace deal and surely Najib administration wouldn’t be happy for the Sabah issue to be brought up. Probably both Philippine and Malaysian governments underestimated the centuries-old Sulu Sultanate’s threat and influence.

Sabah Invasion - Sulu Sultanate invaders

The fact that there’re thousands of Tausug people (same tribe as Sulu Sultanate) currently residing in Sabah as Malaysian citizen, thanks to Mahathir’s express “IC Project” to dilute non-Muslim Sabahan, makes the invasion crisis much more complicated. These “Malaysian Tausug” people may secretly help the invaders in any way they can. And we have not even talk about other Filipino settlements spread in other areas that could be Sulu Sultanate potential sympathizers. The usual news blackout by Najib administration does not help rumours and speculations from spreading like wildfire. The latest from Sultan Sulu said it had taken hostage a Malaysian police officer, two soldiers and a government official. The Malaysian news meanwhile said nothing.

Sabah Invasion - Najib Scorpene Submarine


Besides rumours and speculations, netizens also share jokes about the Sabah crisis. Many questioned why boy-scout Hishammuddin was sent when this is a national crisis that should involve the army, navy or even the air force. Of course, many questioned why Najib’s Scorpene submarines were not sent into the war area to help the situation. It could be that the submarines’ maintenance is due but nobody knows how to “tukar minyak hitam” (oil change), goes one of the jokes. Maybe they should send it to the nearest Proton Service Center (*tongue-in-cheek*). Some said PM Najib didn’t give free RM500 BR1M to Sulu Sultanate hence the invasion.


The Sabah invasion also attracted political parties and both ruling government and opposition wasted no time in politicising the situation. Opposition parties speculate that the ruling government may be behind the invasion drama as a diversion from Najib administration lack of confidence in winning the next general election. Furthermore, the just released Pakatan Rakyat manifesto has swing many young voters into the opposition’s camp. And since PM Najib is dragging his feats in calling the election, what better way to buy further valuable time than to declare emergency rule using Sabah invasion as the justification?

Sabah Invasion - Hishammuddin Hussein rifle

Needless to say, the current regime countered with PM Najib ordering an investigation into an allegation that opposition was behind the invasion based on a Philippine report that opposition Anwar had met with Nur Misuari, leader of MNLF. This is amusing but did Anwar actually consented to the rebels coming into Sabah and take away the oil-rich territory at this critical hour, moments before the 13th general election? If this is true, then Anwar should be hang upside down, not because of his betrayal but because of his stupidity. Wouldn’t it be easier to put such mouth-watering offer to the United States than to a bunch of old and malnourished Sulu Sultanate soldiers (*grin*).

Sabah Invasion - Hishammuddin Hussein rifle 2

Tactically, it’s a kindergarten plan by opposition to invade at this hour, since it would help Najib administration to divert attention from Sabah RCI revelation, opposition bombastic manifesto and even the latest revelation that there’s another mistress, besides Altantuya, in PM Najib’s life. It would make more sense for Anwar to activate this invasion plan “after” he fails in his bid to take over Putrajaya, if indeed he has such plan in the first place, no? In actual fact, Najib administration would be the biggest winner while opposition the biggest loser with this intrusion. For the sake of Monday Blues coffee talk, let’s assume one of them is involved in the crisis – who’s the lucky fellow?


Perhaps the answers can be found by studying the various exotic wars committed by US President George W. Bush and his father. It was a known fact that his war campaigns helped him to secure his second presidency term. Didn’t the genius Mahathir swear on his mother grave that the Sept 11 terrorist attack was the job of president Bush himself, and not anybody else? President Bush’s war on terrorist had unite Americans against a common enemy – the terrorist. So, using the same successful model, could it be that US-based consulting firm APCO, had actually advised PM Najib of such option to boost his popularity and unite the voters – by going to war, on a smaller scale?

US Invasion into Iraq

Maybe there’s no conspiracy after all. The invasion was all about money that Sulu Sultanate is dying for. And since there’s no objection from the United States about Sulu Sultanate’s claim on Sabah, the gamble to bring the ownership of Sabah to World Court would be brighter with an invasion during the auspicious Chinese New Year. Furthermore, what does Sulu Sultanate got to lose considering they’re so poor that even Malaysian Home Minister couldn’t help but made jokes on them. If there’s one thing that Najib and Aquino administration has forgotten – that’s these old chaps are master in guerrillas warfare, something that even the US military would avoid at all cost.


The solution to the crisis – have a round-table talk, instead of exposing more Malaysian police and commandos in a guerrillas warfare that you’re inexperience and cannot possibly win. If war is what you want, send in well-trained and not half-baked army, together with all the military hardwares purchased (if there’s any left). If money can solve the problem, then consider that as an alternative to a peaceful solution. Furthermore, the ruling government is leaking a staggering RM26 billion a year so theoretically, they are specialists in such negotiation (*grin*). To pay RM200 million for the Sulu Sultanate to drop the claims on rich-Sabah is a once in a lifetime fire sales. Of course, Najib administration can always agree to a World Court hearing on the claims, provided they’ve the top brains to argue the case internationally.

Sabah Invasion - AirAsia transporting army

Already, the request for AirAsia Berhad’s (KLSE: AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) commercial flights to transport more army into Sabah warzone was a huge embarrassment that goes to show that despite billions of dollars in annual budget allocated for national defence, the country’s military does not have the basic capability in real combat – lack of logistic transportation. Hence PM Najib should not make more jokes of his own administration and should engage the invaders seriously. So much for Mahathir’s proud “IC Project” – what goes around comes around.


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Where is the Pemuda UMNO keris party now?!

Are they only warriors against unarmed citizens who ask for more schools for their children?

Get the best person to negotiate with the Sulu Intruders, Mahathir, the mastermind for “Project IC”.

Get ur acts together…. Hishamuddin !! Get out of there !! We dont need jokers when it comes to real action. Or why dont you go in with your keris….they are just malnourished, old, sarong clad with slippers soldiers….. Btw,where is our defense minister?? Where are all our multi billion warfare tech stuff?

Totally Agreed with you!! Amazing Article… Keep up the good work!! I really hate PM don’t take this problem seriously & take action properly.. please make him realize somehow that this is his NO.1 Priority… I don’t know how I’m just 16… but I really do Believed Sultan sulu have secret weapon/tactics that he want to counter when they had been underestimated… sry for my bad english… please let other country help us…

The Sulu Sultan is looking at a bigger picture ie Petronas Oil findings. Do you think he is so stupid to accept a few hundred millions? His princess had already said they wanted to share half of Sabah.
That is why Mahathir wanted to use complete force to drive out the intruders to protect his interest in Petronas.
So how can PM give in to such demand?

People’s choice and price that people had to pay. Kindly think about your next generation……IS THIS THE KIND OF SYSTEM YOU AS MALAYSIAN WANTED ??? WELL…..WHAT CAN WE SAY…..OR YOU AS MALAYSIAN NEEDED MORE TIME TO THINK AGAIN (50 more years)??? MAKE YOUR CHOICE WORTH IT.

After reading. I just have one question. Does Sabah rightfully belong to Malaysia ?

Kudos the way you have write the article. Nonetheless, have you been at Lahad Datu yourself? Why not instead of writing, and spread all the hatred towards the UMNO or MALAYS, why not book a flight ticket to Lahad Datu to see the action. Hopefully you may kill one or two SULU terrorists or else you can be seen as fallen hero.

To MALAYSIAN, not all about Keris party like you said. The one had died are Malays and Bumiputera Sabahan. Guess at the time when the country really in need, only Malays and other Bumiputra will defend the our motherland.

thanx for dropping by, reality-bite … have you been to lahad datu yourself? … going by your argument, only umno=malay and malay=umno? … so i supposed pas, pkr etc are sulu terrorists then … time to get rid of other non-umno people (*grin*) …

congrats that you admire so much about your beloved home minister’s crisis management …

Real MALAYSIAN who have knowledge and understand the ASEAN spirit on friendship would understand what the government had done was at the best interest on the Nation and people… Well, I don’t blame people who does not understand or study “international relations”…thinks that every thing is so simple… every actions has it purpose… To MALAYSIANs’ think wisely…
1- Why for so many years…only now the Sulu Sultan is making it’s move to Sabah…PRU13 in Malaysia and even the Philipines general election is soon!!
2- Why visit Sultan Sulu before the PRU13… is he voting in
Malaysia or some other important agenda??
Well even US, with the most advanced air-force,army and navy technology even could not stop Mexican,Cuban and even Drug cartel crossing to US illegally to LOGICALLY THINK..there’s no assurance that our waters are “KEBAL”…
Sometime, do THINK outside the BOX and do not underestimate our ARMY and POLICE….
Our ARMY had won many recognition from the UN in the past and remember the movie…” BLACK HAWK DOWN” in Mogadishu ,Somalia… it was actually the MALAYSIAN ARMY who rescues the mission…. “THUMBS UP TO THE MALAYSIAN ARMY ,POLICE AND GOVERNMENT….”

p/s- I wonder how would you feel when one of the son of the fallen heros – ASP Ibrahim says that- “ayah mati kena bom”

Anak bekas perajurit Negara

Reality Bite are one of the Sulu who got IC from DR M now residing in Sabah and become an UMNO AJK Bahagian. Maybe he even got Datukship from Sultan Sulu.

thanx for your comment, reza anak perajurit …

since you’ve “perajurit’s” blood, do you think if the 8 fallen heroes can be avoided with a different chain of command?

stay cool puchong-boy, nobody belittles the sacrifices by our heroes but can it be avoided, or at least minimized?

cheers …

Hi. Well written…but too many accusations u sounded just like bn’s apologists. Readers like me will go and surf as many sites as we can to read facts not another my-opinion-is-fact post. Our land is being invaded n we choose to reap some political benefits from it? Come on! Regardless which camp ur in, this is the time to discuss how to protect our family n country. Thanks anyway for sharing.

amusing and funny.writing as if you knew everything and your always right. you need to read more than just those PKR reading materials and mingle more with everyone not just PKR folks dear.

amusing eh, kae … i can’t believe it myself when umno insiders told me the story, so rest assure i mix around real good … cheers …

Well… anyone can just bla.bla.. but facts remain facts..

Again to my 2 questions…Seems you guys are NOT interested to get to the root of Lahat Datu incursion.
Get the FACTS right!!Kae has a valid point…don’t just look into PKR reading material…mix more with the BN people as well..

As mentioned, the security forces had done their best…In fact just a moment ago @ 1700 hours… another 31 terrorist had been killed,a total= 52 to date!!

To me,it’s not an easy mission…but our boys are almost there..soon we will witness VICTORY but most importantly …the aftermath is VITAL…We need to know, whos’ behind the incursion at Lahat Datu…and surely these group of people are WORST then the SULU TERRORIST…
These are the people to be blame for the killing of our boys and the incursion…8 todate.

Until then…

thanx for dropping by again, reza anak perajurit …

haven’t i wrote enough of the conspiracy theories here?

you still haven’t enlighten us if the 8 fallen heroes can be avoided, or at least minimized, based on your military experience …

please note that nobody question the sacrifices by our military / police boys who risk their lives in line of duty …

ok, if anwar was the culprit, then we should hang him upside down, agreed? but what if najib was the mastermind? what do you think we should do to him?

cheers …

Well again for the final time…Let me be frank here… I don’t see any of the opposition leaders are capable being the next premier…
Even when Anwar was the Finance Minister..he had screwed up …Do you know what was the Banks’ BLR during Anwar’s appointment as Finance Minister…or you have forgotten or perhaps you are not born yet to taste the bitterness and the hardship of the RAKYAT to pay their housing loans…BLR was 114 – 16% … THUMBS UP TO THE FINANCE MINSITER- ANWAR…
Lucky Dr M had came up with some good economy strategies to ensure Malaysia do not fall under IMF mercy.. Other countries including the G7 acknowledged Dr M’s effort to rescue Malaysia’s economy from dire street.. Well packed RINGGIT against the GREENBAG..
Anwar as the Finance Minister have FAILED …what more can you aspect to be the No 1 ?? MORE DAMAGE TO THE COUNTRY and NOT FIT AS A PREMIER.

Even the current MB Selangor and Penang had NOT done much for the rakyat.. WATER seems to be a BIG problem, EFFORABLE homes NO longer exist in these 2 states for the lower and middle income group… all you see Condo and expensive landmark..is this called helping the RAKYAT?? The ojective of PKNS to help the low and middle income group is NO LONGER
exist, Roads are NOT properly maintained…and many other blunders…

Well bro,.. I rest my case… You may enjoy in your dreamland as I can’t see the light in this dreamland…

As wise man once said; “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”
We shall see the direction and the wave of many Malaysian especially generation X ,who loves MALAYSIA AND NAJIB ADMINISTRATION WITH HIS SPECIAL INTEREST ON GOLONGAN BELIA…


bye.. bye…

morning reza anak perajurit,

it seems you’re running too far away from the topic …

anyway, you still think south korea, thailand and indonesia (all who subscribed to imf) are doing very bad now, compared to malaysia?

cheers …

My condolence to families of all Malaysian security members who were killed or wounded. Our leaders’ friendly atttude towards these invaders (who called them NOT militants of terriorist?) were partly at fault and not offering maximum protection to our security forces

[…] Sabah Invasion – Another Najib Govt’s Screw Up? […]

[…] Sabah Invasion – Another Najib Govt’s Screw Up? […]

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