50 Cool Signatures Of World’s Rich & Famous People

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Jun 28 2014
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Your signature is unique and central to your identity. Signature is such a powerful symbol representing your life that some fortune tellers would tell you to change your signature style if you want to gain success or fame.  One of the most awesome signatures was of John Hancock – the “k” in his signature on the  US Declaration of Independence actually loops back to underline his name.


It is often said that one’s signature reflects how one behaves in public and how he handles himself. And when a person change his / her signature, the characteristic changes as well. In 1791 when Napolean Bonarparte was a young sub-lieutenant, his signature was clear and legible – strong but not pretentious. At the height of his power, his signature was abbreviated but written with fierce strokes and heavy pressure.

50 Rich & Famous People Signatures - Mixture

Tycoon Donald Trump’s signature comprised of straight lines and loops. But Trump favours straight lines and does away with curves or loops. The straight line represents the capacity to be single-minded, undeterred by obstacles. A person with an affinity for the straight line is linear, analytical, driven and focused. His signature doesn’t have roundedness – he’s not an emotional or soft person.


Former U.S. President Harry Truman once said –  “I don’t give people hell. I tell them the truth and they think they are in hell.” In Truman’s signature, straight lines balanced by ample roundedness implies him with critical thinking skills; at the same time tempered by emotional sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Without enough roundedness, Truman may be as ruthlessas Trump (*grin*).

50 Rich & Famous People Signatures - Summary

Signature tells very much about a person’s passion and you can relate their skills back to the signature. Look at Pablo Picasso’s signature, which looks precisely like an art itself. Sergey Brin’s signature looks very much like a lazy school boy’s writing but he’s one of the richest person alive. Steve Jobs was a person who treasure perfections. Mozart’s signature had given away about how talented he was in music.


Here’re 50 signatures of the rich and famous, which we think are really cool and creative, not to mention its beauty and possible hidden secrets, such as that of Marilyn Monroe’s.


George Washington



John Hancock



Abraham Lincoln



John F Kennedy



Barack Obama



Hillary Clinton




Martin Luther King



Winston Churchill



Harry Truman



Mahatma Gandhi



Muhammad Ali Jinnah



Adolf Hitler



Napolean Bonarparte



Fidel Castro






Hugo Chavez

 50 Rich & Famous People Signatures - Leader Politicians

Queen Elizabeth I




Queen Elizabeth II



Princess Diana



Pope John Paul II



John D. Rockefeller



Warren Buffett



JK Rowling



Donald Trump



Steve Jobs



Bill Gates



Jeff Bezos



Sergey Brin



Mark Zuckerberg

 50 Rich & Famous People Signatures - Royal, Rich, Tech Tycoon





Leonardo da Vinci






Pablo Picasso



William Shakespear






Harry Houdini



Niel Armstrong



Yuri Gagarin



Albert Einstein



Clint Eastwood



Bruce Lee



Mel Gibson




Marilyn Monroe



Muhammad Ali



Diego Maradona



Walt Disney



Charlie Chaplin



John Lennon



Elvis Presley




Michael Jackson

 50 Rich & Famous People Signatures - Genius, Actor, Actress, Musicians, Singer

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THe top 5 in my opinion is
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#2 john hancock
#3 Marilyn manson
#4 clint eastwood
#5 neil armstrong

The top 6 in my opinion is
Michael jackson
Queen Elizabeth
Bill gates
Bruce lee


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[…] 50 Cool signature of world rich:海外のサインのサンプルサイト。アメリカ大統領を始め、政治家、皇室、歴史上の人物自分など、様々な人のサインが見れます。 […]

[…] 50 Cool signature of world rich:海外のサインのサンプルサイト。アメリカ大統領を始め、政治家、皇室、歴史上の人物自分など、様々な人のサインが見れます。 […]

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