Yes, PM Najib, You’re in Deep Shit & So Are Your Cronies

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Jul 15 2011
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Seriously, I hate to see Najib goes down faster than his predecessor, although I did write an article back in Jan 2010 that Najib’s administration may be short-lived, shorter than former PM Abdullah Badawi (you can read here). It seems there’s serious brain-drain in premiership succession that every new prime minister is worse than the predecessor, after former PM Mahathir’s retirement. While Mahathir was a dictator, he at least surrounded himself with smart people and he listened to good advice.

Mahathir passed the throne to Abdullah Badawi in what appeared to be a tactical move by the 22-year-old dictator to ensure the weak Badawi would be his puppet. Badawi was weak alright but the worse part – he was a lazy premier that he practically slept on the job. Thanks to internet, Mahathir used it to the fullest to unseat Badawi. Najib Razak happily took over the premiership and while he didn’t sleep on the job, he is an equally weak leader. If not for his wife Rosmah Mansor, he would be on par with Abdullah Badawi, minus the slumberland.

Mahathir Badawi NajibBut Najib is also an indecisive and hypocrite leader who enjoys lying, not to mention a coward who runs away from issues. The moment he flip-flop about granting a stadium for the Bersih 2.0 rally, it was the defining moment that he’s a great liar. The moment he intended to fly out of the country only to hold back (by his wife) but still landed at Terengganu, hundreds of miles away from capital Kuala Lumpur, it was the defining moment that he’s a coward. To add another trophy, Najib is also a cruel leader who would not think twice about using police (and army if needs to) in suppressing his own unarmed citizens.  

The fact is, if Najib was willing to go the extra miles in using such brutality in suppressing “a handful” peaceful demonstrators, can you imagine his capability when he lose the next general election? The moment he displayed stupidity by repeating his predecessor Abdullah Badawi’s past mistake in rejecting and arresting citizens wearing yellow shirts nationwide and locked down the capital Kuala Lumpur before the rally even started, it was the clearest sign that Najib was panicked that he would lose power.

However, he still could salvage the situation. But the moment he displayed arrogance by refusing to grant the stadium that he agreed initially for the Bersih 2.0 rally and keep on trumpeting that he could (if he wishes to) mobilize 3 million of his UMNO party members for a demonstration to rival Bersih’s 50,000 marchers, it was a confirmation that he has totally lost touch especially with the younger generation. Government-controlled media almost swear on Osama bin-Laden’s grave that there were only 5,000 marchers while Bersih 2.0 organizer claimed 50,000 while some even calculated at least 200,000 were on the street.

Bersih 2.0 Rally Aunty Anne Lone Adventure 

We may not know the exact figure and will never know simply because the huge crowds were scattered all around the city, sort of like guerrilla warfare. Many said the number does not matter but in this case it certainly does for a simple reason – Najib’s administration was freaking scare of the number because it would affect the timing of the next snap election. That was why Najib administration have been drumming almost daily the Bersih 2.0’s small participants while he can mobilise 3 million demonstrators to rival the former, if he wishes to.

The way Najib tackled the Bersih 2.0 issue right from the beginning smells rat, if it was true the intelligent APCO was roped in to advise his administration, so much so that APCO seems to be working for his rival instead, in this case Mahathir-Muhyiddin tag-team towards dislodging him. Nevertheless the damage has been done and the Bersih 2.0 is water under the bridge now. There’s no turning back now. If the 50,000 peaceful demonstrators were not enough to wake him up from the denial syndrome, then he should take a second glance at a more damaging sign on the internet – the Facebook.

Maybe Najib didn’t receive report on how the experienced Malay demonstrators shouted to fellow comrades to give way or priority to the inexperienced Chinese demonstrators to climb up walls, fences, hills and whatnot in their attempt to run away from the police who were crazily chasing them. And when the police called up names of arrested marchers to document their particulars, there were cheers and claps as if the country has just won the FIFA World Cup, when the name called was a non-Malay. Yes, even the experienced Malay demonstrators were taken by surprise by the number of Chinese participants in this version of Bersih rally.

Facebook 100000 Ask Najib Resignation 

The 5,000 or 50,000 or 200,000 demonstrators were a united multi-ethnic force made primarily from Facebookers, the young generation voters (if they’ve registered in the first place) who are the real Kingmakers in the next general election. You can’t play racial cards on these Facebook youngsters who swarmed the street less than a week ago. While Bersih 1.0 consisted of majority ethnic-Malay, Bersih 2.0 was bloated with ethnic-Chinese and to a certain extent ethnic-Indian and other ethnics from East-Malaysia. It was like United Nations versus the evil Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi.

And if the latest Facebook petition, “100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation”, is any indication of the voices on the ground, the writing is on the wall that Najib is almost certain to hand-over his baton to his deputy, regardless whether the opposition succeeded in winning the next general election or not. The Facebook petition, set up on the same day the police arrested a whopping 1,667 people during a mass protest in Kuala Lumpur, attracted 300 “likes” per minute, hitting its 100,000 target within 48 hours after it was set up. As of time this article is written, the Facebook page attracted a mind-boggling 190,000 supporters and counting.

If the number reflects the actual qualified registered voters for the coming election, Najib Razak’s stupidity and arrogance have just won him a swing of close to 200,000 votes, to the opposition camps. To add insult to injury, these young chaps started more copy-cat to such petition; one such petition asking Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, to pawn her controversial US$24.4 million (RM73.48 million) diamond ring – a “VVS2 clarity diamond mounted on a platinum ring surrounded by 414 diamonds in a micro-pave setting (3.48 cts.)” identified as “Natural Fancy Blue Gray Cushion Cut Diamond Ring”, and donate it to the poor.   

Najib Queen Elizabeth Yellow DressNetizens have started making fun of the Malaysian Prime Minister, such as this creative YouTube (Hakka version) that has attracted more than 60,000 (and counting) views since it was uploaded on 12-Jul-2011. Warlords such as Pahang state chief minister Adnan Yaakob, without himself realizing it in his attempt to bootlick Najib, actually did more harm than good by claiming he can gather 3 million Facebook supporters to ask the prime minister not to resign. Sure, maybe he can flash RM30 million to Mark Zuckerberg so that such customized Facebook page can be set up instantly.  

Najib Queen Elizabeth Yellow DressMalaysian netizens are also taken aback to see a photo of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a yellow dress when she met Najib at Buckingham Palace yesterday. Surely it can’t be that the Queen was silently protesting Najib’s administration who is still arresting people wearing yellow shirts, can it? Maybe the Queen was pissed that Malaysian police had shot chemical-laced water and tear-gas into maternity Tung Shin Hospital but denied it despite tons of photos and videos showing so. Regardless whether Najib will call for a snap election this year or otherwise, investors should check their portfolio if they have stocks related to Najib’s cronies. Do I have to tell them what to do with those stocks?

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[…] Yes, PM Najib, You’re in Deep Shit & So Are Your Cronies […]

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[…] Yes, PM Najib, You’re in Deep Shit & So Are Your Cronies […]

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