International Hypocrite – Mahathir Cries Muslim Discrimination, But Oppressed & Suppressed Minority Chinese Himself

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Dec 30 2019
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Perhaps it’s true that Prime Minister Mahathir has “brain malfunction” as the power-hungry leader rushes against time to build a dynasty for his son. Hey, it’s not me who said that. It was Shri Ravindra Kishore Sinha, a Member of Parliament of India, who made that statement. Apparently, the Malaysian premier has attracted more attention for the wrong reason.


The MP of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) mocked the “short-circuit” PM Mahathir Mohamad for not only interfering in the internal affairs of India, but also making false statements against the country – from reluctance to send fugitive cum hate preacher Zakir Naik to India, to Jammu and Kashmir conflict and the New Delhi’s newly passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


Zakir Naik, an Indian citizen, is officially wanted by India for money laundering, but Mahathir likes him too much to extradite him. Despite the fact Jammu and Kashmir are part of India, Mahathir falsely accused India of having “invaded and occupied” the territories after New Delhi announced its revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and placed the region under lockdown.

Zakir Naik with Mahathir Mohamad

The 94-year-old Mahathir also falsely labelled New Delhi’s newly passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as discrimination against Muslims. The law actually provides a path to Indian citizenships for Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian religious minorities fleeing persecution from three countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.


Let’s put first thing first. Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapped the Article 370, which gave the people of Kashmir exclusive rights and a separate constitution, because such rights were misused by “radicalised Islamic terrorists”. Kashmir has become the gateway to terrorism in India and Modi administration was simply closing the gate by revoking them. And Mahathir wasn’t happy.


What Mahathir’s lazy supporters didn’t know was that in February, a bombing in the Indian-controlled Kashmir killed 40 Indian troops. India responded with an airstrike inside Pakistan, blaming a Pakistani extremist group for the attack. It was precisely because of the airstrike that Pakistan called the revocation of Article 370 illegal and has even downgraded diplomatic ties with India.

Indian-administered Kashmir and Pakistan-administered Kashmir - Map

However, India argued that Article 370 was an internal matter as it did not interfere with the boundaries of the territory. In short, New Delhi said its decision has not changed the “Line of Control”, or the boundaries of the region, which was agreed by Pakistan. But the genius Mahathir blindly jumped into the conflict, just because Jammu and Kashmir are more than 60% Muslim.


Later, speaking on the sidelines of the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019, Mahathir interfered in the internal affairs of India again. Like the Kashmir issue, he again falsely claimed that the CAA deprives Muslims of citizenship. He said – “Already people are dying because of this law, so why is there a necessity to do this thing when all this while, for 70 years almost, they have lived together as citizens without any problems?”


The CAA, a law recently passed by India’s Parliament, offers citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from several countries. It allows fast-track citizenship for religious minorities, including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians. Would Mahathir whine, moan and bitch until foaming at the mouth if the law also grants citizenship to Muslims? Don’t think so.

Mahathir Mohamad vs Narendra Modi

Protesters, primarily Muslims including Mahathir’s ignorant supporters, do not want Indian citizenship to be granted to any non-Muslim refugees or immigrants, specifically because they fear it would alter the region’s demographic balance, resulting in a loss of their political rights, culture and probably land. In reality, the rights and citizenship of existing Muslims living in India remain unchanged.


Hence, it’s absolutely not true for Mahathir to say the newly passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) will deprive Muslims of their citizenship. So, exactly why was the old man so freaking offended? Ahh, that’s because the old fox knew that the CAA is quite similar to his notorious “Project IC”, a project which grants citizenship to immigrants by giving them identity cards.


The “Project IC” was hatched secretly during Mahathir’s first stint as premier for 22 years from 1981 to 2003 where immigrants – whether legal or otherwise – were systematically granted citizenship in Sabah to alter the demographic pattern of the state to make it more favourable to then-Mahathir government. A former senator claimed that at least 700,000 immigrants had been given citizenships.

Mahathir Project IC in Sabah - Newspaper Cutting

Mahathir Project IC in Sabah - Newspaper Cutting - Admission

Therefore, Mahathir’s “Project IC” is no different from Modi’s “Project CAA”, if the hidden agenda is to alter the demographic balance or pattern. But at least, Prime Minister Modi has the integrity to do it legally. Yes, both revocation of Article 370 and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed in the Parliament of India. Did Mahathir ask for permission for his Project IC?


That’s fine. If the defiant Mahathir wishes to make a fool of himself on the international stage despite his status as a veteran leader, why should he be stopped? Whenever he is criticised, Mahathir would quickly flash the democracy card, defending his right to freedom of speech, never mind what he said about Kashmir and citizenship issues in India were factually inaccurate.


It would be a waste of oxygen to persuade, let alone argue, with the world’s oldest prime minister that he should try toning down his racism, extremism, xenophobia, Malay supremacy and all forms of bigotry. His brilliant tactic, whenever he is cornered, appears to be his right to freedom of speech or freedom of expression or whatnot. That’s fine too.

Mahathir Mohamad - Brain Malfunction

However, what is breathtakingly hypocrisy about Mahathir’s version of freedom of speech is that after he complained about discrimination against minority Muslims in India by the Modi administration, he gladly discriminates the minority ethnic Chinese in his own country. Yes, Modi cannot discriminate minority Muslims in India, but Mahathir can discriminate minority Chinese in Malaysia.


But Mahathir went a step further. Not only the premier discriminates the minority Malaysian Chinese, he also bullies – suppresses and oppresses – the ethnic people. Instead of allowing the Chinese to enjoy the same freedom of speech Mahathir claims he is entitled to, a court order was issued to block Chinese educationists from holding a “closed door” congress on Saturday (Dec 28).


The police, under the leadership of IGP (Inspector General of Police) Abdul Hamid Bador, argued that allowing the Chinese meeting – even behind four walls – could lead to “riots”. For some very mysterious reasons, the police didn’t bother to question, let alone arrest, the radicalised and extremist groups (all of them ethnic Malays) who openly threatened to unleash racial riots.

Malay Dignity Congress - MDC - Mahathir Mohamad

So, Mahathir-Malays can organize Malay Dignity Congress (MDC) but the Chinese cannot do the same. Mahathir’s MDC can attack and threaten the minorities that their citizenship could be revoked, but Chinese Organization Congress can’t even hold a meeting behind closed doors just to discuss Khat Jawi lessons being forced down the throat of Chinese and Indians primary students.


And only Mahathir owns the rights to freedom of speech while the local ethnic Chinese have none. This is obviously a new low which the premier has breached. Why a clever man (he was a medical doctor, mind you) like him can’t engage with the Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong and argues his case like any intellectuals as to the reason why the non-Muslims must learn Jawi?


Again, like the case of Indian’s Article 370 and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Mahathir the Fibber lied about the Chinese Organization Congress, saying – “If you start making attacks against other races or going against the Constitution, the end result will be chaos, instability and everybody will be poorer for it and we will see a lot of Malaysians migrating to other countries.”

Non Chinese at SJKC Vernacular School

The Chinese had no intention of attacking ethnic Malays. How would the minority Chinese dare to attack the majority Malay when 98% of the Malaysian army are Malays while in the Royal Malaysia Police, 80% are Malays? The Chinese just don’t want to waste time learning Jawi, the Arabic script used to learn the Koran / Quran. Is that too much to ask?


You force Chinese and Indian students in vernacular schools learn Jawi and when they refused and asked for justifications, you quickly label them as anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Malay and whatnot. Hilariously, some fake holy man like President Hadi Awang of PAS Islamist Party claims that since the Malaysian minorities live in the “Malay World” (whatever that means), they have no choice but do as ordered.


There you have it – the reason why “Islamophobia” spread like wildfire across the world. It’s exactly people like Mahathir Mohamad and Hadi Awang who give a bad name to Islam. The funniest part is this – Mahathir was the same man who called for all Muslim countries to cooperate with Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey to counter Islamophobia through the formation of a television channel.

Mahathir Mohamad - Hypocrite

It is as clear as crystal that the short-circuit Mahathir practices double standard at an industrial scale. Even at his advanced age, he is still a spectacular grand old bully and a fantastic racist. And he is definitely a great serial liar who could put Najib Razak to shame. More importantly, he has graduated to become an international hypocrite. That’s indeed priceless!!


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Why do we keep on writing and talking about Mahatir. Enough of that shitty guy. He is definitely not shy in whatever that will be labeled on him. He has bared his fangs and completely show his devilish nature with a hoot to the country and rakayt . What has he done since GE14 . Nothing!!!! absolutely nothing save for his pleasures in travelling and trying hard to get recognition as a come back maverick in the Muslim. All are his self agenda. He is bringing the country to destructions and ruins. He is behaving like a senile old man in his second child hood basking in fasle self glory. Aggrandizing to be a the world Muslim leader on par with Erdogan not realising that he was belittled by a cold shouder decline in attending the dinner and to his chagrin doing a dinner with the awaiting PM 8 Can all writers and bloggers now on one concerted action request PH Council to bring to justice and ask Mahatir to resign for instigating unrest in the country and a complete incompetent PM. Once he is relieved of his post he will be just like the lanun awaiting his fate and Malaysia will be freed of all the concerns

This article is too bias, as an ethnic malay and muslim in Malaysia i found this to be one sided.

1. Ethnic chinese is being bully? look up at Malaysia billionaire list..most of them is chinese. When you when to Malaysia a lot of chinese are working in Malaysia national company (Khazanah, petronas and etc) and chinese business are thriving here.

2. Project IC is skew for changing the demographic? He didnt said you need to be muslim to become Malaysian citizen at Sabah? dont compare apple to orange

3. This is Malaysia with islam as our national religion, do you think your westernize mind and education is way better? Jawi should be mandatory (3 pages only)..we should have only one school system!

It’s not priceless when the fact that Malaysia has to pay the great price of losing foreign direct investment (in an openly racist and having religion extremism country), severing ties with India (hence the exportation of our palm oils etc) and continued emigration of Malaysians to other countries for fairer opportunities.

And please, Sabahans and Sarawakians will be insulted to know that they are living in the ‘Malay World’ as claimed by Hadi Awang.

Do you realize both are mamaks? The Malays are still controlled by mamaks.

It’s time for Sarawak to leave racist Malaya and keep our revenue

Too bias a write up. Used to think writer writes realistic articles but not anymore.

@Nafis hmmm really? Let me try to address some of your points:
1) The Chinese/Indian/dan lain-lain descendants in Malaysia who are on the billionaire list .. doesn’t mean they are not bullied.

Despite being born here, they can still be bullied in an openly racist (e.g. chinese descendants called by a foreigner Zakir Naik to go back to China and nothing has been done by the government) and religion extremism environment (praying in a shop house church, if he/she is a christian, because others may get very sensitive to see a cross on a building)

2) You should by now know that majority of the Filipinos from Southern Philippines are muslim. Those are the one who settled in Sabah and got involved in Project IC. This calculation is not that hard.

3) Let’s talk about Constitution of Malaysia.
Yes Islam is the official religion of the federation, but let’s focus on the Jawi topic.

Article 152 states that the national language is the Malay language.
Article 152 (a) guarantees that “Everyone is free to teach, learn or use any other languages”

So one shouldn’t force others to learn something they don’t wish to (the constitution didn’t say Jawi is a national language), or force the vernacular schools to be closed while the country allows private school or international school to teach the subjects in English.

Oh, please ask the Sarawakians to stop using Mathematics and Science in English too. They are starting it in 2 days time.

My conclusion is this: The country is governed by the constitution. We fought for independence and formed the constitution to bring Malaysia where it is today.

The struggle we have here is because we try to deviate from the constitution, and government has institutionally brainwashed people like you to think that the minorities (i.e. non Malay) have been creating the issues. (in another term: the majority of the races are bullied by the minorities… how funny is that)

And no, I don’t think the writer preached about westernised mind or education is better.

In my opinion, he is writing based on logic, and in my opinion, education that emphasises on maths and science can bring out the best in the country.

Else why is OECD’s PISA rating emphasises on maths and science?

This is the BEST article I have read about the hypocrite recalcitrant whose name is Mahathir Mohammad. May the world finally get to know this old racist for what he really is.

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