Osama’s Real Killing Story – The Biggest Lie From President Obama?

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May 12 2015
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Four years ago, the notorious terrorist supremo – Osama bin Laden – was killed by United States SEAL teams. The supposedly 40-minute helicopter assault mission on a fortified compound of a US$1 million “mansion” outside of Abbottabad, about an hour’s drive (50 km) from Islamabad, Pakistan, was reportedly not known to the Pakistani government. Sweet – let the barbarian rot in hell.

Osama bin Laden - al-Qaida Leader

As fast as Osama was killed, he was buried at sea equally quick. Needless to say, Obama was quick to take the credit when he announced to the whole world how his administration had successfully terminated the badass. Americans took to the street celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden as if it was Christmas. A chapter in the brutal 9/11 terrorist attack was closed. But was that the true story?


On Sunday, author Seymour M. Hersh dropped a bombshell. Seymour, one of the giants of investigative journalism, accuses Obama of rushing to take credit for the killing of Osama, forcing the U.S. military and intelligence communities to scramble and then corroborate the president’s version of events. Hersh’s article in the “London Review of Books” exposed that both U.S. and Pakistani officials were fully conversant about Osama whereabouts.

Osama bin Laden Killing New Story - Seymour Hersh

Apparently, Hersh’s anonymous source – a “retired senior intelligence official” –  alleged that the Pakistani government had an active role in approving and implementing the raid on bin Laden’s compound. In fact, the source claims that the Obama administration originally agreed to announce bin Laden had been killed in a drone strike, rather than shot during an active Special Forces mission.


The revelation also established how White House lied that Pakistan’s two most senior military leaders – General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani (chief of the army staff) and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha (director general of the ISI) – were never informed of the U.S. mission. And contrary to stories about how dangerous the mission was to the U.S. SEAL, Hersh claims Pakistan’s military had actually been holding Osama prisoner for 5-years already.

Osama bin Laden Killing - General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha who knew of the raid in advance had made sure that the two helicopters delivering the SEALS to Abbottabad could cross Pakistani airspace without triggering any alarms, the allegation continues. CIA had learnt of Osama’s whereabouts from a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer who betrayed the secret in return for a US$25 million reward, not by tracking his couriers.


And what happens to the informant? He and his family were smuggled out of Pakistan and relocated in the Washington area. He is now a consultant for the CIA. So, it was simply a mission of putting Osama as a sitting duck for the SEAL to fly in to the compound on a night raid, and finish him off. An officer from Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence agency ISI also allegedly accompanied the SEALs on the raid and showed them around the Abbottabad compound.

Osama bin Laden Killing - General Ahmed Shuja Pasha

But how did Pakistan ISI knew and had let Osama bin Laden lived there undetected from 2001 to 2006? Apparently, the ISI got to him by paying some of the local tribal people to betray him. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha explained to America (later) that the primary reason they kept Osama alive and close to them was because “We needed a hostage to keep tabs on al-Qaida and the Taliban”.


So, the Pakistan military was also smart in using bin Laden as leverage against Taliban and al-Qaida activities inside Afghanistan and Pakistan. They deliberately let the Taliban and al-Qaida leadership know that if they ran operations that clashed with the interests of the ISI, they would turn Osama bin Laden over to the America.

Osama bin Laden Killing - White House Operation Room

Eventually, Pakistan military had agreed to assist CIA because they needed American military aid badly. Prior to the raid, the US had begun to cut back on aid to Pakistan. The provision of 18 new F-16 fighter aircraft was delayed, and under-the-table cash payments to senior leaders of ISI were suspended. CIA also used a little blackmail – threatening to tell the world that Pakistan was protecting Osama.


However, in his rush to go public immediately with news of bin Laden’s death, Obama had angered many Pakistan senior military officials. The agreement was that the killing of bin Laden would not be made public for as long as 7-days, maybe longer. It was understood by all that if the Pakistani role became known, there would be violent protests because bin Laden was considered a hero by many Pakistanis.

Osama bin Laden Killing - Obama Announcement

But Obama needed the publicity desperately for his second term. Still, that was not the best part. Hersh’s version of the story also reveals how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been financing bin Laden’s upkeep since his seizure by the Pakistanis. Saudi  didn’t want Osama bin Laden’s presence revealed to America because it would lead to exposure about how the kingdom had been funding the terrorist group – al-Qaida.


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