Hilarious Video That Humiliates Kim Jong-un. Reports To China But It’s Too Funny To Erase

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Jul 22 2014
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He is the most powerful and fearful person in North Korea. He also has the most innovative hair style money can buy in this century, so much so that he encourages his people to imitate his fashion. And his people would cry as if it was the end of the world whenever they get to meet or touch him. But North Kim Jong-un is a lousy dancer, if a video created by a Chinese student is any indicator.


The 3-minute was superimposed with the main actor, Kim Jong-un, President Obama, Osama bin Laden, Vladimir Putin, United Nation’s Ban Ki Mon and Japanese Shinzo Abe. In the video, apparently Kim Jong-un starts as a maintenance worker and while tidying fields, he drops his rake and burst into a dance – with all the hilarious twisting, break-dancing, backwards rolling and whatnot.

Funny Hilarious Video - Kim Jong-un Dancing

Funny Hilarious Video - Kim Jong-un Dancing Pants Drop

Then, he tried the trademark Michael Jackson, obviously imitated by a Chinese-wannabe in China, only to have his pants dropped. He also happily dance with his father and grandfather. When you thought it was all about Kim Jong-un showing off alone, President Obama appears and dances along before giving Kim a kick – a message of how the superpower bullies the small nation North Korea.

Funny Hilarious Video - Kim Jong-un Dancing with Osama bin Laden

Kim also seems to like ballet dance. At one scene, Jong-un also dances with Osama bin Laden, holding hand-in-hand, like a pair of lovers (*grin*). Of course there’re many scenes where Kim Jong-un fights with Japan’s Abe, but as expected, President Obama would flies in kicking Kim’s butt, clearly demonstrate how United States protects Japan in the real geo-political climate.



Obama and Vladimir Putin was also depicted as enemies in a taekwondo fight, refereed by Ban Ki Mon, but they never really beat each other but rather jumping around – United States and Russia will not go to war at each other. Of course, Kim is also a lousy golf player, not to mention a person who loves beautiful woman. In an arm-wrestling with a babe, the North Korean dictator lost because he was busy “admiring” her cleavage (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Funny Hilarious Video - Obama vs Putin Taekwondo

While queuing for an ATM machine, naughty President Obama who is behind Kim slaps a woman’s butt, only for the poor Kim to get the blame, and a slap. Needless to day, Jong-un chases the hell out of Obama. The climax shows Kim riding a pig and this is perhaps the scene which North Korea couldn’t take and asked China to stop the spread of the humiliating video – China says they’re powerless.

Funny Hilarious Video - Kim Jong-un Lost Arm Wrestling Looking at Cleavage

But we believe the China government (and to certain stage, North Korean government officials) enjoys the video clip as much as we do. Take this funny video with a pinch of salt. Besides, laughter is the best medicine.

Funny Hilarious Video - Kim Jong-un Slapped by Woman at ATM Machine

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