RM90 Million Scandal – Here’s Why Hadi Warned Muslims To Trust Muslim Leaders, Even If They Are Evil & Wicked

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Feb 09 2019
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Since the downfall of Barisan Nasional coalition government on May 9, 2018, two good friends have been panicking, for a good reason. The first is former Prime Minister Najib Razak  and the second person is the PAS Islamic Party chief, Hadi Awang. While Mr. Najib has been stripped naked for everyone to see, Mr. Hadi’s dirty laundry has just been exposed.


Make no mistake. Both Najib and Hadi were crooks who enriched themselves, family members and minions under the pretext of “protecting Malays” and “defending Islam”. The only difference is one wears Armani and Bijan suits while the other dresses like the holiest man in the Muslim world. Regardless, both were snake oil salesmen one should not touch with a 10-foot pole.


For as long as one can remember, Najib has denied any involvement in the infamous 1MDB scandal, although he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar – a whopping US$681 million in his private bank accounts. Instead, he has claimed that the money was donations from Saudi royal family, a claim that he could not be fully substantiated.

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak - World Biggest Crook

Now, his buddy, Hadi, appears to be joining him in the shameful scandal as authorities are investigating the RM90 million bribes gifted by the disgraced Najib to the Islamic Party president. Had Hadi decided to become a good Muslim and rejected the temptation of bribery, as taught by Islam, he would have had not only become part of the government today, but also avoided sleepless nights.


The out-of-court settlement between Abdul Hadi Awang and Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown can only mean one thing – the fake Holy Man and his gang had taken at least RM90 million bribes from UMNO in 2016. Otherwise, the PAS president has absolutely zero reason to “settle” with the British journalist. As expected, his supporters continue to defend the indefensible.


Obviously panicked, pro-Hadi and pro-PAS’ cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers have been burning the midnight oil trying to spin and twist the out-of-court settlement. Like Najib’s 1MDB scandal, they try to belittle and insult supporters’ intelligence with truckloads of bullshit stories. They thought every single of the 2-million voters who had voted for PAS are as dumb as UMNO fans.

Nik Abduh Nik Aziz

No matter how much Hadi fanatic fans defend the devilish hypocrite and corrupt leader, they could not explain the refusal of PAS in challenging the authenticity of an audio recording featuring PAS central committee member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz talking and admitting about secretly taking money from UMNO to further the party’s political agenda.


Amazingly, PAS and its minions are no longer offended by Sarawak Report’s previous article, supposedly defaming their beloved president Hadi Awang for receiving the RM90 million bribes. Now, they practically admit it’s perfectly alright for the offending article to remain online. Heck, some even said that it would take a big heart (Hadi Awang) to forgive the enemies.


The names of some PAS big guns living luxurious lifestyles from the ill-gotten RM90 million have gone viral on social media. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is investigating their luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Toyota Vellfire, Range Rover, Porsche Cayman, Audi Q7, Audi A6, Volkswagen Passat, and whatnot.

Hadi Awang - Worry Impression

Some leaders of the Islamic party are also being investigated for possessing high-powered motorcycles, exotic number plates purchased at exorbitant prices as well as a bungalow in Bangi worth RM3 million. Not bad for a bunch of Muslim leaders who recite Quranic verses and hadiths 25 hours a day to their followers, who thought they were being guided to the heaven.


Now, do you understand why the same Hadi Awang delivered his explosive warning last month to thousands of PAS followers and believers? Using Facebook to spread his misleading teaching, titled “Rule of Law: Where is Allah?”, the powerful and influential Muslim cleric-turned-politician was actually launching a pre-emptive strike when he forces his distorted views on gullible Muslims.


Yes, early last month when Mr. Hadi argued that Muslims should continue to trust Muslim leaders, regardless of the crimes they may have committed, many thought he was referring to his best friend Najib Razak. “If the one leading is a Muslim, even if he were cruel, at least others can become cattle herders,” – declared the corrupt and extremist Hadi.

Hadi Awang - Give Lecture

He said – “But if the one who leads is a non-Muslim, even if he were the kindest, (others) can work however they wish [but] without any limits of what is ‘halal’ (allowed) and ‘haram’ (forbidden) they will still end up in hell. Don’t ever take the infidel West as an example, because the best of them will still end up in hell, since their kindness is without any faith in Allah and the End Times.”


True, one of the reasons he unleashed the shocking message was to avoid humiliation and save his own face, after the revelation that the same man (Najib) he had supported in exchange for RM90 million bribes and the same party (UMNO) he had blessed as a halal party had actually transformed Tabung Haji (Hajj Pilgrimage Fund) into a Ponzi “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme.


It was the same PAS Islamic Party that had visited Tabung Haji, attended a briefing and subsequently declared it was satisfied with the financial management. However, now that it has been established that the “Hajj and Umrah” pilgrims’ money were involved in an embarrassing pyramid scheme, Hadi had no choice but to shamelessly defend Najib regime.

Lembaga Tabung Haji - Serving Customer

In reality, there was another hidden reason why Hadi Awang had chosen to warn the Muslim to continue trusting Muslim leaders regardless of their wickedness. It wasn’t a coincidence that about a month after he had delivered his speech, he would chicken out of his lawsuit against the Sarawak Report over the RM90 million scandal and preferred a “settlement” instead.


Abdul Hadi Awang was actually referring to himself – not Najib – when he issued the warning. That explains why he had thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, when he made the claims that Muslims will end up in hell if led by non-Muslims. And to frighten and threaten the Muslims into submission, the corrupt PAS president had specifically invoked “hell”.


In his rhetoric of the “Rule of Law”, Hadi had also urged for Prophet Muhammad to be made the role model of law-keeping, including forsaking revenge by pardoning those who repented. In essence, he demanded that the government leaders who were ousted in last May’s election, presumably including the crooked Najib Razak, be pardoned for all their crimes.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

More importantly, the ultimate point Hadi wanted to hammer into the Muslims’ brain was that in the eventuality that he is found to have taken the RM90 million bribes, the Muslims must still choose and believe him (despite his corruption) over the kindest and cleanest non-Muslim leader. To do otherwise would mean the Muslims would end up in hell, not heaven, let alone getting 72 virgins in the paradise.


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