Rebuild Teeth With £10 Toothpaste, Here’s The Catch …

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May 15 2014
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Were you fascinated by the movie Elysium particularly the part where people don’t get sick because they (the rich people, to be precise) can always slip into a pod-machine to get their cells regenerated? It can even rebuild the face of the bad guy (Agent Kruger), whose face was blown off beyond recognition, within seconds like magic.


Yeah, the technology was exaggerated but the cells regeneration concept is here, literally speaking. Unilever has unveiled a new toothpaste and serum it claims can regenerate 82% of tooth enamel after just three days of use. The price – a mere £10 (US$16.70 or RM53.90). This may sound ridiculously pricey for a tube of toothpaste but not to Hollywood or Bollywood stars who need a good smile.

Unilever Toothpaste Rebuild Teeth

The technology is called Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste – a fancy formula of using calcium silicate and sodium phosphate to re-builds a new layer of white enamel on the teeth. Apparently the formula helps by forming a fresh supply of minerals which wrap and integrate into the surface of the teeth.


Calcium silicate (chemical compound Ca2SiO4) is white powder derived from limestone and is used in roads, insulation, table salt, roof tiles, cement. Sodium phosphate is a term for a variety of salts (Na+) and phosphate (PO43-), used in processed food to control acid levels and help soften bread. Sodium phosphates are popular in commerce because they are inexpensive and nontoxic.

Contractor Whitening Teeth

In layman term, or rather construction term, it works like how your construction workers re-plaster your wall or ceiling – filling any microscopic holes caused by sugary foods and fizzy drinks, to produce a smooth and strong finish. Unilever also claims it can restore teeth to their original whiteness – caused primarily by acid attacks and enamel erosion – while strengthening them by a factor of 3 times.


The erosion is an ongoing process that happens to everyone who consumes common items such as fruit, vegetables, juices, carbonated drinks, wine and whatnot. So, the next time your mommy warns you about teeth erosion caused by carbonated drinks alone, tell her that cows teeth are equally yellowish although they didn’t take Coke or Soda (*grin*).

Hollywood - White Teeth

Unilever launched the product yesterday at Selfridges and will be made available throughout Boots chain from June 11. But here’s a little catch. Unilever says the technology requires the use of a ‘Boosting Serum’ treatment, which costs another £30 (US$50.20 or RM162), once a month and is applied using two custom-fit mouth trays.


However, it’s not an easy task for Unilever to increase its profit in the global market which is worth about £8 billion (US$13.4 billion or RM43 billion) annually. Rival products such as Sensodyne toothpaste costing £4.50 (US$7.50 or RM24.30), claims to be able to do the same task – repairing vulnerable areas of tooth enamel with a formula that includes calcium and phosphate.

Whitening Teeth

Now, why is the state of a person’s teeth so freaking important? Like it or not, studies show that you have a better chance of getting a job by having a set of sparkling perfect teeth, as compare to your education qualification (*wink-wink*). So, if you’ve hard time landing yourself on a job, blame it on your teeth, if you’re not already overweight.


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Where will this product be sold? Sensodyne’s Repair & Protect contains similar ingredients, but it’s only available in the U.K. The U.S. version contains stannous fluoride instead (which doesn’t do anything special).

The American Dental Association (which consists of dentists) urged the FDA not to allow a toothpaste that has been proven to rebuild tooth enamel. Why? Because it would cause dentists to lose money.

For the time being, this product is only available throughout Boots chain in UK, Justin …

As for Sensodyne’s Repair & Protect, you can actually get it from Amazon, if you couldn’t find it in U.S.

Yeah, dentists around the world hate toothpaste that can rebuild tooth enamel, that’s why they charge a bomb when you step into their clinics …

Cheers …

I tried Regenerate while in London and It Works! It works better than my twice yearly flouride treatments, ongoing for at least 10 years, and hundreds of tubes of Sensodyne. I’ve also given up lemon in my tea and water, cut back dramatically on soda and iced tea.
It worked in less ten three days!!! And I will gladly continue to order for as long as I need to.

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