Google is giving away US10 million to developers

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Nov 13 2007
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All right, the technical rebound is finally here but it’s still too early to see if it can last but at least the 13,000 mark (DJIA) is putting some fights with the bear instead of letting it ripping off the skin of it. This week is the expiration week and as usual the volatility is building again. I like to wait till Friday to see if Google Inc. can erupts again. It appears Apple Inc. is taking the lead by jumping a whopping 7 percent as of 10:15 trading hour. Google meanwhile is crawling the same way like its founder, Sergey Brin.

Yeah, Sergey Brin could be so bored with his billions of U.S. dollar notes now that he doesn’t seem to have the fire or passion to work anymore. He even looks very sleepy when he announced that Google is giving away a whopping US$10 million to the developers who can come out with the best and coolest application for his new toy – the Android. I bet he just woke up.

I think besides Apple Inc.’s iPhone, Android could be one of the coolest gadget around especially the touch screen’s flexibility. Android’s greatest strength could be in the fact that it’s based on open system Linux and this simply means the potential of cool killer applications that you can upload into the Google phone are enormous. I guess it’s true that when you’ve found your first bucket of gold, you really don’t have to find the next bucket because the money will automatically attracts the rest of the money – the money works for you.

US$10 million might be a lot to developers out there but it’s just loose change to Sergey Brin. Dropped US$10 million? Forget it, might as well get some sleep, says Brin.

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