Hard To Get Kangaroo Court In UK – “Holy Man” Nik Abduh Admits PAS Taking Bribes From UMNO

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Jun 28 2018
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PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) won about 2-million votes in the 14th general election last month. That means about 2-million Malay-Muslims have more faith in the Islamic party than other Malay-majority parties, including PKR (People’s Justice Party), PPRM (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) and AMANAH (National Trust Party), and even ally UMNO.


After all, PAS has the word “Islamic”. Yes, about one-third of Muslims in the country voted for PAS despite the fact that its president – Hadi Awang – openly endorsed, supported and praised the thief, Najib Razak. Heck, Mr. Hadi had even accused U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation into 1MDB scandal as foreign interference of Malaysia’s internal affairs.


PAS quit now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat coalition opposition after the 2013 general election because the party leadership had taken RM90 million bribe from UMNO, the backbone of Barisan Nasional coalition government which would collapse 5 years later on May 9, 2018. The grand plan was to split the votes by engaging in three-cornered fights in the 2018 general election.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

The plan was supposed to work because historical data showed the opposition will always lose whenever there was a three-cornered fight. So, PAS’ President Hadi Awang quit the Pakatan Rakyat coalition by simply accusing Chinese-based DAP of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam and whatnot. For doing that, Mr. Hadi gets the RM90 million to be shared among his minions.


Had Hadi Awang resisted the temptation of money and stood behind the opposition in fighting corruption, PAS would be part of the federal government today. Perhaps the holy man thought that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Many PAS supporters or DAP haters, however, do not believe that their guru had ever taken the RM90 million bribe.


They argued that because Hadi Awang dared to sue Sarawak Report over the RM90 million bribery allegation, PAS must be squeaky clean. Furthermore, the Hadi Awang has taken his fight to London, United Kingdom, something which even Najib Razak would not dare do. It was hoped that with financial backing from UMNO, PAS could bankrupt Sarawak Report due to high cost of libel trials in UK.

Clare Rewcastle Brown - Sarawak Report SR

At the centre of the lawsuit was a recording proving that PAS, the supposedly undisputed incorruptible Islamic party in the country, has been bribed by the Najib-led UMNO. In its defence, Sarawak Report has submitted the controversial 20-minute recording as evidence that PAS has indeed received millions in cash from UMNO.


Apparently, Nik Abduh, the son of former spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz, was caught in his remarks to a delegation of PAS members admitting that PAS top leaders – including himself – have accepted money from UMNO, in order to further the party’s political agenda. The meeting was held over debates amongst PAS leaders about the scandal of the party receiving money.


Of course, Mr. Nik Abduh has rubbished the audio recording as nothing but fake. Nik Abduh, unlike his father, bizarrely, has been defending Najib Razak against the accusation that the former prime minister has stolen billions of ringgit from the people – calling such allegations as political conspiracy. Essentially, the entire top leaders of PAS have become Najib defenders.

Nik Abduh Nik Aziz

PAS President Hadi Awang would soon find that without the secret financial backing from ex-PM Najib, it’s hard to fight, let alone to bribe the judiciary system in United Kingdom. Sarawak Report has reported that despite PAS’ denials over receiving money from UMNO, Hadi’s lawyers have now conceded that the damaging audio recording is genuine after all.


Barrister Jacob Dean has confirmed that Hadi Awang will not challenge the authenticity of the recording, hence removing the need for expert forensic evidence to identify the speaker. Hadi’s lawyers have also indicated that Nik Abduh and possibly others present at the time of the recording (including Hadi’s son-in-law, Zaharuddin Muhammad), would be among the witnesses at the next trial.


Mr. Dean informed the judge that Hadi intends to fly some witnesses – between 8 to 9 people – from Kuala Lumpur for the trial scheduled on 1 April, 2019 in London. It would be super interesting to see if Hadi Awang, in his desperation to wriggle out of the corruption scandal, will hang Nik Abduh out to dry. After all, it was the dumb Nik Abduh who admitted to receiving money.

Nik Abduh Nik Aziz - Facebook - Denies Accepting Bribes

However, the recording itself is fantastically damaging to the Islamic party, which was supposed to preach the good values of Islam and whatnot. The recording included the following translated remarks – according to Sarawak Report:


  • During the Sarawak Election, people did co-operate with UMNO to defeat DAP. Regarding the monetary issue, the fatwa [legal opinion] was already in place. It was apparent that Tok Guru Nik Aziz took UMNO’s money, Tok Guru Haji Hadi took UMNO’s money, I took UMNO’s money, everyone accused took UMNO’s money!!


  • Among the reasons why we succeeded was with UMNO’s help. UMNO helped us to achieve victory. In 10-11 of these activities. That is us being smart. Umno is stupid. Why do people keep asking us about UMNO’s money? This issue is now over. Tok Guru Nik Aziz took a considerable amount of UMNO’s money. Not a problem? Tok Guru Harun Din, not a problem. This meeting today not a problem.


  • I have met Tok Guru Haji Hadi. Tok Guru Haji Hadi said lucky you taking UMNO’s money. Just do whatever we want. But do not use the money for our private matters. For our personal gain. Instead, use it for Islamic purposes. That’s why we have good relations with UMNO today … why Najib can even accept RUU amendments.

PAS Hadi Awang VS Sarawak Report Clare Rewcastle Brown

When the above contents are officially splashed on news, PAS leaders would be running around like a headless chicken for damage control. There will be tons of finger-pointing, or simply pretending to not knowing anything, just like how Najib Razak currently denies knowing his wife had collected the jaw-dropping 12,000 jewelleries from ill-gotten money.


More importantly, this proves that 2-million of Malay-Muslims have been scammed or conned by Hadi Awang and his band of corrupt minions. Preachers – regardless of religion – are mostly liars and nothing but “snake oil salesman”. Religious and politics should not mix. They talk about the teachings of Quran and Hadith or Bible but secretly – they happily enriched themselves.


Too bad there isn’t any nice kangaroo court in the UK that PAS could take advantage of. Adding insult to the injury, the gravy train has effectively stopped after Najib’s UMNO lost spectacularly. Let’s hope Hadi Awang and his boys have been saving the RM90 million for the rainy days. Airfares, hotel accommodation and London lawyers only recognise British Pounds.

Najib Razak with Hadi Awang - Laughing


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