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The Stupid Act Of Converting A Hindu To Islam Could Backfire – Pulai By-Election Could Be Anwar’s Tanjung Piai

Narcissist Anwar Ibrahim was not impressed that all his hard work during the six state election political campaign had failed to swing the Malay heartland. The prime minister thought he was incredibly popular judging by the large crowd he drew wherever he went. He particularly loves to climb up from his car’s door to salute […]

... written on Aug 25 2023

Anwar Should Stop Wasting Time – Conservative Malays Love Dirty Water, Poverty, Racism, Extremism & Corruption

Anwar Ibrahim had been whining, moaning and bitching about the importance of good governance, political stability, economic growth, trustworthy leadership, anti-corruption and whatnot during his political rally in the just concluded six state elections. He spent most of his time in the rural Malay-majority areas, hoping to win their votes. As a result, he has […]

... written on Aug 15 2023

Azmin Desperately Wanted To Redeem Himself – But A Girl Is About To Slaughter The Traitor Today

If Selangor falls, it means the majority of the Malay community wanted a Taliban state. If Penang falls, it means the ethnic Chinese in the state deserved to be oppressed and bullied by the radical and extremist Perikatan Nasional for not going out to vote. If Negeri Sembilan falls, it means extremism and racism have […]

... written on Aug 12 2023

A Family Of Crooks – Muhyiddin Ordered Son-in-Law To Flee & Hide To Prevent Implicating Him

Muhyiddin Yassin’s disgraced son-in-law, Muhammad Adlan Berhan, appears to have fled the country in May. Instead of condemning the act, or at least pretend to ask his son-in-law to come back to prove his innocence in court, former backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin has instead issued a “no comment” statement. It’s not rocket science that Mr […]

... written on Aug 09 2023

Malaysia Snatched Tesla From Indonesia – How PM Anwar Convinced Elon Musk To Set Up HQ In The Country

Anwar Ibrahim has been telling everyone in the current six states election campaign about his success in getting electric vehicle company Tesla to set up its headquarters in Selangor, Malaysia. Of course, he did not bluff or lie, and there’s a reason why the prime minister was incredibly proud of his achievement. It will create […]

... written on Jul 31 2023

India Bans Rice Export Again – Why Global Food Security Could Get Ugly And Trigger Inflation

Accounting for more than 40% of the global rice trade, as well as the second-largest producer after China, India’s latest decision to ban the exports of non-basmati white rice with immediate effect (July 20) could trigger further inflation on global food markets. The move comes amid concerns that there could be a supply shortage in […]

... written on Jul 22 2023

Food Price To Spike Again – Russia Terminates Black Sea Grain Deal, Threatening Global Food Security

Russia has terminated a deal with Ukraine which allowed it to export grain through the Black Sea, potentially plunge the world into another round of food crisis. First inked in July 2022, the U.N.-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative enabled Ukraine to supply world markets with over 32 million tonnes of food products after Moscow invaded […]

... written on Jul 17 2023

Yellen Bows Repetitively – America Begging China To Buy $850 Billion Debt, But Beijing Has 5 Demands For The U.S.

Americans were stunned – and humiliated – when U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen bowed, not once, but repetitively, when she met Vice Premier He Lifeng during her visit to Beijing last week. Her Chinese counterpart was pleasantly surprised with her gesture that he appeared to backs away to give Yellen more room to “kowtow” and […]

... written on Jul 11 2023

Young Voters Beware!! – A Vote For Opposition PN Is A Vote To Ban Blackpink Concert & Other Entertainment

Malaysia will hold elections in six states on August 12 whilst the nomination day for candidates is on July 29. This means the Election Commission has allowed only 14-day campaign period. A whopping total of 245 assembly seats is up for grab in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan with more than 9.7 […]

... written on Jul 09 2023

China Finally Fights Back – Export Controls On Metals Critical In Chip Manufacturing Could Checkmate U.S. Tech War

Since Donald Trump launched his trade war in 2018 against China, there has been concern in the West that the Chinese government would retaliate. In the second phase of the trade war, the U.S. president banned Huawei with an executive order prohibiting U.S. companies from selling semiconductors to (or buying technological equipment from) the China’s […]

... written on Jul 05 2023

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