Google Android G1 Phone – this Beast is Features-Rich

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Sep 24 2008
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Finally, Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) unveiled its first Android cell-phone. Android actually refers the phone’s operating system. Features-wise it appears the Google G1 cell-phone could easily kick Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) iPhone miles away. Touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Maps, 3-megapixel camera, GPS-capabilities, full-screen web browsing, on-the-air downloadable Apple and music store, removable battery, memory expansion card slot (pre-installed 2GB Micro SD memory card expandable to 8GB), voice dialing and most importantly a physical QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath the screen. Although it plays music sadly it doesn’t play video except YouTube videos.

Google Android G1 phoneIf you hate iPhone’s AT&T’s 3G network, then you can take your revenge by owning this G1 phone because it comes from T-Mobile. Unfortunately T-Mobile 3G network covers only 19 cities compared with AT&T’s 280 but who cares if your intention is to unlock this latest cool phone after 90 days. Since G1 is based on open-source and free, it simply means you can put in any SIM-card from any carrier and it will work within seconds. You can make changes and add your own applications without paying a penny to Google and I promised you won’t be thrown into detention center without trial. Obviously Android G1 is not as beautiful as iPhone but if you’re looking to build a mini super-phone (build your own applications on top of it) then this is what you should have.

Google Android G1 phoneGoogle Android G1 phoneiPhone vs Android G1Not convinced yet? How about a $20 cheaper G1 than iPhone at $179? The G1 which comes with black, white and brown color also has this little built-in compass feature which displays a 360-degree Google Street view based on location. G1 is a bit thicker but slightly narrower than iPhone. Google hopes the open-source Android software powering the G1 will eventually become the dominant operating system for mobile phones and make handsets compatible with the networks of multiple carriers. Good news for blogger – The T-Mobile G1 will soon also offer users the ability to upload and post pictures to blogs.

The T-Mobile G1 will be released on T-Mobile’s U.S. network on October 22 for $179 with a two-year contract. UK will see the phone sometime in November 2008 while other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands will get it in Q1 2009. Google targeted to sell around 400,000 Android phones by end of 2008. Android is position to give iPhone a run for its money but it will need more cosmetic jobs to pull the crowds away from iPhone but Google is prepared for the long-term marathon competition. No doubt Android G1 phone is the beast compared to the beauty of iPhone.

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Looks pretty good and value for money. Any idea when it’s coming over to Malaysia?

i doubt it will be anytime soon avatar … it would probably reach singapore’s shore many months before malaysia, that’s for sure …

I think the new phone is great. I even made a review about it check it out at http://www.g1phonecenter.com

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