Shooting His Mouth Off – 10 Deaths After Clueless Health Minister Declared Signs Of A Plateau In Covid-19 Cases

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Mar 23 2020
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There are reasons why the world, with the exception of Singapore and Indonesia, has refused to recognise the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin. Besides not democratically elected by the people through the ballot box, a government seized using coup normally consists of not only a corrupt regime, but also incredible dumb leaders.


Health Minister Dr Adham Baba is one classic example of a dumb leader in the Muhyiddin government. In less than a month since the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government snatched power from Pakatan Harapan government, people can see clearly the difference between Adham Baba and previous health minister – Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.


Adham Baba, a so-called doctor who obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from Universiti Malaya in 1987, has become the epicentre of jokes when he appeared on a TV programme – RTM Bicara Naratif on Thursday (March 19) night and lectured Malaysians on how to “kill Covid-19 coronavirus”. Yes, the health minister has found a way to kill the bloody virus.

Health Minister Adham Baba

According to the genius doctor, the virus which has left a trail of destruction around the world is vulnerable to heat. Therefore, he advised people to drink warm water to “flush” virus down to the stomach and voila, the digestive acids will kill the Coronavirus. He said – “The virus will go down (the oesophagus) and when it reaches the stomach which has acids, the virus dies. That’s how we eliminate the virus.”


The health minister, whose involvement in politics began in 1991 when he joined UMNO political party, talked as if his knowledge stopped at basic biology text books at secondary school (primary school if you study in Singapore) and never graduated. Based on his logic, the digestive acid appeared like Holy water that can kill all types of bacteria and virus.


If that is true, human beings should not fall sick due to food poisoning or diarrhea simply because any types of virus, let alone bacteria, would have been eliminated once they reaches the stomach. Perhaps the health minister should suggest that a Coronavirus patient be turned upside down and better still, be shaken like cocktails to wash all internal organs with the powerful stomach acids.

Coronavirus - Respiratory System

There’s a reason why when the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (aka 2019-nCoV) was first reported by China on December 31, 2019, the case was identified as “respiratory illness” – not “digestive illness”. Did Adham Baba study about basic body systems such as respiratory, digestive, circulatory, muscular, nervous and skeletal systems, which are covered in the primary school syllabus?


Any primary students can tell you that flushing water down into your stomach only involves the digestive system, not respiratory system. Throat, nose, windpipe, chest and lungs are some of the organs of the respiratory system which the Covid-19 infiltrated and infected. Perhaps Dr Adham should also suggest flushing warm water from the nose all the way to other respiratory organs too.


Chances are the half-baked Dr Adham Baba had probably received such tips from social media, which among other things also suggested that Coronavirus can be cured with cocaine and even by drinking bleach. Yes, Malaysians should thank God that the Muhyiddin’s health ministry did not recommend drinking Clorox as a way to disinfect and sanitize the virus.

Clorox - Bleach

It’s already a miracle that the health minister did not suggest eating truckloads of durian because the odor of the fruit stinks so much that it would keep the pathogen miles away. It’s also funny that the health minister did not suggest drinking beer, wine or liquor as a way to get the virus drunk and inactive. His claim was so silly that UK-based Malaysian trainee surgeon Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri had to debunk it.


But the silly idea of drinking water to protect one against Covid-19 was just the appetiser. The incompetency of the health minister started a day earlier when he proudly declared on March 19 that there were already signs of an improvement, or a “plateau”, in the number of Coronavirus cases. He shot his mouth off too early, obviously trying to gain some political brownie points.


He saw the number of cases declining from 190, 125, 120 to 117 and thereafter to 110 as signs of a plateau because the curve has started to flatten. He said – “Even though there is an increase in the number of new cases, the number has been around the same over the past four days. If it is still spreading, it (the curve) will show an increase, like in some countries in Europe, where it is still increasing.”

Dr Adham Baba – Health Minister

When the simpleton Health Minister Adham prematurely concluded that Malaysia was out of the woods on March 19, the country already registered its first 3 deaths. His toxic mouth saw a subsequent spike in Coronavirus cases when 130 (March 20) and 153 (March 21) cases were reported. On March 22, there were 123 cases, but the death toll has since jumped to 10 people.


As of Sunday (March 22), Malaysia has 1,306 Covid-19 cases, out of which 62%, or 820 cases involved members from the Sri Petaling Mosque’s “Tabligh” group, which held its religious gathering at Masjid Jamek from February 28 and March 1. The massive rally was attended by an estimated 16,000 people, of which about 14,500 were Malaysians while the rest were foreigners from around the region.


Clearly, the health ministry had overlooked the fact that when 190 new cases popped on March 15, it was just the beginning. Even until today, the authorities have not managed to trace, let alone force all those religious fanatics involved in the “Tabligh” gathering to come forward so that they can be tested for the Coronavirus. Tons of people could have been infected since 3 weeks ago.

Coronavirus - Sri Petaling Masjid Jamek Mosque

The government also conveniently forgets that the number of cases actually depends on the number of testings or screenings. The more tests you carry out, the higher number of cases can be detected. Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah admitted that the country can only carry out 3,500 testings a day now. In comparison, South Korea can screen up to 20,000 people a day.


To make matters worse, when the clueless Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin declared a lockdown 6 days ago (March 16), the backdoor government had forgotten that such action would send people packing and traveling back to their respective hometown nationwide. The Higher Education Ministry then cleverly shut down all public and private universities, effectively chased all students out of campus.


By the time the education ministry realised their mistake and made a U-turn, it was too late as tens of thousands of students were crowded at transportation hubs, waiting to catch their buses and trains to go back “kampung (hometown)”. Had the Health Minister Adham Baba taken into consideration the sudden spread of Coronavirus from urban cities to rural area when he told all and sundry about his silly plateau?

Coronavirus - Malaysia Runs Out of Stock - Mask Sanitizer

On the contrary, the country has yet to see the worst of the pandemic. It’s one thing that ordinary folks are frustrated without access to basic protection like affordable face masks or sanitizers. It’s another thing that the country is being run by a battalion of incompetent, corrupt and clueless leaders like Adham Baba. You can bet your last dollar that the lockdown will be extended after March 31.


The supply chains are falling apart because Muhyddin government can’t differentiate between essential industries and its dependency on non-essential industries to ensure a smooth delivery system to the consumers. There will be suspicions, distrust and even chaos when food supply gets cut off because the backdoor government is incapable of handling a crisis of such magnitude.


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Anyone can point fingers based on a compilation of known.

What’s the solution?

Where is Muhyiddin. He seems to be in obscurity. His presence as PM is utmost require to be in the front to provide leadership and confidence. Instead we are seeing more of the clowns in Adham and ismail Sobri. The video of both in their stupidity is getting the rakyat on the edge. Another clown to join is fadillah who announce that it shud be only a single person or head of the household to purchase essentials. Most of the old folks needs at least their son or daughter to drive them out or if their children is working they need their spouse or someone beside to facilitate parking , emergency or whateve that twosome will help to elevate or speed up the purchase so that they can safely goes home. In such situation it is always advisable for old folks to stay home but if circumtances warant them to go out it has to be so and definitely it is always good that they have additional person to ensure and guide the safety. In a household it makes no differen if one or two is infected during MCO, for the household number of person is already there and constant. If the rule is in place we have to make sure that the Ministers and official VVIPs follow the guidelines and drive themselves alone without their driver’s, body guard , police out riders , mistresses and whosoever in their entourage. “Bikin serupa cakap”. The plateauing is seen by many as a lull b4 the storm. The recent recent gathering of religious activities both in Sri petaling and Penang Balik Pulau has yet to blown. The recent video viralling about foreigners still holding their private gatherings of prayers in construction sites are not comforting at all. PN is not administrating the country and it looks like rakyat are self managing on their own. What is going on ?????

Let’s say, there are 3 people in a household and they wish to go to the same supermarket to buy individual necessities, they either drive 3 cars or take 3 separate trips.

Imagine explaining in detail what sort of tampon or sanitary pad to someone who never uses one because only 1 person per car?

“Imagine explaining in detail what sort of tampon or sanitary pad to someone who never uses one because only 1 person per car?”


Imagine it can only be bloody-minded Malaysians thinking like that.

What’s so difficult with bringing along the packaging or wearing one to show the shop assistant?

Why are all your articles not dated?
How do we know when they are published?

They are dated – on top left

Joe Fernandez

“What’s the solution?”

Simple really.

Talk to doctors.

Real ones.

Not those half-baked bomohs called “doctors”.

With all due respect what has “religious fanatics” have to do with catching Covid-19. The virus could have easily spread at the Penang religious event that had 30,000 “devotees” who attended the Masi Magam Theppa Thirunal (Floating Chariot Festival) at the Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Temple in Teluk Bahang.

So lets just not get side track with all this labelling and avoid and mass gathering in general period.

“what has “religious fanatics” have to do with catching Covid-19”

Plenty, actually.

You’ve got to be a blooming fanatic to believe your “god” or deities have any power over the virus, if She or they have not created it in the first place.

If there is any divine power, how is it that many fanatical followers of any belief are also freaking nutters too, there’s nothing to make them followers slightly more intelligent, owat?!

Talking about “chariots”, how is it that some infused with divine power can skewer themselves without any apparent pain (lime helps…) – but cannot take a bullet?

Is it because they are not fanatical enough about their faith?

Same subject area, if anyone wants to talk about “faith” and walking on hot cinder, change the timing of the walk, and see.

And sprinkle the burning pit with water – and see.

Most of all, ask yourself why on earth would you want to walk on hot cinders, stick skewers on yourself, in the first place (and not take the bullet) when it does not prove “faith” or help you with the coronavirus.

I won’t just call those unfortunately ignorant just “religious fanatics”.

I would call them fcuking primitive cave-dwelling, tree-swinging monkeys too.

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