Crazy Services For The Rich That You May Not Know

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Jun 30 2013
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The Rich and Famous have very different and strange mentality from the average Joes-and-Janes. That’s normal considering they constitute the 1% of the population on planet Earth. Well, they got to be different animal from the rest of 99% otherwise how do you explain their ability to amass truckloads of fortune? Thanks to their different requirement from the common people, there’re actually huge opportunity to make your own wealth from them as well, if you can deliver their insane services and products. Here’re some of them.


1)  Fine Art Insurance

Rich and Famous - Fine Art Insurance SWAT Team

Forget about insurance. If the rich and famous can get back what they’ve lost from insurance companies, they would have think like the average you. “The area is flooded and riots are breaking out. We need you to send a SWAT-like team to helicopter in and fly our assets out of the area and into a safer place” – can you deliver this kind of insurance? If you’re able to provide such service, then you can make tons of money from these wealthy men and women.



2)  Crestron Security System

Crestron Security System

Get real – most celebrities and super rich people are typically, well, lazy and would like to have everything packed into a remote control. Actually, they all have their own “house managers” but that still doesn’t beat a dedicated hardware which they can control anytime they like. Most of them have a system called Crestron in their homes where they control everything from music to temperature to the alarm system from an iPad-type device.



3)  Night Nannies

Rich and Famous - Night Nannies

In addition to having a daytime nanny, when a celebrities have a baby, they almost always hire a woman to come in the evenings and spend the night taking care of the infant. If the celebrity mom is breastfeeding, the night nanny will come wake up the celeb at regular intervals, then when the feeding is over, take the baby and soothe it back to sleep. It makes the whole newborn experience way easier than it is for us normals. There are a handful of night nannies that everyone uses, and they make serious money.



4)  Doctor House Calls

Rich and Famous - Doctor House Call

As a doctor, we do house calls for very wealthy patrons of the hospital. We can set up a whole hospital suite in the comfort of your personal mansion, with private nurses and staff. It gives you optimal care, prevents HAIs (healthcare-associated-infections), and gives you much more dignity when dying. Plus the food is ten times better when your private chef is making it. This is the exact advertisement to the rich if you wish to tender your service to them.



5)  Art of Leveraging

Rich and Famous - Leveraging Ambulance

In Russia, rich people were using ambulances as taxis so they could get through traffic quickly. It got so bad that cops have started pulling over ambulances to see if the people are actually injured or sick in an attempt to curb this practice. Basically the rich were paying a bribe to enable them to pretty much do whatever they wanted. This is called the art of leveraging (on public utilities *grin*). In fact, this is normal in Malaysia – ambulance’s siren suddenly yelling at you at traffic jam area only to be shut off after the vehicle found a smooth traffic.



6)  A Family Office

Rich and Famous - Family Office

A family office is essentially an all-purpose financial hub just for you that includes the services of accountants, financial planners, investment managers, tax lawyers, personal lawyers, insurance professionals, concierge staff and whatnot that cater to all your financial needs. They can vary from a staff of 4-6 people to in the hundreds depending on the size of your wealth and family and complexity of needs (Middle East tycoons normally have this). They’re the ones who manage your portfolio, deal with banks, IRS and whatnot  so that you can spend more time enjoying your life.


Usually one or two people from the office liaise with you directly and note down your needs. They maintain a small cash reserve of US$50,000 – US$500,000 that you use for everyday expenses. If you want to make a larger purchase (supercar, yacht, jet, house, etc) they’ll work with you to free up the liquidity you need from your investments and advise you on making the purchases. Sometimes they even shop for you and price haggle for you. They’re usually paid off some percentage of your family assets (so it’s in their interest to grow these assets), and domiciled in Switzerland or Caymans.



7)  (Don’t Laugh) Prostitute Liaison Manager

Rich and Famous - Prostitute Liaison Manager

This may sound absurd to some of you but it’s true. A person works on a superyacht (£350million) for a playboy billionaire and part of his job is to get rid of the passed out hookers every morning and take them back to shore, then line up the next flock. Like a “Hooker Liason Manager” of sorts. Once, he took him out on a fishing trip and the guy insisted on using use lobster and beluga caviar as bait. Well, you may argue that it’s like calling janitors “Sanitary Technicians”, but if it pays as well fund managers, who cares, right?



8)  Prima Cinema Services

Private Cinema - PRIMA CinemaPrivate Cinema - PRIMA Cinema

Ask yourself this – when was the last time you saw Bill Gates or PM Najib’s son at cinema? The wealthy watches new release movies at home, the same day they open in theaters. At $35,000 for the player and a whopping US$500 (US$600 for 3D) for each movie, this product and service are not (yet) for the average-Joe movie-goer. PRIMA Cinema, a U.S. corporation with offices in Los Angeles and Carlsbad, California. provides players that outputs movies over HDMI, and will interface directly with practically all modern video projectors & HDTVs and audio receivers & processors. Films are automatically delivered over high speed broadband Internet connection to the PRIMA Cinema Player



9) Full Service Travel Agent

Rich and Famous - Full Service Travel Agent

The job – books flights and hotels and arranges visas. Also handles money for you (when you travel to another country). Got a problem? Don’t call the airline or hotel, call the agent. She’ll fix it or get fired. No pleading or arguing or grandfather excuses. Most of the time the wealthy like to show off their fortune so this agent has to take care of all their needs, be it fancy cars, casinos, specific clubbing places and whatnot during their stay in another country. And don’t forget the pet’s favourite food too.



10)  AMEX Platinum and Black Card Concierge

Rich and Famous - AMEX Platinum and Black Card Concierge

One of the common places to hear spectacular stories about the rich’s strange demand about products and services can be found at none other than card centers. Here’s one of them – working as a concierge for Amex platinum and black cards’ inbound call center, this person received some insane requests. As privilege customers, Amex would do absolutely ANYTHING the customer wanted as long as it was legal. You’d be amazed how many thousands of ricj people don’t buy tickets themselves, don’t plan their own weddings/engagements, doctors appointments, arrangements to pick their kids up from ballet/school/random location and so on.


As strange as it sounds, these Amex cardholders would not blink twice calling a stranger, in another country, and trusting them to arrange a decent company, using another strangers resourses to pick up their kids and then bring them home. Insane? It happens.


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