Pakatan Rakyat May Not Last till 14th General Election

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May 13 2013
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Today, May 13th 2013, is a day that every Malaysian should remember. Approximately 44 years ago, racial riots happened hence the infamous May 13th 1969 black chapter in the country’s history. Nope, you shouldn’t remember the May 13th that happened 44 years ago but rather the May 13th that happens 44 years later, which is today. Today, Malaysians regardless of their race are celebrating their victory in denying the corrupt and racist BN (Barisan Nasional) regime of its popular votes since 1969. And that’s what make PM Najib’s BN coalition upset – a truly “United States of Malaysia” (*tongue-in-cheek*).


In fact, BN has been reduced to just UMNO and Sarawak Chief Minister’s PBB party. At best, BN is just a minority government, a term which UMNO hates very much. Going by the rate UMNO and its subsidiaries are churning out racial remarks almost every day since the just concluded election, we can safely conclude that we’ll see such pattern to continue till end of the year, when the UMNO general assembly is set to take place. You’ve heard UiTM pro-chancellor Abdul Rahman Arshad’s calls for the abolition of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools.

13 General Election - Ku Klux Klan

And now, you’re also seeing the quality of top judges this country has produced, judging from former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah’s warning of a Malay backlash. It seems Perkasa has found a new competitor. Perhaps UMNO should register another subsidiary to rival United States’ extremist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organization. While KKK fought for white supremacy, UMNO’s new toy can fight for “UMNO Supremacy”. What’s next – a similar Hitler’s secret police Gestapo to be called “GasDapur”, maybe? If a former high-ranking judge only sees it as an act of betrayal for not voting ruling BN, it speaks volume about the risk of doing business in Malaysia.


If that was not enough to send shivers into your spine, this former judge also sits on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) complaints committee. He also proposed that the (UMNO) Malays takes away 67% from every business in the country. I’m not sure about foreign investors but I’ll definitely not going to do any business knowing well in advance these UMNO scumbags are going to rob me 67% of my hard earned money in broad daylight. Of course all these “sandiwaras” or dramas were designed to divert attention from UMNO’s own massive corruption as the culprit for their losses. Anyway, this article is not about UMNO but rather a more dangerous problem that is set to hit Pakatan Rakyat.

PAS Nasharuddin and Hadi Awang Like UMNO

We’ve written back in 2009 about the possibility of PAS abandoning Pakatan Rakyat. Nasharuddin Mat Isa, was re-elected as PAS’s deputy president after he defeated Husam Musa and Mat Sabu. It was an open secret that both Nasharuddin and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang were not against a “joint-venture” between UMNO and PAS. In fact, the idea of both parties holding hands together made both Nasharuddin and Hadi Awang orgasm. The only person blocking such alliance was PAS spiritual adviser Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Since then Nasharuddin was put in cold storage while Hadi Awang wasn’t really that happy even though his PAS party almost wrest Terengganu from BN.


Now that Nik Aziz has let go of his chief ministership, Kelantan may not be the same again. Slowly but surely, his influence will deteriorate over time. Ambitious and young PAS leaders would start pondering about the possibility of joining the privilege wealthy and powerful club – UMNO. In their quest for material gains, they would throw in justifications such as in the name of betterment and united Muslim Malays, PAS found no compelling reason not to join UMNO. PAS is still relatively clean because of Nik Aziz. Without the spiritual adviser around grumbling about the evil UMNO, PAS leaders would find it extremely difficult to resist the temptation of joining the exclusive club.

PAS Nik Aziz

Like it or not, PAS is not that much different from UMNO, without Nik Aziz around. What UMNO scream about “Development”, PAS will scream “Hudud” whenever they want to rally for support from average Joes and Janes. That was the major differentiator that separates both political parties. Take that away and both are couples made in heaven. That was why UMNO keeps seducing PAS to go to bed together. And this is precisely what worries PKR Anwar Ibrahim the most – a PAS pull out from the pact to join BN. Obviously it would be more damaging for PAS to pull out rather than to see Azmin Ali and his gang do so.


Selangor state will not fall even if Azmin Ali is UMNO’s biggest mole inside PKR. But without PAS, Anwar will lose his vital right hand. Anwar can bid farewell to his ambitious plan for Putrajaya without PAS. Not only PR will lose Kelantan and the prospect of Terengganu and Kedah in the next election, it will also lose the PAS’s true supporters, of which the organic growth takes decades to achieve. Assuming UMNO, PAS and PKR each commands 33% of Malays votebank, an UMNO-PAS partnership means a two-thirds ethnic Malay votes. This was exactly what Mahathir meant when he screamed about Malays being divided and weak. Without PKR, UMNO can have half the cake but with PKR, UMNO has to share the cake with another two hungry wolves.


While DAP may have reached the saturation level in terms of Chinese supports and its parliamentary seats, PAS may not be able to grow as big as DAP. Unlike DAP which monopolize every Chinese votes now, PAS has to share the Malay votebank with PKR and UMNO. Looking at the scorecard, it’s true that UMNO does not need Chinese or Indians to survive. They can form a government on their own. The only thing they cannot achieve is to get the precious two-thirds majority. But that also means PAS may not be able to taste the icing on the cake – ministerships or even the prime ministership. That was why there was silent protest within PAS circle as to why PAS (or rather Hadi Awang) cannot have the premiership themselves.


Everybody is now waiting for PM Najib’s final choice of cabinet members. It will be interesting to see if Sabah and Sarawak will be given a fair 20% – 30% representatives each in the cabinet, considering both states contribute 22 and 25 parliamentary seats to the BN coalition respectively. Will naughty rumours about Sabah and Sarawak getting at least a deputy prime ministership comes true? Since the Constitution is silent about the position of deputy prime minister, PM Najib can appoint as many deputy prime ministers as he wishes to. Heck, he can even appoint all the 47 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak as deputy prime minister 2, 3 and so forth, in order to prevent them from defecting to Anwar’s camp.

Najib 2013 Cabinet Deputy Prime Ministers

In this case, it won’t do any harm to give a deputy prime ministership to PAS as well, if the party is willing to jump ship from PR to BN. Furthermore, PAS’s 21 parliamentary seats are invaluable to enable BN to regain its lost trophy – two-thirds majority. If that is not sufficient to satisfy PAS, UMNO can include more goodies such as ministerships, deputy ministerships, chairmanships, directorships and whatever ships as part of the package. What – you actually think all those PAS leaders are God-fearing homo sapiens who despise power and (corrupt) money? Puh-leez !!! They are no difference from other politicians who believe in enriching themselves the moment they seize the opportunity.


What about DAP, the party that is the biggest winner in this election with 38 parliamentary seats to its credit? Actually DAP can replace MCA in the BN coalition hands down. And DAP Lim Kit Siang almost reach his orgasm thinking about such partnership. Unfortunately, unlike PAS which can flash Islam as a common platform (or rather excuse) between UMNO and the party to join hands, DAP couldn’t find a common reason to do so. In fact, DAP would be committing suicide if they ever join the evil coalition. The same 90% Chinese votes would disappear before Kit Siang could even blink his eyes. Thus, the idea of UMNO and DAP hugging each other is impossible at this stage.

BN Merger

Moving forward, the political landscape may see only five major players – UMNO, PBB, PKR, PAS and DAP. And if PAS ever decides to join UMNO for good, it would be a four parties era. Other smaller political parties would become irrelevant so much so that they would end up as if they’re independents, unable to make any impact whatsoever. UMNO may want to reconsider the idea of opening its door to everybody regardless of race hence the merger with MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and whatnot. There’re just too many unproductive parties in the BN coalition. A house cleaning is long overdue so perhaps BN could rejuvenate itself with a new coat of paint – a multiracial new UMNO.


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I truly enjoyed your writing, some times hilarious some times naughty; but always carries moment of truth and possibility that sparkles insight and wisdom. TQ!

If people don’t see the debt at 500b a problem, if bn voters don’t care abt corruption & how it is destroying the country, as one famous blogger once uttered in frustration, let it go bankrupt lah. I bet you RM1.00 they wl blame the bankruptcy on the Chinese (again?)
I wish Najib wud faster impose GST, 1Care, raise prices, and watch the reaction of bn voters. Most likely they wl say it’s good for the country & benefits the rakyat.

Don’t wolly FinanceTwitter, most of PAS members and leaders are more concern about “akhirat” than worldly well-being .
They even manage to rule Kelantan with just one seat majority after losing a by-election,so has faith in PAS not joing UmPorNO.

I really hope you’re right, MKK … hopefully Nasharuddin was the last of its rare type from PAS …

cheers …

thanx for your comment rosie … interestingly, many still do not know how much is 500 billion … and many still think it isn’t their problem, so they couldn’t care less … you gotta salute those rural people – they’re so happy go lucky (*grin*) …

cheers …

Many people just blinked blankly when asked how much is One Billion – at 3/5% p.a. interest, you wl earn +/-RM95,000 per day. Just spend the interest, principal sum untouched.
Imagine that fake pendatang has $44billion; those who stole a lot are most fearful, incl. cronies. Lopsided contracts can be considered criminal bcuz it’s akin to cheating the public. So Anwar better watch out. If rural voters make-up 40% on the EC roll, forget abt educating them.
It’s like slamming one’s head against a brickwall, even when the brickwall collapsed, these ppl remained ignorant.

I think most rakyat have seen and felt the need to change the government.

It was because of vote-rigging that PKR had lost the election.

Just look at the results, even with blackouts, vote-rigging and illegal immigrant voters, etc. etc. of 1 million votes, PKR still obtained more than 51% of the vote cast!

The way the voting system is conducted with a heavily biased EC, opposition will never win any election at all! Not after Mahathir has been active for the last 40 odd years when he had cheated the idiotic Chinese in 1999 and when he allowed imported instant citizens in to vote BN.

What can the honest citizens do?

I believe things will only change with outside intervention.

Inside, Anwar may still be pushing on with overturning the election results. We will see how long he will last. I can only wish him LUCK.

I feel sad to see how this country has corrupted and still got stuck in the whirlpool of BN’s mad administration. 500b or 900b debt are scary thoughts. But in this evil and ruthless politicians will prevail as they are the action men unlike those who only pray and hope for god to do something for them.

PAS has been under control spiritually by Tok Guru Nik Aziz. He is the only MB with a below average living residence for a Menteri Besar.

Without Nik Aziz, PAS is all about power hungry and materialistic green monster.

We all can see that in the ex-MB of Kedah, Azizan. But the question is… Has Azizan realise it? Nah… not even Hasan Ali has cleanse himself.

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