How Mahathir Used RM400 Million To Transform PAS Islamist Fake Holy Men To A Herd Of Cows

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Feb 04 2020
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No man can resist the temptation of money – especially some religious men who dressed in white robes and turbans and other headgears to look more Arab than the Arabs. And when they are Hadi Awang or Takiyuddin Hassan or other leaders of the PAS Islamist party who defended until foaming at the mouth the needs to travel in Mercedes-Benz, you know they were fake holy men.


Mahathir Mohamad, currently the prime minister for the second time, but had previously ruled the country for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, knew very well how to handle such fake holy men. As far as the premier was concerned, an Islamist leader like Hadi Awang can be easily controlled because unlike the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the current PAS leadership is incredibly corrupt.


In February 2019, following the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) statement that it had found no evidence so far that RM90 million was transferred into the PAS Islamist party’s accounts, PM Mahathir disagreed. He sprang into action, telling all and sundry that the MACC may not have the full information that the RM90 million was related to 1MDB funds.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

MACC Chief Mohd Shukri Abdull, who made the announcement clearing opposition PAS of having taken the RM90 million bribes from disgraced former Prime Minister Najib Razak, was asked to resign. Shukri, a PAS sympathiser, claimed his work was done despite the fact that his two-year contract was only due to end in 2020. He was actually fired by Mahathir.


Mahathir was furious because the former MACC chief had tried to be smart by clearing the PAS when he should have kept the files open. PAS President Hadi Awang had indeed accepted the RM90 million bribes from Najib Razak. But Mahathir didn’t want to prosecute PAS leaders yet. He wanted the 18 MPs of PAS to become his errand boys, or his bitches.


If Hadi Awang had not taken any bribes, as his blind supporters would like to believe, why did he stunningly initiate the “premature withdrawal” of lawsuit against Sarawak Report’s article alleging that PAS leaders took RM90 million from Najib Razak? Hadi’s silly excuses of chickening out included that he suddenly did not feel threatened or humiliated by the Sarawak Report’s article.

Hadi Awang PAS Paid Sarawak Report RM1.4 Million Cheque - Court Settlement

PAS Hadi Awang VS Sarawak Report Clare Rewcastle Brown

Mr. Hadi, arguably the biggest fake holy man in the country, prematurely withdrew his lawsuit against the Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown because he was terrified of being caught lying in a British court since “Shariah-compliant” lies are not recognised in the UK civil court. As part of the out-of-court settlement, Hadi had even agreed to pay RM1.4 million to the British woman.


The best part was despite paying RM1.4 million, the offending article is still online. And those PAS idiotic supporters couldn’t get back the RM2.1 million donated to fund Hadi’s legal battle. Until today, neither Hadi nor PAS dares to sue anyone regarding the RM90 million kickbacks they had taken. That alone is sufficient to prove that they were as corrupt as crooks like Najib Razak.


Mahathir didn’t want to prosecute Hadi and his boys because the 18 PAS MPs would be more useful – serving as obedient puppets in providing undivided support for the premier’s party (PPBM or Bersatu) which has only 25 MPs (after losing Tanjung Piai). Like a lap-dog, the so-called PAS Muslim Ulamas could only ask how high when Mahathir told them to jump.

Hadi Awang Meets Mahathir Mohamad

But using the RM90 million bribes PAS had received from Najib regime to blackmail Hadi Awang and his minions was not enough. Mahathir also understood that the Islamist’s 2-million brainwashed followers would still support PAS, despite their corrupt leaders. If the cheapskate Najib was willing to give Hadi only RM90 million, Mahathir could do more.


To make the PAS leaders willingly worship Mahathir like a God, the government gave a one-off allocation of RM400 million to the PAS-ruled Kelantan state government. Even though the almost half a billion Ringgit was widely seen as special petroleum royalty, it was actually money to buy the Islamist party’s loyalty. The excited PAS leaders, who had not seen so much money, were incredibly happy.


It was the first time in the history that an opposition party governing the poorest state in the country had been given so much money by the federal government. Mahathir had never gifted PAS with such amount of cash during his first stint from 1981 to 2003. The Kelantan government immediately scrambled to purchase a fleet of 14 Mercedes-Benz – including a S450L AMG worth a staggering RM700,000.

Ahmad Yakob – Kelantan Menteri Besar Chief Minister - Mercedes Benz S450L AMG

However, PAS leaders did not only reward themselves with the luxury Benz. As exposed, 11 members of the Kelantan State Executive Council (known as the EXCO) and its 3 ex-officio members had also gifted themselves with a special bonus of RM50,000 each. When the materialistic and hypocrite Islamist “ulamas” were caught with their pants down, they cooked up hilarious stories.


The purchase of 14 Mercedes-Benz, initially argued as a good decision because the German-made cars were more reliable and would incur lower maintenance cost, has now become a good investment because of safety and security. The RM50,000 bonus payout became temporary safekeeping that would be given to the people of Kelantan when the need arises.


As Hadi’s boys were struggling to spin new stories to justify the purchase of Mercedes-Benz and RM50,000 bonus for some elite PAS leaders, Mahathir happily said it was up to the Kelantan how it likes to spend the RM400 million. The naughty premier was watching with Coke and popcorn how a bunch of fake holy men tried very best to resist their lust and greed.

Mahathir Mohamad and Hadi Awang

Heck, Mahathir’s grip on Hadi Awang’s balls was so tight that the head of Islamic scholars appears more like a member of PPBM than the president of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party. Two days ago (Feb 1), when PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim said he would decide on the federal Cabinet members once he becomes the new prime minister, Abdul Hadi Awang was terribly upset.


Clearly aiming at Anwar, Mr. Hadi slammed him for seemingly pressure Mahathir again to resign. Despite PAS being the opposition, the political party’s president defended Mahathir and told Anwar to move a motion of no-confidence in the Parliament instead. Hadi said – “But in the event of a vote of no confidence, we will still defend Mahathir. Looking at the current situation, we still need him.”


Why the hell PAS President Hadi Awang so eagerly wanted Mahathir to remain as the prime minister? Would it not benefit opposition PAS if the federal government collapses due to infighting and in the process opens up an opportunity for Hadi to become the next prime minister? Didn’t Hadi profusely condemn Mahathir for his “22 years of bullying” as early as April 2018?

PAS Hadi Awang RM90 Million Scandal - Cartoon

Yes, approximately a week before the May 9, 2018 General Election, the same Hadi Awang told Langkawi voters not to vote for the 93-year-old Mahathir as it would tantamount to voting a recycled candidate. And 3 days before the polling day, Hadi said a win for Mahathir would be dangerous because the old man had never prioritised Islam in his struggle for the country.


At one point, Mahathir even humiliated Hadi as someone who has zero political knowledge and was unfit to lead any government. Mahathir had also insulted the PAS leader, saying he should just be an “Ustaz (religion teacher)” at some “kampung (Malay village)” – suggesting that Hadi’s understanding of Islam was so shallow that the best he could do was to become a lecturer in University Islam.


Between Anwar and Mahathir, clearly the former is more Islamic. Yet, Hadi prefers Mahathir, someone whom he had accused in 2018 of being a very dangerous man due to his lack of interest in championing Islam and Muslims’ interests. The despicable Hadi had also attacked Mahathir for his policy in the teaching of Maths and Science in English back in 2003.

Mahathir Mohamad Label Hadi Awang An Infidel - New Straits Times

So why Hadi still insists on having Mahathir as the prime minister when 3 days ago (Jan 31), the acting education minister has once again announced that Maths and Science will be taught (again) in English? Does not that make Hadi the partner-in-crime in weakening the supremacy of Malay language and therefore – the Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the Christians?


Similarly, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan has accused his counterpart in PKR, Saifuddin Nasution, of insubordination against PM Mahathir for sarcastically said Hadi Awang only supported Mahathir after his crooked ally – Najib Razak – was defeated in the 2018 general election. Exactly why were Hadi and Takiyuddin so desperate in sucking up to Mahathir?


Hadi and his band of fake holy men were never interested in defending or championing Islam from the beginning. They were just wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to grab and gobble the first stash of money they could get their hands on. They knew between Anwar and Mahathir, only the 94-year-old man would give them RM400 million cash – without any strings attached.

Hadi Awang - Herd of Cows

But without PAS realising it, they took the bait and swallowed the hook, line and sinker. Now that the fake Islamic leaders have tasted blood for the first time, they are effectively addicted. The UMNO-PAS cooperation under the so-called Muafakat Nasional could easily be broken with promises of more cash for the Islamist party, if they agree to quit the alliance at the eleventh hour before the next general election.


With more money, they can buy bigger mansions and marry more younger wives. After all, PAS under the leadership of Hadi Awang was all about luxury lifestyle, money and sex. In essence, PAS elite leaders have become a herd of cows as Mahathir dangles cash in front of them. That was why Hadi once warned Muslims to trust Muslim leaders – even if they are evil and wicked.


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That’s my taxpayer money going to these Ostard Wal Retards!! 😡

Oh wait. I don’t pay tax in Malaysia anymore.

Carry on. LOL.

Er.. PAS ( now PISs) did have a turbanised white robed holy man I think, ie. the late former Kelantan ‘ Menteri Besar (MB) ‘ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat .

He leaded a simple life by refusing to live in the Kelantan MB official residence, just stayed in his simple unfenced wooden ‘ kampung ‘ house with no security guards.
The man traveled in a Proton car with no police escort too.
It was reported that the had two RM1 BIC ballpoint pens, one was his official government supplied ballpoint pen which he used for official business and the other ballpoint pen bought himself for non official business.

It was reported that upon swearing in as MB, he donated away 90% of his MB’s salary away.

Probably he was the only real holy man in PAS then.

The real issue at hand is not about pas receiving rm400 million. Neither is it about Mahathir having looted kelantan’s oil royalty amounting to billions.
The real issue here is about financetwitter’s band of anti-Islamist and anti-malay army waiting on every slightest opportunity to jump on the bandwagon to condemn and to highlight Islam as a religion of misguided, cheapskate, low-mentality, money-hungry followers, etc.
Being true Muslim Malays, we are not the least surprised of every mahathir’s cunning move as he is 100% Indian, meaning, not even 1% of him is malay. His wily, crafty act of joining the malay party was a long-term plan to realise his political dreams and ambition.
Last but not least, we as Malays, are very fortunate to being exposed with all valuable information….clearly highlighting to us,,,,who are our real enemies. Certainly they are not fake holy men…certainly not the malay majority.

Thank you for confirming what Mahathir has failed to achieved for 22 years …

No matter what the intentions are, the association of so.e Islamic customs with the act of any nonreligious in the writiings is a contempt of Islam. If this doesn’t stop, then there will be rprovocations and re-actions from the other side. Bad things happen to all… religious..nonreligious…we heard about samy with millions of people’s money, we heard about a good look and religious kind of tycoons busy running ahlong business and and loundering gangster-linked business and many more. Even some who looked and always reffered to for forgiveness in the small room is also busy ‘semburiting’. So what? Is this the kind of delivering of so called good messages that we want from those who every feed the family by writing? Shame on you!

Alway! always! Follow the money.
Fear not to ask who, what, where, when, why, how, Etc .

If anyone is in fear to ask, then something is not right.
A country is about building Enterprise to use resources and reserves to secure a better future for all it’s rakyat.

1 Sen to RMTrillions rakyat must have leaders of integrity.
Elected leaders are only guardians of rakyat money. It is not theirs to take for personal benefit.

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