Time to Switch Camp – Good-Bye Najib and Auntie Rosy

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Nov 30 2012
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UMNO General Assembly, which started two days was expected to be another round of opposition-bashing session (*yawn*). Considering this will be the last assembly before the 13th general election, the present federal government under the UMNO regime rule was expected to unleash all WMDs (weapon of mass destructions) under its arsenal since it would be a do-or-die election. This will also be the last assembly for PM Najib Razak before his deputy, Muhyiddin, takes over the premiership from him unless, of course Najib can miraculously wrestle two-third majority in the coming election, which is not possible at the moment.


There was good reason for the jittery local stock market these couple of days – big boys are dumping in anticipation of general election which was speculated to be called sometime December this year, just after UMNO 2012 General Assembly. And do we have to remind you again to dump Najib’s cronies related listed companies? Yes, we believe present Barisan Nasional (National Front) will still win and form the next federal goverment. No, we don’t believe PM Najib Razak will be able to lead the country for another term, even though the current regime will win the general election. And we believe Najib will call the snap election only next year, after Chinese New Year celebration.

Najib Razak - shortest serving PM

We wrote in early 2010, close to 3-years ago, that PM Najib will top the prime minister chart as the shortest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, and we still stand by this prediction. We’ve also wrote in mid-2011 why Najib should call for a snap election back then. Heck, we’ve even hinted the premier to use his wife and play the good-cop-bad-cop drama, to turn the table on his enemies within UMNO and call a snap election after a cabinet reshuffle to flush his enemies into toilet bowl. If only he had listen to his feng-shui master and declare it on his lucky number – 11-11-2011. Now, it’s too late and his fate is sealed (*grin*).


But we can’t blame him for he is not and will not be a fighter. He is just an empty vessel lucky to be born in the Razak family. If he’s trading stock he would have burnt all his money. When his stocks were in profitable position, he would ask his advisors if it was time to sell (read: calling snap election). He would then hold hoping for the stocks (read: Najib’s popularity rating) to go up further. When the stocks drop (read: Bersih 2.0), he sweat but still hold on. When his stock goes up again (read: free money via BRIM) he somehow still hold and never take profit. And now, his stocks will be worthless as the expiration is nearing (read: he’s holding warrants after all *grin*).

Sleepy Abdullah Badawi

Unlike Najib, former premier Mahathir would do anything to secure his position without hesitation. If you think Mahathir hate sleepy head Abdullah Badawi very much, wait till you see how he engineer Najib Razak’s downfall post election later. While you can hate only so much a person who sleeps 23 hours per day (isn’t Badawi adorable?), your blood pressure would jump a few notch when your “budak suruhan” (boy-servant) will take out his handkerchief to wipe his mouth of saliva, nodded with a reluctant smile and run to his wife’s FLOM office asking for opinion without fail every time the de-facto Minister Mentor Mahathir asked the prime minister to do something.



Besides, to stop the suffering his lovely UMNO boys are having from continue kissing PM Najib’s hand filled with deposits of saliva, Mahathir, being a doctor himself, has to start code of hygienic practice (*tongue in cheek *) – time to kick Najib out from Putrajaya. Actually the writing was already on the wall when Mahathir hinted couple of weeks ago that Najib administration was weak. He was telling PM Najib to start packing, knowing his family needs more than the usual termination period with tons of birkin hermes handbags and all the shopping loots.

Deepak and Rosmah - Friends turn Foes

Knowing how Najib would act dumb after the next general election, and refuse to resign, the tactician who admires Adolf Hitler, has already made his moves together with the prime minister-in-waiting – deputy Muhyiddin. Do you really need to be a NASA scientist to guess who was behind the sudden shocking revelation by Deepak “Sharukh Khan” Jaikishan about PM Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor’s involvement with the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu gruelling murder at the eleventh hour of UMNO general assembly?


Even if Deepak has nine lives like a cat, he wouldn’t have the guts to whisper his involvement in helping the Razak family in the murder case, let alone giving such a high-profile exclusive interview to pro-opposition online portal. It was indeed explosive for carpet business Deepak who was once so “close” to the family, so much so it was rumored that Deepak was Rosmah’s toyboy, to betray the family who indirectly fed him with riches in contracts. Surely it wasn’t Auntie Rosy’s beauty, as if she was Kim Kardashian, that attracted Deepak in sacrificing his manhood, was it? Like it or not, it was all about business transactions involving hundreds of millions that turn sour due to greeds, cheats and whatnot.

Rosmah Mansor vs Kim Kardashian

If there’s one man that PM Najib dare not touch, it’s the former premier Apanama, who was seen running the country in day broad light these few weeks. Deepak is safe under this former dictator’s protection. And if Auntie Rosy thinks the old man has past his glory period, she would regret it next year. Already you can see how warlord Shahrizat creates havoc poking at sensitive issue – bloody racial riot 13-May – during the UMNO assembly in her attempt to chase the Chinese voters away, when in fact the premier already gave guidelines to stay low profile and say no stupid things. The moment Najib refused to renew Shahrizat Senatorship due to CowGate Scandal, the RM250 million lady has decided to switch camp to Mahathir-Muhyiddin.


Another person that you would be miss dearly after general election is Najib’s cousin – Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Bad blood between former IGP Musa Hassan and Hishammuddin Hussein aside, the former was the same person who helped Mahathir carrying mattress allegedly contained Anwar Ibrahim mighty sperms in-and-out of courts during the Sodomy Part-1 case. And since Hishammuddin refuse to defect to Mahathir-Muhyiddin’s camp, he has to be given the boot. Give us a break – every Tom, Dick and his hamster knows Malaysia police is under Home Minister’s influence ever since Mahathir rule this country many moons ago. So to accuse Home Minister of interfering with police jobs is rather laughable, especially at this hour.

Najib Razak - Heil Mahathir

And if you think opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) can form the next federal government even if they can win with simple majority, keep on dreaming. The master tactician Mahathir and his team have the recipe in place to cling to power, although it comprises a list of dirty methods. He had tried during Bersih 3.0 but unfortunately the demonstrators didn’t take the bait and refuse to riot together with the planted provocateurs. We’re talking about someone who knows how to manipulate Malays, Chinese, Indian, Kadazans, Iban and whatnot’s minds, not to mention Hitler’s brutality and creativity – to stay in power – Heil Mahathir (*yawn*).


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You predictions paints a very dire prospect for Malaysia How depressing
Why would mahatir go against .najib Muhidun will be better? No way

you are the best but lately you write too little….soon will be liked James Cameroon blog in Malaysia

Last year UMNO General Assembly was about opposition-bashing session and continue to this year assembly, what a yawn.

UMNO talks about reform, but they did not spell it out how it is going to be done. If BN comes out reform policies like, only applicable to MPs and Aduns, hands will be chop off, if found guilty of corruption. Then we will have wakil Rakyat who wants to be wakil Rakyat instead of enriching oneself of being wakil party or sendiri. There will be no more tussle to compete for parliament or state seats because is it not lucrative anymore but prominent position to be in. With these, BN will get landslide victory.

Our beloved PM is weak, it sets opportunities for the waiting-in-line PM to tussle for power. In UMNO mind it is sure win with Sabah & Sawarak as fixed deposit. Two third win is not in their mind now, premiership is! They want to owns hundreds of Birkin bags and a few diamond rings which they know if they live ten lifetimes with prudent savings, they still cannot afford it, as a clean politicians, needless to say about being the spouse of the politicians.

It is going to be dirty dirty not between ruling vs opposition, about among UMNO members themselves trying to out do each other by the number of diamond rings that they have in their inventory. Having bigger mansion and palace among each other.

The passport to that is Premiership and hitching a ride on the same ship. Hopefully another tsunami do not overturn the ship by surprise.


Love your blog . You r a LEGEND

Excellent.Thank God,that the provocateurs’ aim to cause havoc during the last Bersih rally failed. Both sides know that WHO is the next Govt. depends on how effective the Elections Commssion does it ‘work’ or is disrupted from doing its ‘work’, RESPECTIVELY for the BN or Pakatan.
One hint for the latter: not everyone in the EC can be bought, so someone up or down the line can squeal against any hanky-panky. But to be fair to both sides: Are the allegations of the illegal actions just hearsay, what say you Pakatan?

hey i really enjoy your blog… just wished you write more often.I am depressed to hear about your prediction…..will cabut… cant think this country can take it anymore…

The current Ah Kong is a more respectable and no controversy character, unlike some heads of
Islam whom
Najis can holds and squeezes their balls with dangling
carrot and stick.
Under article 150 of the constitution , only Ah
Kong can invoke the article and he might not bow to Najis’s presuure.

Lovely Article……
Keeping Watch on developments….Would be disappointed if the old man kicks the bucket before the plot unfolds!

Well observed prognosis. Najib has few options to last at least another term, if he win the next GE. First is to defy and surprise (or to cheat his way) by winning 2/3 majority. Second is to cut a deal with Mahathir so that Mirzan is made the Deputy PM instead of Muhideen. Third is to put the country through a serious political crisis to defer election until he regains political support and get rid of his opponents (I am talking of major political reconstruction here, coup like). I think option one is the pragmatic and least risky to him. Hence he is trying (in vain I think) to win back some Chinese and Indian support to make it a 2/3 victory. I think he will win by less than 2/3 but may not be booted out if he can cut a deal with Mahathir to promote Mirzan so the latter can inherit from Najib as the seventh PM.

Trust me ,BlackFace Moo… won’t let Najis appoint Muflis Baldhead as DPM unless he kicks the bucket first .
This lowlife has substantial support in Umporno.

yah, it is time to change!

Regards, http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Like it or not, we can safely say that UMNO is more democractic than the DAP elections. You always know who will be chosen – the father, his son and a godfather.

[…] Time to Switch Camp – Good-Bye Najib and Auntie Rosy […]

[…] Time to Switch Camp – Good-Bye Najib and Auntie Rosy […]

[…] Time to Switch Camp – Good-Bye Najib and Auntie Rosy […]

Well,well,well…seems that you guys can be politician one fine day…perhaps the BAD ones…
Saying that Najib and Muhyiddin are not in good terms and etc.
This is NOT the first and this might NOT be the last until
you dream leader…. Anwar Ibrahim dreams becoming the next premier..
Dr M was in power and Anwar tak da power,…u guys says that that old man should step down,
Then came Pak Lah… u guys says that he’s lemah suka tidor… well I accept the fact he sleeps a lot but do you have the strength and courage to be a PM at his age…”cakap besar…sapa-sapa boleh cakap”.
Then came Najib… says that Attantuyah lah, sini lah, situ lah.. well I think only a 3suku will say something like that
without showing proof..
Then when the time come Muhyiddin is in POWER… another CRAB will come into picture until you dream Anwar will the premier??
This is a common pattern… only an IDIOT would NOT understand the pattern…

Pehaps…when you become Anwar’s deputy than you will shut up…

p/s- Think wisely parti mana..PARTI ANAK BERANAK??
It this what you call DEMOCRACY….???
-Lepas Bapak berkuasa, anak pegang kuasa…tak lama lagi cucu pun pegang kuasa..(jawatan Pengerusi,Tim Pengerusi,CEO,SVP,VP and etc…)

thanx for your comment, reza anak perajurit …

sure, badawi was GOOD, najib is BETTER but muhyiddin+mahathir will be the BEST – that’s why we should all switch camp … don’t you agree?

cheers …

In fact the best part… some of these political parties have
their wives holding TOP POST…. PARTI ANAK BERANAK….
never ending story…..

sure, totally agreed with you, reza anak perajurit …

it’s no brainer that party that support putting cows into luxury condo is way better than party anak-beranak … let’s vote umno for the sake of “animal welfare”, shall we (*grin*) …

cheers …

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