Beyond $600 again? GOOG stock might needs Android

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Jun 02 2008
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Developers were particularly happy with Google’s Android program though they hope Apple could grant them the same priviledges on iPhone. If there would be one day the Google’s phone could overtake iPhone as the most popular smart phone, the credits would definitely go to the developers, thanks to the Android SDK (software developer’s kit). Just take a look at Facebook that encourages applications developed by developers.

You either love iPhone or hate it but whatever reasons people who despise iPhone would somehow find some comfort with Android. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) looks almost certain to release the 3G version of its popular iPhone. But Google’s Gphone or Android would not be able to make it this year (hopefully in 2009) despite huge number of people are hard at work to give reasons to celebrate at least this Christmas. Android is based on the Linux open operating system is a project jointly developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance which consists of 34-member group.




At Google “developers conference” in San Francisco, the giant search engine showcased the enhanced version of its Android since the previous news late last year. The so-called smart Android phone has some cool applications operated with touch screens. You cannot help but to boo Android as small applications such as calendar and address list bring back the image of iPhone almost instantly. iPhone die-hard fans would laugh at the primitivity of the Android for obvious reason.

One similiarity with iPhone and Apple’s Safari browser is that Android’s browser uses the same open source engine from WebKit. Apple iPhone is still the coolest smart phone though but if Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) could throw in really cheap Androids, it could create the buzz that might move the stock price beyond $600 since the plunge late 2007.

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Is it true? Is google really planning to release a cel phone counter-part to the iphone? If so, I need to stock up on google stock. That’ll be a pretty wizetrade.

yes wizetrade it’s true but the android will not hit the street until 2009 … so you’ve tons of time to relocate your money elsewhere for the time being …

the issue is will this gphone be impressive enough to pull the crowds …

cheers …

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