Why The Hell Didn’t Crooks Najib And Rosmah Flee Instantly After They Lost The Election?

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May 15 2018
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Najib son of Razak could be spending his Christmas behind bars. The only question is whether his lovely wife Rosmah Mansor will follow him. His mentor, Mahathir Mohamad, had given him enough opportunities to repent, or at least to resign. Instead of taking the offer and quit with some dignity left like his predecessor Abdullah Badawi, Najib and Rosmah decided to fight till kingdom come.


Even if Mahathir wanted to let his protégé walk away a free man out of respect of his father, second Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein, it’s too late now. People are hungry for blood. Although they had overthrown the tyrant Najib, they’re not satisfied. Najib should be grateful that Malaysians aren’t Libyans, whom had hunted Muammar Gaddafi like an animal and executed him.


With Najib’s private residence at Jalan Langgak Duta, Taman Duta now cordoned off on both the entrance and exit point, he is as good as under house arrest. Chances are all his communications are being monitored by Special Branch too. It’s hard to imagine how he could escape to another country, not that any country likes to harbour a crook like him.

Najib and Rosmah Private House Cordoned Off by Police

Assuming Mahathir will keep his promise to be the prime minister for only 2 years, he has very little time to tie all the loose ends and send Najib into prison for a very long time. The only way Najib could walk away a free man is if the Agong (King) pardon him. But as long as Pakatan Harapan is in power, such opportunity is almost zero.


What goes around comes around. It would be quite entertaining to watch Anwar Ibrahim walks out of prison after being pardoned by the king but the same person who put him there is about to enter the prison. Perhaps that’s karma. So, the burning question is – why didn’t Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor flee immediately out of the country after they lost the election on May 9th?


There’s only one reason – Najib and Rosmah had never expected they could lose. Thanks to paid cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers who kept feeding false and fake news, the former prime minister and his gang of thieves were led to believe they were invincible. After all, 100% of foreign news media – from neighbouring Singapore to AFP – had expected Najib to win.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Raining Money

The worst case scenario was that the Barisan Nasional coalition, which had ruled for 61 years since independence, would lose popular votes but still win the 14th general election. The so-called reputable Merdeka Center had also predicted Barisan Nasional’s victory. The narcissist Najib, emboldened by such predictions, was incredibly confident his regime would win again.


How could he lose when the Election Commission had redrawn all the constituencies in his favour? How could he lose when the Election Commission was ready with boxes of phantom votes? How could he lose when the polling date was set on Wednesday, in the middle of the week, hence discouraged outstation and overseas voters from voting?


How could he lose when PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) had been bribed RM90 million to become the spoiler in three-cornered fights? How could he lose when people were given BR1M free cash? How could he lose when he had won by-elections and even the Sarawak state election in 2016 – elegantly? How could he lose when supporters flashed “I Love PM” at him?

Rosmah Mansor and Kim Kardashian

More importantly, short of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, Rosmah had engaged all the witch doctors and shaman she could get her hands on. By Rosmah’s daughter Azrene’s own admission, the former First Lady was so evil that she would use the perceived otherworldly powers of the mystics to cast spells, and wish evil upon those who crossed her.


The story of Rosmah using black magic isn’t new. Her business partner, carpet dealer Deepak Jaiskishan exposed about Auntie Rosy using such bizarre black magic rituals on opponents back in 2014. Perhaps that was how former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was brought down without a fight. Perhaps that explains why Najib hallucinates that Rosmah looks like Kim Kardashian (*grin*).


After 9 years under Rosmah’s protection, Najib believed his mentor-turned-rival Mahathir was a spent force and could be defeated quite easily. Unfortunately, Rosmah’s black magic didn’t work on Mahathir because according to Mr. Deepak, the 93-year-old man has his own protection, one which is many times more powerful than Auntie Rosy’s.

Deepak Jaikishan and Rosmah Mansor

Aside from the Election Commission, Najib thought the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysia Police were on his side. Obviously, he had underestimated Mahathir’s letter to armed forces. And he had certainly underestimated the power of Mahathir’s pre-recorded final campaign speech broadcasted on Facebook Live.


First, Sarawak Barisan Nasional lost 5 parliamentary seats that they should not have lost in the first place. Then, Sabah lost so many seats that the Election Commission couldn’t believe their eyes and requested for recount again and again. When Johor unofficial results showed coalition Barisan Nasional was game over, Najib was extremely panicked.


The force was not with Najib and Rosmah on May 9th. His lucky number didn’t work. Rosmah’s black magic had backfired. Both of them were speechless and didn’t know how to react. Although shocked, they were still in denial and believed the Election Commission would perform the world’s greatest magic show. It didn’t happen.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Madagascar Hippo Gloria and Zebra Marty

How could they fly out of the country when there was no jet ready with its engine running? How could they pack their treasure in such a short time? When Najib finally accepted the reality that he had lost, it was too late but he still wanted to try one last trick – misled the Agong (King) into believing that no party had the majority, therefore, the king can freely choose.


Najib had hoped the young and inexperienced king would start a constitutional crisis with Mahathir by refusing to swear-in the new prime minister, thus giving him enough time to negotiate with Anwar Ibrahim and buy some of opposition candidates to make up the numbers to form the federal government. Of course, as his mentor, Mahathir knew all the dirty tricks.


When everything failed, Najib and Rosmah finally decided to flee under the pretext of having a short holiday with family abroad. Again, Mahathir foiled their plan and ordered the crooks to be promoted to the no-fly list. Had the arrogant and over-confident couple prepared for the worst, they should have had fled to another country that has no extradition treaty with Malaysia. 

Najib and Rosmah could simply enjoy their life abroad while waiting for Mahathir to kick the bucket. Like self-imposed exile Thailand former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, they could engineer their return from abroad. Even if they have to wait for years, at least they can live luxuriously and not subject to humiliation of living with cockroaches in prison.


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