This Woman Gives A Bad Name To A Beautiful Religion … And Peugeot

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Jul 16 2014
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Malaysian drivers are infamous for being rude on the road. Years ago, news about road bullies were reported almost on daily basis. It was so bad that drivers were (secretly) advised to carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves, just in case those road bullies come charging with Rambo knives or Samurai swords. It was a taboo to honk other drivers then, as you don’t know whether they would get offended.


But at least you can tell by the look of these potential bullies. They were normally guys with thuggish looks, and if their arms filled with tattoo while holding cigarette out of their unwound car’s window, avoid them at all costs. You don’t see or read about women road bully though. But those were so yesterday because we’ve just found one, and judging from how she swungs her weapon threatening an elderly man, this could be the most dangerous lady driver on the road.


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Apparently a video clip (don’t you love smartphone technology?) of an accident in Kuantan went viral because this woman, obviously super proud of her Peugeot 208, was absurdly furious as her car had been hit. What she did thereafter was mind-boggling; armed with a car steering lock, she charged to the elderly man’s car hitting it as if she was possessed. She was like a crazy woman just released from a mental institution, frankly.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin with Steering Lock - Video Clip

Not only she took away the elderly man’s car key, later known as Sim Siak Hong, she repeatedly hammered the car with her steering lock. She practically screamed non-stop at the terrified man, and despite him pleaded that the accident was unintentionally, she was seen crazily hitting the man’s car. If that was not enough, she shown her true colour when she began cursing the elderly man “Chinese”, “Stupid” and whatnot. Gosh, she was also a racist.


At one point, she even asked the elderly Siak Hong if he knows how much her Peugeot 208 worth. Amazingly, when the man said he’ll pay for the damage, the woman screamed “You see what you did? Pay me now, two thousand! Pay me now!” And the traffic came to a standstill because the woman, obviously a Muslim wearing a “hijab”, had took away the poor man’s car key hence he couldn’t move his car from blocking others. Okay, not only she was crazy and racist but also greedy.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin - Robin Sim Facebook Comment

The video clip would not have went viral if not for her behaviour, in addition to her wearing the Islamic headdress during the holy month of Ramadan. The poor elderly man’s son, Robin Sim, had taken to the facebook and identified the rude woman who drove her car with number plate “CDM 25”. The woman’s facebook identified her as Kiki Kamaruddin.


Kiki Kamaruddin’s facebook boast about selling various collection of tudung (a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women to conceals hair but not face). But she would surely have problem selling any more of her goods after her outburst revealing her unacceptable behaviour, supposely as a good Muslim woman. However she gains tons of “likes”, when it jumped from “444” (Nov 2013) to over 19,000 now.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin - Money For Beating Elderly Man

Many facebookers took their turn “lecturing” Kiki on her facebook, including Muslims. Just when the beautiful Islam religion is tainted with terrorisms all over the world, she didn’t help but makes the country’s Muslims look terribly bad. Fortunately, she didn’t hit the elderly Siak Hong with her weapon otherwise it would be criminal charges for sure, not that she’s in any better position now with multiple potential charges ready to be landed on her.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin - Peugeot 208 - Price

A new Peugeot 208 1.6-liter (3-doors) that she drove is worth RM96,390.48 (£17,644, US$30,234) on the road with insurance thrown in. She may thought her car was in the same league as Lamborghini, but nobody in their right mind would pay RM2,000 on the spot for such a minor accident. On the spot settlement normally ranges from RM50 to RM200 max. And she should thank her lucky star the man was not a seasoned gangster else she would ended up with miles of stitches instead.


Perhaps she hasn’t heard of insurance. Sure, it would be inconvenience but blame it on bad luck. Every driver would have hit or being hit before, and that’s part and parcel of being on the road. Fortunately the elderly Siak Hong won’t press any charges, for now,  although he was traumatised by the incident, but we’re not sure about his son. Judging by his son’s facebook comments, clearly he was super furious that his father was bullied in such a way.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin - Need Money for Raya

The latest update was that Kiki has apologised and pleaded for the removal of the video. But the fact that she was more concern about changing her car number plate CDM 25 (from being identified) instead of launching a formal apology shows her lack of sincerity. Perhaps she’s dead worry about the impact on her business. Amusingly, DiGi.com Berhad (KLSE: DIGI, stock-code 6947) didn’t waste such an opportunity for publicity and has offered to pay for all damage incurred by the elderly man and the enraged woman.

Woman Bully - Kiki Kamaruddin - Peugeot Logo - Pay Me Now, Two Thousand

And of course, being heavy facebook users, creative netizens are making fun of the incident, Peugeot logo included. If Kiki Kamaruddin gets sued, perhaps she should consider suing Peugeot as well because somehow the French lion emblem made her insane and violent (*grin*). Blame it on Peugeot !!!


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Let’ us all irrespective of race, religion etc. reflect during this holy month of Ramadan our words and behavior toward each other. She have said and done something in a moment of anger albeit improper and she has apologise (whether deem sincere or not) let us all reflect and learn a good lesson in anger management. All of us are living in a stressful environment and we all make mistake which I am sure to regret later. Let us stop quarreling and move on to live a productive, useful and happy life. Life is really to short to be wasted in our constant bickering. The Malaysia I grew up in the 60s and 70s is a much happy place and I hope my childrens will enjoy the same kind of place. I am not being nostalgic but if we all put our differences aside, I am very sure we can overcome these petty quarrel and move our beloved Malaysia forward. To Mr Sim thank you for your generosity in accepting her apology and move on. To Ms Kamaruddin it is not a weakness to apologise if mistake we’re make. You have taken the first step to apologise and I hope you are able to control your anger if a similar situation arise in the future. I wish you well and hope you will live a happy and productive life. Let’s all move on.

Hahaha… good post as usual .

Er… FT , any chance of reading a posting on that no good Kinabatangan Bonk Mokhtar ?

Now we gotta look at Peugeot’s motto in a different way – Motion & Emotion. Hmm….

Cannot blam her cos in Malaysia a minimum car cost more then a low cost house n this binatang umnoputra keep raising the price of basic requirement not to mention GST come April 2015. So who to blame? Those racist fools at BN bUmno.

Hi FT,

Facts from the case has since emerged to show that the steering lock actually belonged to Mr Sim. In her furious rage, she not only snatched the old man’s car keys but also his steering lock before hammering away.

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