Genius Hadi, It’s Game Over – Go Get Your Final Paycheck

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Mar 25 2015
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With less than a week before GST officially kicks in, and makes every Joe and Jane poorer by 6% every time they buy something, people are still distracted by “Hudud Law” – a primitive and discriminative law Kelantan PAS government wants to implement. Actually, this law will never get to see the light of day. The Kelantan PAS state government should just “Let It Go” because majority of Muslims “Never Bothered About Hudud Anyway”.

Hadi Awang - Frozen Let It Go

If majority of Malaysian Muslims had wanted the hudud law, they would have gotten their wish fulfilled ages ago. Period. After all, they formed the majority of the 30 million population, not to mention dominating majority of the lawmakers. But some street smart bloggers thought in this boring hudud fiasco, PAS supremo Hadi Awang was a genius by baiting both UMNO and PKR. Really?


Just because Hadi Awang had spent 4-years each at the Islamic University of Madinah and Al-Azhar University – two of the oldest universities in the world – does not make him any smarter than Cambridge or Harvard graduates. If the president of PAS was such a genius, he wouldn’t have lost both Terengganu and Kedah states just after 1-term of administration, would he (*grin*)?

Hadi Awang Wearing Sunglass

In reality, the PAS version of hudud law was a joke from the start. For example, the punishment for “Zinā” (adultery) can only be carried out if there’re 4 (four) Muslim males to witness the actual intercourse. It wouldn’t do if there’re only two or three witnesses. It “must” have at least four witnesses, and they must all be Muslims. In an unfortunate tragedy that you get caught having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend, 100 lashes and 1-year in jail awaits you.

Nik Abduh

And if you get raped and accused the rapist but unable to bring 4 witnesses, you will be punished under “Qažaf” (false accusation) whereby the punishment is 80 lashes. Unless Malaysia is under ISIS’ rule, nobody in their right mind would bet the hudud law could be implemented. Of course, Hadi Awang knew this and so does Nik Aziz’s son, Nik Abduh, who happens to glorify and idolise the barbarian ISIS.

Conference of Rulers - Sultan Kelantan 

Interestingly, Sultan of Kelantan was reportedly supports the hudud law implementation. But that was before champion wannabe Nik Abduh boastfully declares that all Muslims, including royalty, will be subjected to hudud in Kelantan. It’ll be interesting to see if the sultan would be dragged to a normal court instead of a special court, should some crazy fellows accuse the royalty of inappropriate behaviour punishable under hudud law.


Now, it is reported that the Conference of Rulers has actually rejected the proposed amendments to Act 355, a federal law that the Kelantan PAS government wants to change in order to enforce hudud. The meeting was held on March 11, 2015. No wonder prime minister Najib Razak is cool and relax. Without the Malay rulers’ stamp of approval, Najib administration doesn’t need to bother about amending Act 355 in Parliament.

Hudud Law - Conference of Rulers

In fact, if Najib wants to play dirty, he can get his minions to charge PAS President Hadi Awang for insulting the King and Islam, as the evil UMNO usually does, if the so-called Al-Azhar University genius proceeds to personally table changes to Act 355 through a private member’s bill. Of course, Najib and Hadi are buddies so that won’t happen (*grin*). The law minister, Nancy Shukri, has already said that the bill will likely not be raised.


Let’s assume somehow the Conference of Rulers supported the proposed amendments to Act 335 with two thumbs up, and Najib administration goes bonkers by making hudud law a reality. Do you really think UMNO cronies would be stoned to death when caught for “Zinā”? PAS leaders getting 80 lashes – day in, day out –  for “Qažaf” would be more likely the scenario. Money talks and bullshit walks (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Hudud Law - Holding Hand Qazaf - 80 Lashes

DAP, a component within PR, did the smartest thing by cutting ties with Hadi Awang, although not with PAS party. As we have written, Hadi was a traitor whose tasks were to split parties within Pakatan Rakyat (PR). With PKR Anwar Ibrahim in jail, the final mission is to frustrate DAP enough for the party to quit PR. Obviously, DAP and PKR are too smart to fall for Hadi’s childish hudud game.


With Najib’s evil elegant silence, DAP and PKR’s objection, Conference of Rulers’ rejection, is there anybody who still think PAS Hadi Awang was a genius? Perhaps the so-called PAS “Ulama Scholars” didn’t realise that their beloved president Hadi is actually destroying the party itself. Perhaps they’re too dumb to realise how UMNO could easily take over Kelantan in the next general election.

Hudud Law Cartoon by Reggie

If Hadi Awang, Nik Abduh and other conservative minions are truly believers in hudud law and subscribe to jihad, they should perhaps dispose off their assets and take all their fortune to join ISIS, or at least become a subsidiary of ISIS, the same way Nigerian-based Islamist terror group Boko Haram does. Don’t Hadi, Nik Abduh and other hudud fanatics love to go to heaven surrounded by 72 virgins in heaven, after a good jihad fight in Syria?


So no, Hadi is definitely not a genius. And Nik Abduh is such a rookie desperately wanted to be seen as great as his father, Nik Aziz. Perhaps Hadi’s idiocy can be best described by a minister within Najib administration itself – “Meaningless and Stupid” – says Nazri Aziz. If PAS couldn’t even help their own Kelantanese people during the recent flood, can you rely on them for your precious limbs and lives?

Kelantan Flooded - Nik Abduh

Instead of regaining lost support from the grassroots after the last general election, PAS is most likely to lose its last bastion, Kelantan, now that Kelantanese don’t have to “give face” after Nik Aziz passed away. Besides, does anybody actually believe the hudud law is applicable only to Muslims, when there were tons of classic “body snatching” examples from non-Muslim deceases?


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You’re wrong about qazaf. Qazaf is the crime of false witnessing. If you accuse somebody of zina without producing 4 male witnesses of impeccable character, you’ll get 80 lashes.

And don’t try to be so smart about the impossibility of producing 4 witnesses to zina. It’s not imposssible. Have you ever been to a tiger show in Patphong? So, I think the idea behind the law is not so much to prevent illicit sexual intercourse between two people, but to prevent human society to degrade to the level of animals.

May be the turbaned old chap does get some orgasm whenever Hudud is mentioned ?

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