Congrats Slutty Hadi, Now Get Your Ulama Minions Out Of Pakatan

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Jun 08 2015
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Two months ago, DAP has ended its ties with PAS’ president Hadi Awang, but not with the political party PAS itself. The reason for such an arrangement was due to Hadi’s stubbornness and betrayal in pushing for “Hudud Law” implementation, without consulting the other two party components of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) – DAP and PKR.


Of course, DAP was hoping Hadi Awang and his conservative minions’ power could be weakened, if not defeated altogether during the PAS election, which had just ended. Turns out – Hadi Awang and his gangs made a clean sweep of top party posts. Congrats. Depending from which angle you look at the results, it could either be fortunate or unfortunate.

Hadi Awang Wearing Sunglass

If Hadi Awang and his pro-ulama candidates had won a half-baked battle, the status quo would remain whereby PR is going nowhere. The hudud stumbling block could cause non-Muslim to cast protest votes in favour of evil Barisan Nasional (BN), led by Emperor Najib Razak. Also, the segregation of seats will be a nightmare come next general election.


Now that Hadi Awang and his pro-ulama candidates had won big, PR has at least a clearer route to take. Fortunately, PAS has also passed a motion to sever ties with DAP. Unlike DAP which cut its ties only with Hadi Awang but not the party PAS itself, PAS thought they were clever by cutting ties with the whole DAP, not on certain individual.

Malay Man With DAP Flag

Suddenly, PAS realizes their brilliant plan also means they’re not part of PR, hence ethically, their state assemblymen should resign from Penang and Selangor state governments. While they can afford to leave Penang without much losses, the same cannot be said about Selangor.


In a twist contradicting their own adopted motion, the senior and conservative PAS leaders had denied their own members from debating the motion, which frustrated many PAS members. Why such a chicken like the self-proclaimed Bugis Warrior who did not even dare to show up at the #Nothing2Hide forum?

13 General Election - State Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

With DAP’s 15 seats and PKR’s 13 seats (minus former Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim) plus two PAS state assemblymen, they can still form a new Selangor state government, albeit a smaller majority in the 56 state seats. And should the Sultan of Selangor consented to a new state election, PAS could be wiped out (*tongue-in-cheek*), once and for all.


Almost instantly, DAP has asked PAS representatives to resign from its Penang state government. So far, only Mohamad Sabu, a progressive PAS former deputy president who lost to Hadi’s men, resigns from all his positions in Penang. The rest of Hadi’s minions who’re supposed to be “ulama with great dignity” play dumb as if nothing happens.

13 General Election - Parliamentary Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

As we speak, Hadi Awang is rushing against time, openly meeting with UMNO leaders asking for money to buy assemblymen from PKR and DAP in a plan to snatch the Selangor government. With UMNO’s 12 seats and PAS’s 13 seats (assuming the 2 PAS assemblymen are still loyal to PKR-DAP), they just need another 4 frogs for a simple majority.


To form a new Selangor government with Khalid Ibrahim getting back his job is not difficult. It would cost merely RM200 million (RM50 million for each frog) for a new UMNO-PAS government. The problem is – UMNO is having an internal power struggle between PM Najib and deputy PM Muhyiddin. Hadi Awang has to bet the correct horse (*grin*).

Facebook Personality - Mahathir vs Najib

Nevertheless, Hadi and his minions should lead by examples and quit PR. After all, they’re the Ulamas – the supposedly most spiritual and pious Muslims in the country. Why practice hypocrisy by remaining in PR when they’ve already adopted a motion cutting ties with DAP? Are they trying to say their motion is not worth the toilet paper sold at Aeon?


Amusingly, PAS proudly explained they had severed ties with DAP as it can no longer tolerate being “slapped around”. Dude, what do you expect DAP to do with a slutty bitch who has been sneaking out in the middle of the night bonking a guy called UMNO? Sponsor you with packets of condoms?

UMNO and PAS Unity Govt - Romeo Najib and Juliet Hadi

In reality, people are not frustrated with flirty PAS spending time with UMNO at some cheap motels. People are frustrated because despite being caught with Hadi’s blouse down, he was still adamant that they were not doing anything hanky-panky but merely playing “Candy Crush”. How long can you insult peoples’ intelligence?


If the new lineup of PAS conservative leaders are so confident about their hudud law, and unity government with UMNO could attract 99% of Muslim voters, they have very little to fear about quitting PR now. DAP only won 38 parliamentary seats during 2013 general election, mostly on Chinese-majority seats.

Legs Under Blanket - Lovers having Sex

Hence, it’s safe to conclude that UMNO-PAS can convincingly win the remaining 184 parliamentary seats (PKR would be wiped out because they didn’t support hudud law hence not Islamic enough), more than two-thirds majority required to implement hudud law across the country. So, what the heck are you waiting for, pussy Hadi Awang?


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