Here’s Why PM Muhyiddin Refused To Bring Hadi To Saudi – The PAS President Is A Terrorist To Saudi Arabia & Allies

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Mar 11 2021
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Everyone would be eager to follow Muhyiddin Yassin and his entourage to Saudi Arabia for obvious reason. A free trip to the kingdom of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques would provide not only an opportunity to visit the Kaabah and other Islamic places, but also to perform “Umrah”. So, why didn’t Hadi Awang follow the prime minister’s four-day official visit to Saudi?


It’s incredibly strange that the holy PAS Islamic party president would miss a golden opportunity to the holy land. It’s not like Mr. Hadi was busy with his work. It screams “X-Files” paranormal phenomena that as Special Envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank, Hadi was excluded in the delegation, a trip which involved a meeting with the Saudi’s future King.


After all, the position – Special Envoy to the Middle East – was especially custom-made for the supposedly holiest man of PAS. The title alone suggests that Hadi Awang was influential enough to represent Malaysia not only in Saudi, but also the entire Middle East region. Therefore, it’s a humiliation of the highest order that his boss had refused to bring him together.

Hadi Awang - Special Envoy To Middle East - Camel

Exactly why was the prime minister so ashamed of the PAS president? As weird as it may sound, PM Muhyiddin could not bring Hadi Awang with him, even if he wanted to. Hadi may carry an impressive badge as a special envoy, but as far as Saudi Arabia and its allies (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt) are concerned, Hadi Awang is still regarded as a terrorist.


Yes, PAS president Hadi Awang is a “terrorist” by virtue of him as one of the four vice-presidents of Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), an organization which Saudi, the de-facto leader of the Middle East, has banned and categorised as a “terrorist organization”. Obviously, PM Muhyiddin could not bring a terrorist to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


The special aircraft of the Malaysian leader will not be allowed to enter the Saudi’s air space if Muhyiddin insisted on bringing Hadi. Even though Saudi was desperate for friends after a U.S. intelligence report, approved by Biden administration, finally exposed that Saudi Crown Prince approved the murder of exiled Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, the kingdom takes very seriously the threats of terrorism.

Hadi Awang – One of Four Vice Presidents of IUMS Terror Group

The fact that Saudi refused to give face to Muhyiddin in the case of Hadi Awang speaks volumes about how radical, extreme and dangerous the PAS president is. But the backdoor prime minister has his own priorities with his first official visit to Saudi – to enhance cooperation in trade, investment, Islamic affairs and to ask for financial help in funding the coming general election.


Hadi’s failure to step foot on Saudi soil also means a letter which he wrote last year had indeed ended up in a trash bin. Upon his appointment as special envoy, the PAS president had written a letter in Arabic to all Muslim leaders worldwide in order to justify his new position. The letter was meant to impress upon Saudi of his legitimacy, which fails spectacularly.


In the letter, which was exposed in April 2020, Hadi had falsely claimed that the legitimate and democratically multiracial elected Pakatan Harapan (PH) government was working in cahoots with the U.S. and European countries to bring down then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. He had also lied that PH’s victory in the 2018 General Election had benefited or sided the non-Muslims.

Pakatan Harapan Flag

Claiming that Mahathir had been used by non-Muslims in PH to topple former premier Najib Razak, the despicable PAS leader had rained praises on Mahathir, saying the 94-year-old man was a bigger champion of Islam. Hadi accused PH of having achieved power through treachery, when in fact Hadi and Muhyiddin were the real traitors who seized power undemocratically.


In the same letter, Hadi rejected PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim due to his questionable personal character (presumably related to his sodomy conviction) as well as his dangerous political pragmatism. However, the PAS president deliberately hid the fact that Anwar had officially been pardoned by former Agong (King) – Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan.


The “munafiq” (hypocrite) Mr Hadi had also conveniently hidden the fact in the letter that the Muhyiddin’s backdoor government, of which his Islamic party is part of, had willingly worked with Azmin Ali, the traitor who did not only betray his own PKR party, but was also caught with his pants down engaging in “gay sex” at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah.

Sex Video Scandal - Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz - Photo

However, the not so clever PAS leader did not realize his mistake when he sang songs of praise and worshipped Mahathir in his half-baked letter to the Muslim world. Saudi was furious at Mahathir for trying to use the KL Summit 2019 to boost his image as the champion in the Muslim world, and in the process had invited Saudi’s regional rivals – Iran, Qatar and Turkey.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was offended by the presence of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim at Kuala Lumpur. It was so bad that Mahathir had to cancel a scheduled dialogue session and was forced to hold an urgent video conference – explaining and clarifying to King Salman about the KL Summit.


Saudi, the de-facto leader of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), was apparently upset that Malaysia tried to replace OIC as the ultimate platform to discuss Muslim issues. After a lengthy lecture by King Salman, who boycotted the KL Summit, the outspoken Mahathir humbly told the monarch that Malaysia was too small to take over the Saudi’s position as the leader of the Muslim world.

Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 - Qatar, Turkey and Iran Leaders

The most hilarious part was when silly Hadi used the KL Summit 2019 platform to open his toxic mouth. Not only did the extremist express his strong support for the summit, but stupidly slammed Saudi for its failure to protect Muslims worldwide in its capacity as leader of OIC. Mr Hadi, whose support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian regime is well known, probably thought Saudi was gullible.


It was already bad that he is in the terrorist list of Saudi Arabia. To make matters worse, he is an Iranian hardcore supporter. But the last straw that broke the camel’s back was his reckless condemnation of Saudi in 2019. He thought his lengthy “fairy tale” letter to the Muslim world could divert attention from the fact that he is a terrorist in the Middle East.


But it appears the Muslim world did not buy Hadi’s bullshit story. He still hadn’t figured out that America – even Israel – are close friends of Saudi and its allies. Saudi’s neighbours, Egypt and Jordan, already host Israeli embassies in 1979 and 1994. Last year, Israel established diplomatic relations with four more Arab League countries – Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sudan and Morocco.

Israel-UAE Diplomatic Deal Normalisation - Israeli PM Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

Hadi’s attempt to badmouth Pakatan Harapan (PH), accusing it of working in cahoots with the U.S. and European countries, did not work. Instead, after a year in the government, Saudi still refuses to recognize his credentials. What type of Special Envoy to the Middle East who cannot travel to the Middle East? Here’s the million dollar answer – Hadi Awang.


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Staying true to his religion, be horny but patient about meeting the 72 raisins in Jennah may be more important to the munafiq monkey than a nice trip to the Promised Land. The most the old fake would miss is Arab “Coke” aka camel urine. But you can import that, the cure for all known and unknown diseases would probably get all exemptions from duties, tax, and inspection.

It might be a case of the old munafiq not being able to be vocal about anything anything useful for mankind or just the Arabs, but if he wants to speak about racism against the Chinese, he’d find the Arabs will not make for good audience, the Arabs think highly of China and the Chinese. Saudi Arabia is among many Muslim countries supportive of China about Xinjiang (so is, ostensibly, Malaysia). Saudi Arabia exports the lunatic Wahahabi ideology but the country thinks China more as its Grandpa.

PAS had tried knocking on the door of China’s embassy here to deliver a protest note about the Uighurs but the Chinese ignored the terrorist admirers,never even come to the gate to invite the half-baked and brainless munafiq delegation in for a nice cuppa Oolong.

Remember for a country vastly smaller in size and population, Malaysia had more cannon fodder volunteered to get pulverised by the Russians, than Indonesia. Remember our sh*t4brain jihadists were paid for their erstwhile earthly existence by us tax-payers (with indirect support from a grateful Israel whom our monkeys ultimately martyred themselves).

Regardless, it would be an embarrassing prospect to bring along Hardly Awank, the old munafiq is lost in time and lost in space. When it is to do with Xinjiang, he’s muddled in thinking: while he’s a bit funny about the Chinese (anywhere). While Hardly Awake wants to save the Uighurs, he doesn’t know the Uighurs are mostly follow Sufi, Shia, Hanafi ideologies than Wahahabism or Shafi ideology. In recent decades, many many Uighurs have become atheists, and qu’elle horreur ! – many have become communists, Ameen!

To the Uighurs, someone esteemed as our dear old munafiq would be treated as terrorists, which is what “Sunni” salafist Wahahabi monkeys are regarded by Uighur majority. Old Munafiq may not like it Xinjiang has sh*t-hot élite SWAT units made up entirely of women hell bent at wanting to send their terrorists to Hell!

Apart from moronic proclamations made by the old charlatan about race in Malaysia and corrupting the minds of the Malays, I haven’t come across much the munafiq monkey has said I would care to record in my non-existent Khat book. Frankly, I could care less or worry it a kiasu con if the ugly old goat fcuking fakir Zaki Naik replaces our kampong longkang pope, wan is as poor value for hell banknotes as the other.

That sermonised, even without the munafiq preacher fishermonkey hobbling along, it’s still a big waste of our money, and a waste of time for our country if our fcuking gomen clown invite themselves to à country where the motto is: I came, I saw my detractors into bits, I conquer. Even the world’s policeman Uncle Sam is avoiding Saudi Arabia. It can only be Malaysia’s fcuked up politicians who would consider visiting a pariah desert everyone else has been avoiding. Not to forget the shitty country sponsors terrorism and jihadi terrorists. What more than firetrap maddrassahs could we want from the Clown Prince? Surely not dates, China produces far superior dates (yes, at Xinjiang too!)

Could it be to talk about copyrights? Malaysia produces a lot of pirated cheap imitations of Arabs all the way down to the burqa. Maybe it’s time to produce decent copies as Malaysians are looking more and more ridiculous pretend-Arabs. Maybe we should buy their patent – Saudi Arabia is fast getting out of the Stone Age and becoming modern, we should do well turning into the original Arabs, all we need do is dress the part, speak bad Arabic (if at all!), we’re already intact in the Stone Age.

While I’m at it, there are at least 26 kaabahs that are known in Arab history, the one in Petra is considered the most famous one. Mecca/Makkah was not known in the Arab world, nor earlier history, nor has it ever been along any known trade routes. Recorded history points to the present kaabah and Mecca to be much further north, the nearest point to the described place if anyone insists on a south location is much further south in the Arabian peninsula.

Malaysia should do better scholarship on (real) Islamic history and geography, better still, that without distorted Islamic history and geography.

Now that you read of history and geography not for sh*t4brain glorified kampong longkang arseh*le politicians that you can yourselves expand on, maybe our bunch of arseh*le clown politicians shouldn’t even do the trip if just for free ride to the Promised Land.

Hardly Awank would do fine staying in our kampong paradise and do fishing. Hardly Awake should do best doing nothing but fishing… and most souls and Malaysia would be saved, Alhamdulilah, Ameen.

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