Obama’s Hanging With The Wrong Crowd – Najib Praises Terrorists While His Boy Hails Hitler

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Jul 10 2014
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Argentina made it to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, thanks to the team’s goolkeeper Sergio Romero, stopping two penalties and sending the only South American representative to a 4-2 victory. This is perhaps the best results we can hope for – Europe’s Germany againsts South America’s Argentina. It would be too boring to have an all European affairs with Germany versus Holland in the final, wouldn’t it?

2014 FIFA World Cup - Argentina Won 4-2 Against Holland2014 FIFA World Cup - Argentina Won 4-2 Against Holland - Babes

Seriously, who cares about the Argentina-Holland match when millions of fans are still talking and bitching about the Brazil-Germany match, of which Brazil lost terribly by seven goals? While millions of Brazilians are still in disbelief and mourns about their team’s humiliation, one particular Germany fan rejoices as if his bet on the match makes him billions of dollars richer.


A Malaysian MP (member of Parliament) – Bung Mokhtar – tweeted “Well Done .. Bravo .. Long Live Hitler”, in respond to Germany’s football triumph. A member of prime minister Najib Razak administration, the controversial MP has even invited the attention of German ambassador to Malaysia, Holger Michael, who said “We strongly reject the distasteful and unacceptable allusion to the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler,”.


Netizens have since criticising the four-terms MP but amusingly (but expectedly) Bung Mokhtar (arrogantly) hits back and refuses to apologize justifying that “Hitler is part of history and the German team fought like how he did“. Back in 2007, the same MP made the infamous “bocor” (leakage) remark when he referred to an opposition MP Fong Po Kuan’s menstruation cycle during a debate about Parliament’s ceiling leaking – possibly due to hanky panky in awarding the jobs to cronies.


Let’s wait and see if Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, would find this entertaining; after she got offended by revelation that United States government have been spying on her country. But perhaps Angela would be proud to have a foreign MP (Bung Mokhtar) celebrating her country’s “icon”, when not a single Americans pay tribute to George Washington or Franklin D. Roosevelt when the U.S. team wins.

Tweets During Brazil-Germany Match - Nazi, Hitler

Well, to be fair, Bung Mokhtar was not the only person who tweeted about Hitler during the explosive Brazil-Germany match. On the day of the match itself, the word “Nazi” was tweeted 95,669 times. But that includes 95,000 tweets which admonish others for the derogatory tweets. That leaves only hundreds of tweets that actually “admire” the brutality of Nazi. And none of them came from politicians.



Hence, Bung Mokhtar easily wins the game for the most offensive tweet, the same way Germany won easily in their match against favourite Brazil. But what raises eyebrows was not his supposedly joke (really?) in his tweets but rather his “tribute” to Adolf Hitler, and the fact that he’s a member of Parliament (never mind the level of corruption his government is involved) doesn’t help his justification.

Tweets During Brazil-Germany Match - Bung Mokhtar - Long Live Hitler

Was it the fault of Bung Mokhtar alone for being ignorant about Hitler, whose regime was responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews, and millions of other victims whom he and his followers deemed racially inferior? Or was it the policy of Malaysia UMNO-led government all this while, so much so that even prime minister Najib Razak admires, praises and encourages his party to be brave like ISIL terrorists?


A former Malaysian Cabinet Minister Sanusi Junid once admitted that Dr Mahathir and former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin were hoping that Malays would control the economy but when they saw progress was slow, they decided to follow the German example of not granting banking licences to Jews. So, is Bung Mokhtar merely another clone politician produced from UMNO assembly lines?

Tweets During Brazil-Germany Match - The Real Hitler Admirers - Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin

Considering Mahathir’s anti-Semiticism and huge efforts in projecting himself as more Malay than the original Malay, it’s not hard to see how his policy was any diffence from Hitler’s “Aryan Master Race” ambition. Mahathir is himself a Kerala-Indian origins but he isn’t proud of his forefathers. So really, one shouldn’t blame Bung Mokhtar for his questionable intellectual.


After all, if even an intelligent President of the United States, Barack Obama, could be tricked into believing Malaysia is a “moderate Muslim country” when in fact it isn’t, could you continue the “blitzkrieg” on cute little Bung Mokhtar? For all you know, he could be history-blind and mistaken Hitler as another Germany’s icon, the same way kangaroo is to Australia.


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Those government paid Lobbyists in USA, Britain and Germany have to work harder now to Spin on Just How Moderate Malaysia is! It Comes with the Price Though. Najib has to allocate Billions more for them now to make them work extra hard….

Mahathir is a ‘pemborak’ who fooled the simple minded Malaysians. He is an extremely greedy and selfish leader who only works for his personal benefits. He is responsible for not able to bring real progress of our country. That is why we are lagging further and further behind other countries. Now, the general Malaysians’ life are getting more and more difficult. His successors are more or less like him. Fooling the kampong folks that we are going to become a developed country with high income by the year 2020. Only leaders who work for the good of the nation and the people instead of enriching themselves, can lead our country to be a developed nation.

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