Here’s How To Tell If You’re A Samsung or Apple Fan

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Mar 20 2013
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Samsung and Apple are the two dominant players in the smartphone market and most likely will stay that way for some years to come. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT, stock) and Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) tried to amaze us with their phones but so far they fails miserably, though Google’s Android is super successful. Blackberry is struggling while Nokia is collapsing. The gap between Samsung-Apple and the rest of the players can only get worse, while the neck to neck competition between Samsung and Apple will see a warfare not only confined in the software and hardware superiority but also in area such as marketing and whatnot.


Just days after the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple wasted no time unleashing new advertisement campaign that highlights why people love (and hopefully continues to love) their iPhones. Heck, Apple has even dedicated a “Why iPhone” webpage hoping to lock-in existing customers, apparently terrified at the rate Samsung is winning over its once loyal customers. With the latest revelation that Samsung Galaxy S4 is actually “twice” as fast as the Apple’s iPhone5 and Samsung is working on its’ own version of smartwatch to challenge its rival, the Korean giant is sending shivers into Apple’s spine.


It’s no longer about technology and features but rather peoples’ mentality and psychology warfare. Former Apple advertising guru, the person behind Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, comments that Apple has lost its way with its advertisement. Samsung’s advertisement is cooler and funnier than Apple’s boring messages. Likester, a company that tracks over 1.2 billion Facebook Likes, reveals some interesting relationships between Samsung or Apple fans and their preference, something which is invaluable to marketing department. So, what does Samsung and Apple fans have in common or how different are these two animals?


[ 1 ] Apple has battalions of Brazilian fans – mostly men

Brazil loves Apple Most of Brazilian fanatic fans are men (62%) and they love music more than anything else (even sex *grin*). There’s a whopping 8.85 million fans.



[ 2 ] Samsung fans are mostly American female

American Females Love Samsung Out of 22.73 million Samsung fans who like Samsung USA page are female – 51%.



[ 3 ] Apple fans love Coca-Cola

Apple Fans Love Coca Cola It’s interesting to note that out of 61.33 million likes on Coca-Cola, 12,582 came from Apple users



[ 4 ] Samsung fans love Starbucks

Samsung Fans Love Starbucks Majority of Samsung customers love Starbucks – an overlap of 17,649 likes



[ 5 ] Apple fans’ favourite TV show – The Simpsons

Apple Fans Love Simpsons

The Simpsons has a total 62.23 million likes and the overlap between Apple and The SImpsons is 13,590 likes



[ 6 ] Samsung fans favourite TV show – Family Guy

Fans Love Family Guy Out of 51.42 million likes on Facebook for Family Guy, there’re 21,855 likes from Samsung users. Actually there’re also 16,274 likes from Samsung users for The Simpsons.



[ 7 ] Apple fans love Adele

Apple Fans Love Adele Adele has 39.81 million Facebook likes – 11,891 are Apple users



[ 8 ] Samsung fans love Eminem

Samsung Fans Love Eminem Eminem has a total of 67.40 million Facebook likes, with 21,094 likes came from Samsung like users



[ 9 ] Apple fans are huge Harry Potter fan

Apple Fans Love Harry Potter The “Harry Potter” movie has a staggering 60 million likes and if they’re cross-referenced, 7,678 of them also likes Apple.



[ 10 ] Samsung fans like Toy Story

Samsung Fans Love Toy Story Overlap between Samsung like fans and Toy Story’s likes are 12,021.



[ 11 ] Apple fans do not like discount stores

Apple Fans Don't Like Discount Stores When the Facebook like was being mapped on retail stores, Apple fans do not really fancy discount stores such as Walmart or Amazon



[ 12 ] Samsung fans really love Walmart

Samsung Fans Love Walmart In contrary, out of 27.57 million likes on Walmart Facebook, a cool 26,495 Samsung users love the discount store.



[ 13 ] Apple fans actually love Mr Bean

Apple Fans Love Mr Bean British infamous comedian, Mr Bean, has a whopping 37.92 million likes on his Facebook. People who like both Apple and Mr Bean – 3,903.



[ 14 ] Samsung people love Nicki Minaj

Samsung Fans Love Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj has over 28 million likes on her Facebook and the overlap from Samsung likes are 15,025.


Now, surprisingly Samsung fans actually like Apple’s own iTunes more than Apple fans. Out of 25.55 million likes on iTunes Facebook, overlap from Samsung users are 14,897 while only 6,169 are from Apple consumers. But what are the common characteristics from both Apple and Samsung diehard fans? They all love Victoria’s Secret clothing, for obvious reason (*grin*).

Apple and Samsung Fans Love Victoria Secret

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