Cleared & Innocent!! Now The World Must Apologise To PM Najib

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Aug 04 2015
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Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has declared the RM2.62 billion in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s private account as a “donation”. Is there anyone out there who thought there would be any other outcome from MACC after offices of MACC, Attorney General’s Chambers, Bank Negara (Central Bank) were raided by a “new set” of people from Special Branch?

MACC Declares Najib Billion Dollars A Donation - Talking to Cat

In fact (*yawn*), do we really need to write another article on the 1MDB scandal? Let’s see. Now that MACC has confirmed RM2.62 billion was indeed in Najib’s private account, we suppose the Wall Street Journal, The Edge and Sarawak Report were right from the beginning and “never” lied at all. So, should Najib apologise to them?


Wait a minute, if Najib had RM2.62 billion in his account and the WSJ didn’t lie, what the heck were the prime minister’s top lawyers doing in the U.S. exploring ways to sue WSJ? And why did the top brains issue letter to Dow Jones seeking clarification as if the Malaysian lawyers didn’t understand plain and simple English?

New Discovery - Chemical Compounds Najibium and Mazlanium

One of Najib’s top brains – Ahmad Mazlan with his proud 3.85 CGPA – had said no one would be so bloody stupid to put RM2.62 billion in their personal accounts. We suppose there’re two such dumb after all (including his boss Najib) on planet Earth. NASA, forget about Kepler-452b, because we’ve found two extremely rare chemical compounds – Mazlanium (A3M8O5) and Najibium (N2R6O2).


We suppose Najib administration is still researching on this question: why close the private account if it was meant to receive donations? Here’s our suggestion: to reduce Ambank administration cost and probably to help save the forest by reducing usage of papers printing monthly billing statement. Marvellous!!

1MDB Scandal - How Prime Minister Najib Razak Becomes Billionaire

So why 1MDB money was stuck in Singapore and couldn’t be brought back to the country, which later revealed to be in “units” and not in U.S. dollar? The worst part was some documents were forged and there was actually no money in the Singapore’s bank. Okay, got it, that was about 1MDB and Najib’s private RM2.62 billion has nothing to do with it.


But who were the Middle East donors (assuming there were more than one) who generously gave away RM2.62 billion (US$696 million) without any string attached to the Prime Minister of Malaysia? The public is eager to know because this is super-duper extraordinary, considering no Arab chaps came to our rescue when the MH370 went missing.

Election Campaign Donations - Barack Obama vs Najib Razak

Amazingly, the US$696 million free money from Arab tycoons, allegedly spent on Malaysian 2013 general election, was more than Obama’s US$683,546,548 spending (candidate spending) during his 2012 presidential election. As generous as it may sound, the Arab tycoons were actually very stupid to buy a Malaysian Prime Minister instead of a U.S. President (*grin*).


Ahh, that’s because of “Muslim Brotherhood”. It’s better to pour money into a halals’ country Malaysia than a Satan country America, never mind Saudi King Salman brought his 1,000-person entourage on a 3-week beach holiday in France instead of Port Dickson. After all, Rosmah Mansor has great influence on who could become “King” in Saudi.

Arabians Donate - Arabians Love Najib

Strangely, why took the trouble sacking Attorney General Gani Patail and “bought” over 4 PAC members with Cabinet positions? Wouldn’t it be more glory for the PAC investigation to announce to all and sundry eventually that Najib is as clean as a whistle? Why arrest tens of investigating officers if the RM2.62 billion was merely innocent donations?


That’s because they were conspiring to topple Najib administration. But how could they even start plotting in the first place if the prime minister has had declared the huge amount of money was from Arab donors? People would had celebrated, glorified and worshipped Najib and Rosmah instead for their awesome ability in attracting “free money” from the Arab world.

Sultanate of Johor Photo Session with Muhyiddin

Heck, why sacked Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin and risk the backlash from Johor when a simple clarification about the donations would suffice? Perhaps Najib likes being ridiculed by the Sultanate of Johor and would orgasm for being called a drowning man holding to “faeces”. Heck, people may think he gets pleasure from sexual torture.


On the bright side, the country’s 161,000 unemployed graduates have every reason to smile. They can now buy a one-way ticket to the Arab world asking for donations. Can you imagine these 161,000 Malaysians become billionaires, or at least millionaires? When these new tycoons bring back trillions of dollars back, “Ringgit” would be more valuable than British “Pound”.

Malaysian Graduates To Fly To Arab for Donations

Yes, finally the mystery is solved. PM Najib is innocent. We’re all sorry for doubting the Mr. Clean. The world, including British Prime Minister David Cameron must bow and express their deepest apology for suspecting Mr Najib. But #DearNajib, there’s nobody who believes your RM2.62 billion donation Bugis fairy tales. Isn’t that sad and insulting?


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