So, They’re Spinning A New Tale: RM2.62 Billion For Fighting Terror?

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Aug 05 2015
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The lazy but arrogant UMNO thought a “donation” would be a jolly good justification to close the explosive RM2.62 billion scandal, once and for all. After all, the RM534.8 million Scorpene submarine scandals were “kautim” (settled) by slapping a “commission” sticker on it. Furthermore, every single government in the world takes donations.


Unfortunately, judging from the social media users’ reactions, the “donation” magic word doesn’t seem to be able to satisfy the increasingly smart and knowledgeable Malaysians. Not only the youngsters couldn’t accept it, even the old birds were shaking their head in disbelief at “mamak” stalls.

Arab Donate Money To Najib - 1Malaysia and Love Najeeb

Najib administration and pro-Najib bloggers have been whining, crying and bitching that people will never believe anything the government says, no matter what. How come? That’s because UMNO has been lying for more than 50-years before the emergence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.


Worse, they continue lying even “after” Facebook was founded more than 10-years ago. You can only cry wolf for so long; anything extra would be credited as insults to peoples’ intelligence. Do we need to mention how horribly written the scripts were by the present administration? Surely they can get some better scriptwriters with RM2.62 billion in donation, no?

1MDB Scandal - How Najib Got Into Trouble From Mahathir - Comic 4

When exposed, they claimed 1MDB was profitable because their assets were more than liabilities. Amusingly, they couldn’t pay their interests. When the RM42 billion debt crisis got too hot, they told all and sundry money had been repatriated from Cayman Islands to a Singapore bank – in CASH. Soon, they admitted there isn’t any cash but merely “units”.


Till today, nobody knows if these “units” do worth anything at all, or could at least be redeemable for cups of coffee at petrol stations. After the Wall Street Journal dropped the RM2.62 billion (US$696 million) bombshell, Emperor Najib couldn’t care less about offering any logical explanations. After arrested and sacked some top investigation officers, they conveniently say the money was from some donors.

1MDB Scandal vs USD-Ringgit Currency Collapse

So, if the RM2.62 billion wasn’t siphoned from 1MDB, that literally means the RM42 billion debt is still an open problem. Sensing the “donation” excuse without revealing the actual generous donors isn’t enough to shut off the public, it seems pro-Najib bloggers are trying to spin another fairytale – that the RM2.62 billion was from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia for “war on terror.”


Now do you understand why even the bad guy Jho Low has accused UMNO leaders as “spin master”? And what are the reasons to justify this new story? Apparently, Prime Minister Najib Razak had made a few trips to Saudi Arabia and had private audience with the Saudi King. In short, the wealthy Saudi government had given Najib a whopping RM2.62 billion to fight terrorists.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked - Najib Razak Praised ISIS

Will this new script make its way to the UMNO’s propaganda department for public consumption? If it does, then it would be interesting to read how the war between 191 million Sunni vs. 121 million Shia in the Middle East makes its way from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia. So, would the story be Saudi sponsoring Malaysia on war against Shia Muslim?


If Najib had accepted the RM2.62 billion from Saudi to fight Shia Muslim, then Malaysia is declaring war on Iran, Iraq and Yemen, technically speaking. Why would Saudi dump US$696 million into Najib’s pocket when the Shia’s influence is negligible in Malaysia? Why would Najib take the risk of offending Shia Muslim?

Sunni vs Shia Muslim - Pulling A Rope

Or should the story be spined as such that Saudi sponsors Malaysia on war against terrorists instead? But what type of terrorists has Najib committed to fight? Would it be terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda? But this would be busted simply because Saudi itself has been sponsoring billions of dollars for terror groups including Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.


United States knew this and Saudi knew the America knew it. Actually, many believe Saudi Arabia had funded the 9/11 attacks, and their involvement was deliberately covered up by then Bush and now Obama administrations, to protect US-Saudi relations. Behind the scene, the Saudi Arabia and the United States of America are no longer best friends today.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

The friendship had actually ended in 1973, the year when U.S. military supported Israel in its war with Egypt and Syria. That’s why Obama administration is sucking up to Iran now because Saudi wanted nuclear weapon to which America refuses. So, cry baby Saudi went to Russia to suck Putin’s toe instead.


War on terror is a complicated matter and you need Steven Spielberg’s help on the storylines. If Najib’s propaganda unit couldn’t even spin a good story on money transferred from Cayman Islands to a Singapore bank, what are the chances that a RM2.62 billion donation for a war on terror fairytale could be a profitable blockbuster?

1MDB Scandal - How Prime Minister Najib Razak Becomes Billionaire

Hmm, what about Saudi donated the huge amount of money so that Emperor Najib can build a nuclear reactor? Ahh, that would be another delicious and juicy fairytale to justify RM2.62 billion in donation. But that would be another article for another day.


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We can whine, scream, shot,yell….. till our faces turn blue, but just look at our history, has any minister EVER been put on trial, and let’s forget about being jailed for corruption here? Call me a cynic, nothing will happen……… life will just go on tomorrow…….

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