Hadi Awang Has Just Admitted That PM Muhyiddin Did Not Have The Numbers In Parliament

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Mar 06 2020
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Hadi Awang, the president of Islamist party PAS, should zip his mouth because the more he talks the more beans he spills. When Mahathir was the prime minister, Hadi claimed his plan to table a motion of confidence in Mahathir’s leadership was to save the people and the country. As an opposition who was tainted with RM90 million bribes, Hadi had no choice but to suck up to the premier.


Now that there’s a change of captain, and PAS is part of the newly installed Muhyiddin government, Hadi argued that a vote of no-confidence in Parliament is not necessary. A vote of “confidence” and a vote of “no-confidence” are just the opposite of each other. If he doesn’t like a vote of “no-confidence” against Muhyiddin, can he accept a vote of “confidence” for Muhyiddin instead?


Yes, the sneaky fake holy man is now basically saying that the same “motion of confidence”, which he insisted last month for Mahathir government, is not needed to confirm that the newly crowned Prime Minister Muhyiddin possesses the majority in the Parliament. In fact, the PAS president is extremely afraid of any type of motions just to verify Muhyiddin’s legitimacy.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

In a vote of “confidence”, all the 222 Member of Parliaments will vote to determine if PM Muhyiddin Yassin has at least 112-majority votes. In a vote of “no-confidence”, all the 222 Member of Parliaments will vote to determine if PM Muhyiddin Yassin has lost the 112-majority votes. Either way, the prime minister has nothing to fear if he has the numbers.


Exactly why is it so hard for Muhyiddin to show that he has the majority, so much so that he had to delay the March 9 sitting to May 18 – more than 2 months away? You don’t need a functioning Cabinet to test your popularity. Alternatively, to prove that he’s not a bogus premier, he can easily publish a list of all the 114 MPs claimed to be on his side, the same way Mahathir had done it.


There’s only one answer why the premier dares not go to the Parliament on March 9 – he did not have the number from the beginning. And Hadi Awang, one of Muhyiddin’s allies, has just admitted that the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia had most likely scammed the Palace. Heck, Mr. Hadi even argued that a vote of no-confidence against Muhyiddin is a vote of no-confidence against the Agong (King).

Hadi Awang - Pointing Finger - Muhyiddin Yassin

Hadi thought he was clever to hide behind the monarch whenever the situation suits him. Was he trying to say Muhyiddin is at the same level as the King? A vote of no-confidence against Muhyiddin is definitely not a vote of no-confidence against the monarch. The Monarchy, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary pillars are separated from each other.


The King’s job is done after he had chosen Muhyiddin as the 8th Prime Minister. Now it is the Parliament’s job to test whether the premier has in his possession the required minimum 112-majority in the Lower House of Representative to keep his job. That’s because former PM Mahathir has claimed that he actually has 114-majority, not Muhyiddin, hence raising the question of legitimacy.


Based on Hadi’s twisted logic, did he actually admit that he had mocked and insulted the previous Agong (King) – Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan – after his Islamist party PAS, together with UMNO party, had challenged the appointment of Attorney General Tommy Thomas (who has since resigned after Muhyiddin’s coup) whose appointment was consented by the monarch?

Attorney General Tommy Thomas - Constitutional Law Expert and Civil Litigator

Perhaps Mr. Hadi should remember that it was he himself who proposed last month (February), before last week’s coup de grâce, that those who tried to pressure Mahathir Mohamad to resign as prime minister should do so through a no-confidence vote in the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House of Representative). Why is it that Mahathir can be tested in the Parliament but not Muhyiddin?


The legitimacy of Muhyiddin is of paramount importance because after close to a week since the premier was sworn in, not a single powerful and influential country recognizes his backdoor government. Western countries, especially the United States, United Kingdom, the European Union and even China have yet to endorse Muhyiddin – suggesting the new government could be deemed illegitimate.


But why is diplomatic recognition so important in the case of Muhyiddin Yassin? That’s because it’s part of international law to recognize and acknowledge the status of another government to maintain bilateral diplomatic relations. Without such recognition, signing of future bilateral treaties or any visit of the head of state will be seriously affected for obvious reason.

Donald Trump - Fold Arms in Oval Office

Recognition of a new government by other foreign nations is also important for its long-term survival, without which Muhyiddin regime could be considered a pariah or even illegal by the international community. For example, the Taliban government of Afghanistan lasted only from 1996 to 2001 because it was recognized only by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Unrecognized government will absolutely spook foreign investors, not to mention raising questions about diplomatic immunity when PM Muhyiddin decides to travel overseas. Some gullible commentators said the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, the European Union and China were all busy fighting Coronavirus so they have no time to recognize Muhyiddin.


Seriously? How difficult it is to send a congratulatory note to the new government of Muhyiddin? It’s not like Trump has to hunt for the nearest post office to send a letter. The White House can just post on the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur Facebook page a statement of congratulations from President Trump to Prime Minister Muhyiddin.

US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The simple fact that the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has delayed the return to Malaysia of another US$240 million of recovered money stolen from the 1MDB sovereign fund after Muhyiddin’s latest coup is clear indication that the United States does not trust or recognize his backdoor government for the time being. That could be due to the prospect of Muhyiddin working with crook Najib Razak.


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What a shame. This Ketuanan virus will spread to the whole nation again.

will the former crook be going to jail?

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