Here’s How You Charge Your Devices In Half The Time

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May 09 2014
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Do you have a great idea but lack of funding to make it a reality? It’s true that getting a funding is a bitch, especially if you’re in a country that practices cronyism and racism. The worst part – you don’t get to own your intellectual property. Such environment does not promote creative thinking, let alone design and innovative creation.

DouBBleTime - Minsoo and Emily

[ Emily and Minsoo ]

Now, if you’ve a brilliant idea on how to save the world (but lack funding), you should check out Kickstarter, as founders of DouBBleTime, Minsoo and Emily Seo found out. As of time this article is being drafted, their project managed to attract US$65,092 with 13 days to go before the project expires on May 22, 2014. That was 325% exceeded the fund required to make a USB charging cable.


The funding from the public, hence crowd-funding, attracted 2,323 backers. Named DouBBleTime, the USB charging cable can charge your smartphone battery about half the time it requires using the normal cable you’re using now. Now, that’s a great news to people who always need to use power-hungry GPS or 3G network on their iPhone or Android phone.

DouBBleTime - Cable

The concept is pretty simple. A regular USB cable is made to communicate and to act as power supply between your USB and your device (smartphone or tablet). In another words, the charging process actually performs two tasks – to sync and charge at the same time. This is the main reason why charging is so slow. This is also the reason why the trick to speed up charging is to put your smartphone on “Airplane Mode”.

DouBBleTime - half time to charge

The solution – DouBBleTime USB charging cable with a “switch” that enables “charge” only feature. A simple yet ingenious special chip inside the switch talks to your computer saying, ‘I’m not a phone; I’m not going to sync, so give me freaking maximum charging energy.

DouBBleTime - normal charging process

DouBBleTime - the extra switch

DouBBleTime - normal charging devices

This message allows the cable to bypass the capped out maximum power a USB can output and connect straight to the mainboard. The special chip also provides over current protection (OCP) and short circuit protection, which guarantees the safety of both your computer and device while charging.

DouBBleTime - USB chargin cable with switch 2

An added bonus of DouBBleTime USB charging cable – it protects your personal and private data stored on your devices by blocking data connection. When DouBBleTime mode is turned ON, the cable prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a foreign charge source. So, the switch gives you the flexibility whether to charge the regular way or the express way.

DouBBleTime - USB chargin cable with switch

During the test, DouBBleTime perform superbly, by reducing time to charge Samsung Galaxy S4 by more than half, while scores a 60% improvement charging iPhone 5S. Yes, the 40″ long cable supports both Apple and Android devices. And since it uses MFi approved components, you’ll not receive messages such as “This accessory is not certified”.

DouBBleTime - Test ResultsDouBBleTime - Compatibility

DouBBleTime USB cable is equivalent to turbo-charged engine you’ve in your Volkswagen. Delivery estimation is July 2014 and the cost of this cable is US$18 each. Remember to add US$5 to ship outside of US. For US$35, you’ll get two (2) DouBBleTime Charging Cables – just choose between Lightning or Micro USB.


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Where I can buy DouBBleTime, USB charger cable in China ?

Sorry SP, the US$18 is all GONE …

The next would be US$20 (excluding shipping):


You can also choose US$35 for 2 cables, or US$65 for 4 cables …

Cheers …

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