Apple Steve Jobs’s latest gadget – a Liver Transplant

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Jun 20 2009
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Why did Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) captain, Steve Jobs, went on long leave since Jan 2009? If you run a poll, majority of the respondents will tell you that Steve was away fighing cancer while many would not think twice that Steve was actually dying from disease. Jobs, 54, disclosed in August 2004 that he had been treated for a form of pancreatic cancer. His “skeletal” appearance last year however had many worried that the charismatic co-founder of Apple Inc. could be suffering from a severe medical condition. Rumors never stop speculating about his health and the influencial Steve was even predicted to make his appearance at the recent World Wide Developers Conference – Steve Jobs failed to appear.

The rumor mill spread to Memphis, Tennessee, when a house in a swank neighborhood there has been bought for a princely sum and was undergoing minor renovations in preparation for its new resident. The buyer was said to be none other than Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he was speculated to be readied to be treated for his pancreatic cancer. Today, Wall Street Journal confirmed the 2-month-old rumor when it reported that Steve was indeed seeking treatment (in Tennessee) and actually had received a liver transplant two months ago and is recovering well. But there’re people who were rather curious why Steve took the trouble seeking treatment in Tennessee when there are many good treatment centers around his home. The answer could be that St. Jude Hospital in Memphis happens to be one of the best endocrinology centers in the world with abundance of researchers equipped to handle Steve Jobs’ health problems.

So, is this a piece of good news for Apple’s stock on Monday? As of now nobody knows because it depends on how investors would like to react to it. The stock could skyrocket now that the uncertainties are over since Steve is recuperating as reported by WSJ. Like it or not Steve is still very influential and his appearance at Apple’s office could spark a mini bull. But on the other hand there are arguments that a liver transplant is a complicated surgery as the organ is not an easy gadget such as an iPhone. If indeed it was true that Steve had a liver transplant it would take months before it can be certain that his new part is “behaving”. Nevertheless the Apple’s stock will definitely swing wildly upon opening bell on Monday.

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Dear Encik StocktubeHappy Father's Day!As most pancreatic cancer is fatalistic, i hope Mr Jobs will get thru this touch-n-go moments, smooth sailing. My prayers are with him – all good men deserved that.

hello fi-sha … let's hope steve would be up and running in no time …cheers …

From some of the comments I read at other sites about this news, a lot of people are angry about this. How can Jobs be the "sickest patient on the waiting list"? Seems that the hospital that did the surgery saw dollar signs and a "free publicity" opportunity to make more money.Doctors are the number one killers in America. Not car accidents, plane crashes or cancer. Doctors. Healthcare has become so expensive that those who REALLY do need to have treatments cannot afford it unless if doctors and hospitals can screw your health insurance over real good.Put the blame for healthcare cost where it really belongs. Greedy doctors and big pharmaceutical companies. The medical industry is not in the business of "saving lives". They are in the business of generating death. Death makes them money. Not life. Not natural items, herbs and plants. In essence, doctors who take the "hippocratic oath" of "do no harm" are just hypocrites. Knowledge is power. You have to be your own doctor, medical advocate and do your own research. Because if you don't, the choice will be made for you. And the choice won't be in your "best interest".

[…] Apple Steve Jobs’s latest gadget – a Liver Transplant […]

[…] Apple Steve Jobs’s latest gadget – a Liver Transplant […]

[…] Apple Steve Jobs’s latest gadget – a Liver Transplant […]

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