Bersih 3.0 Rally – Here’re Your Survival Kits Checklist

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Apr 27 2012
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Tomorrow is the Judgement Day for Malaysia PM Najib Razak. The outcome of the Bersih 3.0 rally will determine if he will indeed become the shortest (4-year) serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, the shortest in the history, even shorter than his father who died in office. Tomorrow’s rally will also determine if the people will go to the voting booths this June. PM Najib can still make the last minute decision to let the rally go ahead, despite the Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) lockdown early this morning.

At this moment, it seems DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) has taken over the position both as IGP (Insector General of Police) and Home Minister, literally, when the Mayor Ahmad Fuad declared the Bersih 3.0 rally a “security threat”, much to the amusement of analysts. It seems the police and FRU are put on standby as reserve units, in case last minute decision to launch a total assault on demonstrators. This is a good time for hawkers as the DBKL would be too busy to give them troubles. Meanwhile, demonstrators are making final preparations for tomorrow’s “celebration”.

Anyway, here’re the survival kits for those who wish to do their weekend shopping spree as well as sit-in tomorrow (*grin*).

1 ) Meeting Time (as per Bersih’s latest schedule)

Bersih 3.0 Map

( Click to Enlarge )

  • Central Market / Pasar Seni – start (13:30pm)
  • Masjib Negara – start (13:30pm)
  • Jalan Sultan – start (13:30pm)
  • Masjid India – start (13:30pm)
  • Brickfields – start (12:30pm)
  • KLCC (Himpunan Hijau) – start (12:00pm)
  • Note: NGO-leaders will lead the groups from the meeting points to Dataran

2 ) Save these important numbers into your mobile:

  • From Suaram – This what we want you to do: If you see or witness anyone being arrested at your respective place, please send sms to the number given

Suaram Arrest Team - Bersih 3.0

    • ►  Central Market / Pasar Seni – Nalini (019 3043-159), Sarah (018 318-1179)
    • ►  Masjib Negara – Syukri (011 1554-2640)
    • ►  Jalan Sultan – Maisarah (012 218-7476)
    • ►  Masjid India – Andika (016 224-7255)
    • ►  Brickfields – Theva (013 384-5740)
    • KLCC – Hasbee (014 925 4010)
    • Legal Aid Centers (LAC) – 03-2691 3005 / 03-2693 2072
  • Type the following details before sending the SMS
    • Name
    • IC Number
    • Police Station that the person (or you) being taken to or detained

3 ) What to bring to the rally:

Survival Kits

  • Print out this PDF file from Malaysian Bar about what to do if arrested.
  • Identity Card
  • Cash – between RM50 to RM100, small notes, for light shopping to excite small businesses along the rally route (*grin*)
  • Salt in small packets – to neutralize the effect of tear gas and to avoid yourself from choking should you inhale it.
  • Towel or cloth – in case sprayed with chemicals
  • Pen and Notepad – to write information such as police’s name and ID number on his uniform and questions asked by police if arrested.
  • Camera, Video Camera, Smart Phone – remember to water-proof them with a plastic bag.
  • A bottle of water or isotonic drink.
  • Password protect your smart phones. For iPhone, goto Settings > General > About, take a snapshot photo of your serial number, IMEI, ICCID, or MEID and email the photo to yourself. In case of missing phone when you personal belongings are returned to you upon release from the police, this info is particularly useful.
  • Some chocolate bars – to revitalize yourself if there’re runnings to do
  • Personal medical necessities – inhalers, diabetic medicine, insulin medicine etc.
  • Some basic first aid kits such as plasters

4) How to reach destination point

  • Inform someone you’re attending Bersih 3.0 rally – family members or friends
  • Take public transportation such as buses, trains, LRT, monorail – chances are high road leading to the rally area have been closed by police so forget about driving.
  • Mix with prospect demonstrators inside buses, trains, LRT, monorail as you need the group’s teamwork, help and tips, particularly if you’re first timer
  • Identify your Field Commander and follow his instructions. Move in groups.

5) What not to bring or wear

  • Jewelry – for God’s sake, this is not a fashion show so leave your Rolex and gold bracelets at home.
  • Wallet or purse – avoid being pickpocket. Tie your cash together with Identity card with a rubber band and keep it inside your front pocket.
  • Judging from the latest thuggish approach used on Occupy Dataran, there is a possibility the same manner may be deployed during Bersih 3.0. So don’t provoke police or DBKL officers. The worst thing is you get arrested. As we speak, lawyers are already at police stations for any early arrests.
  • Slippers or high heals, sharp or dangerous objects, credit cards, expensive watches, notebook and whatnot.

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Flowers to give to the police to ‘soften’ their hearts

Thanx Billy for the tips … Other survival kits could be “Chek Hup” white coffee or “Tongkat Ali” coffee for the hardworking DBKL/police force 😛

Cheers …

hope all going well

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