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Najib Supporters Instigated To Kill Chief Justice – Why All 5 Judges Must Deliver Guilty Verdict To Deter Royal Pardon

Will the people finally get to see the country’s biggest crook wear the iconic orange jumpsuit before the Christmas? Will the five-member bench Federal Court led by Tengku Maimun, the country’s first Chief Justice, unanimously upheld the guilty verdict on former Prime Minister Najib Razak? Will the police do anything if Najib refuses to go […]

... written on Aug 19 2022

8 Trading Tips You Will Want To Hear

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, there are always new things to learn about the markets. In this article, we will share with you 8 trading tips that we think will be particularly useful for traders of all levels. It’s always a good idea to brush up on your trading knowledge, so […]

... written on Aug 19 2022

The Last Station Ends Here – How Najib Top Lawyers Trapped And Outsmarted By First Woman Chief Justice

Since the 1988 Malaysia Constitutional Crisis (also known as the 1988 Judicial Crisis), which ended with the suspension and the eventual removal of Lord President of the Supreme Court Salleh Abas, the country’s judiciary system has become UMNO playground.  Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister who destroyed the system, then ruled with iron-fist without any check […]

... written on Aug 18 2022

A Strange Submarine Design – The West Worries Chinese Latest Stealth Attack Sub Could Strengthen Sea Blockade On Taiwan

Last month, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) formally commissioned a new submarine to be deployed to China’s East Sea Fleet. The sub has raised eyebrows due to its strange design – a distinctive new conning tower or sail. Instead of being streamlined to improve water flow like more designs, the Chinese new sub is […]

... written on Aug 17 2022

Prisoner-in-Waiting Najib In Deep Shit – Attack On Judge Nazlan Backfires, Federal Court Destroys All Delay Tactic

Malaysia’s Judicial system will be a laughing stock if former Prime Minister Najib Razak is acquitted in his final appeal in the Federal Court for corruption. All hell will break loose if the same judiciary later finds opposition figure Lim Guan Eng guilty of his current ongoing corruption trial. Can you imagine setting Najib free […]

... written on Aug 16 2022

Saudi Set To Humiliate Joe Biden Further With A Grandeur Welcome For Xi Jinping Next Week

When Joe Biden stepped on the Saudi soil last month (July 2022), the U.S. president knew he would receive a low-key reception. He had no choice but to visit the oil-rich kingdom. He can’t blame anyone except himself for a declaration of war against Saudi when he was a presidential candidate. Biden declared he was […]

... written on Aug 15 2022

Top-10 Questions For Najib To Prove He Was Not Involved In RM6 Billion LCS Warship Scandal

Najib Razak, the disgraced son of Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Abdul Razak, has started to panic over the scandal involving LCS (Littoral Combat Ship). After close to 10 years since the project took off, none of the six warships, worth a staggering RM9 billion, has been delivered. Worse, despite having paid RM6 billion, not a […]

... written on Aug 14 2022

6 Reasons You Should Hire A Compensation Lawyer After Getting Injured

Injuries are common and they can be caused by different things. For instance, you can get hurt at work, in a road accident, slip and fall, or even get bitten by a stray dog. An injury can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. It also takes a toll on your finances. If you are […]

... written on Aug 12 2022

Democracy & Autocracy – Does U.S. Really Care About The Taiwanese People Or Practise True Democracy?

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was raided by the FBI on Monday (Aug 8). About 30 heavily armed officers carried out the operation as if Trump was Chicago mobster Al-Capone. The stunning raid was related to the Justice Department’s inquiry about Trump’s handling of classified material. The timing of the raid has raised eyebrows as it […]

... written on Aug 11 2022

4 Things You Need To Know About Contractors’ Insurance

Whether you are a private contractor or the owner of a construction company, contractor’s insurance is absolutely essential. Without contractors’ insurance, you won’t be able to effectively protect yourself and your staff against the financial costs associated with accidents.   Workplace accidents can result in people having to take time off of work. Without contractors’ […]

... written on Aug 10 2022

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