Malaysian Najib Administration Protecting Diplomat Rapist? Here’s The Suspect List

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Jul 01 2014
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How do you get away scot-free with crimes, if it involves burglary or even rape, in another country? To invoke diplomatic immunity, of course. That was how a Malaysian diplomat to New Zealand did last month. The diplomat who refused to give a DNA sample, has since returned home to Malaysia safely.


New Zealand police said the man, who is in his 30s, last month followed a 21-year-old woman and assaulted her. They have charged him with burglary and assault with the intent to rape, each of which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. A New Zealand judge has suppressed the man’s name and details of the case which could identify him.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Police CarMalaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Najib Razak and John Key

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key claimed that New Zealand’s government sought a waiver of diplomatic immunity so the man could face trial in New Zealand, but was rebuffed by the man’s home country – Malaysian Government – which sent him home within days of the May 9 incident instead. The fact that Najib administration decided to bring the diplomat home speaks volume about protecting the culprit.


However John Key was under fire for dragging his feat (trying to cover-up?) on the matter. People were not satisfy with New Zealand PM’s explanation that so far the only action taken was the summoning of the diplomat’s boss in New Zealand. Only after the matter is made public that John Key said his administration do not want the case “swept under the carpet”. Does this mean Key administration will close one-eye if this case didn’t explode?

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

But it won’t take long before the identity of the diplomant is revealed, thanks to internet and Google. Despite the court’s suppression order, New Zealand police did say about the diplomat being arrested in Brooklyn, Wellington. According to foreign representatives to New Zealand website, the High Commission for Malaysia’s contains a list of diplomatic and consular officers as below.


You just have to strike out the female officers for a short-listed candidates who tried to rape in New Zealand last month (*grin*). And there’s a photo from the High Commission to help you trace the alleged rapist.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Malaysian Embassy

High Commission for Malaysia, Wellington

Street Address: 10 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, Wellington 6021
Postal Address: PO Box 9422, Wellington 6141
Telephone: (04) 385 2439
Facsimile: (04) 385 6973
Email: mwwelton@xtra.co.nz
Office hours: 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 2 p.m.-5 p.m., Mon-Fri

Staff Details:

Her Excellency Rosmidah binti Zahid, High Commissioner (18 July 2012)

Mr James Koh, Counsellor
Mrs Aileen Khoo

Mr Mohd Erfino bin Johari, Counsellor (Education)
Mrs Anis Badiah bin Mat Nor

Mrs Noor Azlin binti Adnan, First Secretary
Mr Mohd Noor Fauzi bin Mohd Rani

Lt Col Shaari bin Baba, Defence Attaché
Mrs Zalilawati binti Abu Salim

Mr Lukman Sayuti, Second Secretary (Consular and Administration)
Mrs Siti Juliah binti Abd Rashid

Mrs Suraya Sari binti Abd Aziz, Attaché (Education)
Mr Mohd Fauzi Bin Mohd Minal

Mr Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mrs Nor Azura Binti Hasim

Mrs Nora binti Ismail, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mr Amir Izham Bin Alias

Mrs Jamilah binti Mohd, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mr Elias bin Taib

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Photo

[ Click to Enlarge Photo ]

Under the Vienna Convention, diplomats cannot be arrested or detained in foreign countries. However, Australian Foreign Minister Murray McCully said diplomats still had an obligation to respect the law. But he must have forgotten that his country is dealing with Malaysian Government, a country where crimes can be erased at the push of a button, if the offenders belong to UMNO-led government.


In reality, this is not the first time Malaysian top officers commit similar crime. Not long ago, an ex-Minister of Science Technology and Innovative was accused of touching while making some sexual remarks at a hotel restaurant waitress. This ex-minister who is a trusted lieutenant of Prime Minister Najib was later posted as Malaysian Ambassador to the United States with ministerial status.

Jamaluddin Jarjis and Rais Yatim

There was also a case where a former Information, Communication and Culture Minister who allegedly raped his Indonesian maid. In both cases, the victims didn’t put charges further as they were rumoured to be paid handsomely to keep their mouths shut. Or perhaps the victims knew these ministers were untouchables in the country and it made more sense to just take the money.


But not all ministers are sex maniacs. The culture of sexual misconduct trickles to lower officers as well. Take for example the case of Ahmad Junaidy Yahya, deputy director of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board’s representative office in Taiwan. He was previously detained for allegedly groping a woman’s back and private parts. There was also a case where 2 female students from the Southern University College allegedly sexually molested at a function attended by PM Najib Razak.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Najib Calls John Key

When you thought that was bad, wait till you read about allegations that even the Prime Minister himself was tainted with allegations about Mongolian beauty Altantuya gruesome murder. In a second statutory declaration (SD2), the prime minister was alleged to have informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Altantuya and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.


If the New Zealand government thinks they could get a fair trial in Malaysia against their own (Malaysian) diplomat, they may as well hope the upcoming iPhone 6 can make coffee  and pigs can fly. Blame it on bad luck and move on. John Key can scream till foam at mouth but he can’t do anything to Malaysian officers, what more with a diplomatic immunity. They belongs to the niche but well protected species in the country.


Update: New Zealand high court judge has just lifted the suppression order. The Malaysian diplomat is Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail (listed as one of the candidates in this article earlier). He’s a staff assistant with a defence portfolio at the Malaysian High Commission.


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I present to you Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s facebook account http://www.facebook.com/rizal.rizalman.1

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People like Rizalman is a shame to malaysia and to the diplomat world and must be hanged by his balls for 72 hours.

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Rizalman, is one good example of what the malays and malay administration. In Malaysia among all races,they are the ones who rape their own daughters, ask any malaysian citizen there. How can Rizalman keep his penis to himself.

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