PAS to abandon DAP and PKR – Greed or Stupidity?

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Jun 07 2009
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If there’s one distinct different between UMNO (the main “Godfather” in the ruling BN government coalition) and PAS (one of three parties in the opposition coalition), it has to be the obvious democracy that the latter is practicing. So much so that the party (PAS) does not seems to fall apart despite different opinions at the top leadership level, at least not yet. In contrast if you dare to even speak out your mind within existing BN government’s coalition, you would be very lucky if UMNO’s hidden wing didn’t whack you, either verbally or physically. But based on PAS’s just concluded election, how long could PAS stay in one piece?

The election result that saw Nasharuddin Mat Isa, re-elected as PAS’s deputy president after he defeated his competitor Husam Musa (who managed 281 votes) by 199 votes was indeed a good news to Najib’s administration. Although Nasharuddin (garnered 480 votes) scored less than 50% of the total votes thanks to spoiler Mohamad Sabu (261 votes), it gave an impression that the foundation of PAS may soon crumbling down. Together with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, Nasharuddin now could continue with their unfinish agenda – a possible unity government with UMNO and in the process weaken the Pakatan Rakyat coalition for the next general election.

Fortunately PAS’s spritual adviser Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is still alive and kicking. You don’t have to be a genius to guess what would happen to PAS should Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat was no longer around as he’s the “glue” that keep the party afloat and in one piece. He may be just a spiritual adviser but the party president and the newly re-elected deputy president would not dare to push their luck to the limit lest they wish to commit suicide for offending the highly respected figure. It’s not a secret that both Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin were freaking excited the moment the “unity government” with UMNO was mentioned but Nik Aziz is very well aware of the consequence in sleeping with the slutty UMNO – he did that before and has been regreted ever since.

PAS Nasharuddin Hadi Awang

Of all the politicians still alive, spiritual adviser Nik Aziz is perhaps the undisputed person you will respect, not because he live a simple life but he is one hell of a consistent politician. Sure, he commited the biggest mistake in his life by joining BN (Barisan Nasional) and UMNO from 1970 to 1978 but he was naïve to think that UMNO was sincere about “Malay Unity” back then. It was no secret that UMNO is a slut who will not think twice about inviting anyone home to sleep and have fun but that’s when the UMNO is weak and need the “juices” to rejuvenate its muscle. Thereafter UMNO would harass their partner and may go the extra miles in sexually abuse its partner until they quit as can be seen by PAS in the 1970s. By the time PAS decided to quit BN it was too late as the party was in broken pieces as many of its members were already split and were poisoned or seduced by money to stay on.

Nik Aziz would rather stay put with the state of Kelantan only than to sleep with UMNO again with the promise of federal ministerships. But why these two chaps (Awang Hadi and Nasharuddin) were so stupid as not to see the trap setup by UMNO? Could these two persons the moles and traitors within PAS whose task now require them to create havoc within PAS and in the process cause the Pakatan Rakyat into disarray? On one hand you have the spiritual adviser screaming until foaming at mouth that PAS will never join UMNO or consider unity government, yet on the other hand you have the president and the deputy president yelling as if a unity government with UMNO is the next greatest human invention since bread.

The idea of toying with a unity government with UMNO has created discomfort within Pakatan Rakyat itself, who called itself the government-in-waiting, especially to DAP. In reality the Pakatan Rakyat’s strength was derived from the people or rakyat’s votes that came not only from the ethnic-Malay but also the ethnic-Chinese and ethnic-Indian. It’s either all or nothing at all. It would be interesting to see how the voters will cast their votes should PAS decided to break away from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and move into UMNO’s luxury bed. UMNO has nothing to loose but everything to gain from the differences inside the PAS and Najib is smiling at his lady luck. But what if the whole idea of a unity government from PAS’s president and his deputy was a political move aimed at the coalition’s leaders themselves.

PAS president Hadi Awang

Since the sudden victory post Mar 2008 general election, people were talking about Anwar Ibrahim being the prime-minister-in-waiting with PAS president and DAP adviser becoming the deputy prime ministers. PAS, being the most senior of the three was not amused with such speculation as they would like the top seat of prime minister for themselves. Why can’t PAS’s president becoming the prime minister and the rest two partners share the deputy prime ministers instead? Do we have to tell them especially PAS not to count the chickens before they hatch? How do they know that the stupid Malay, Chinese and Indian voters will not vote in their long-term favorite UMNO, MCA and MIC back with staggering majority at next general election? Surely if they can be so stupid for the last 50-years, there’s no formula that says they can’t be the same stupid voters again for another 50-years.

The fact that Anwar Ibrahim has distance himself from acknowledging that he will become the de-facto prime minister should Pakatan Rakyat miraculously form the next federal government (without any opposition from the BN) proved that PAS was indeed ambitious to secure the premiership and PAS could not accept that they become the second man behind PKR. It seems that Mahathir, the guru behind divide-and-rule governance, does not have to crack his head on how to apply the strategy after all on the once mighty Pakatan Rakyat (PR) – PAS did BN the favor of starting the canabalising of each other within the PR. In the name of Islam, would PAS abandon his comrades of different religion and work with UMNO who shares the same religion but tainted with not only corruption, brutality, nepotism and cronism but also cold-blooded murder? Maybe it’s all about money *grin*. Maybe money can buy all these religious teachers if not the greed for power.

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As usual, your comments are astute.

Stocktube,Sad to see this UMNO/BN's instigation now creating this "Dog eat Dog" scenario in PAS & which will affect PR….- YB Tok Guru Nik Aziz, one of this nation’s “Elder Spiritual Leader & Statesman”, is an anointed Man of God with HIS Wisdom, Understanding and Charisma….- Is able to “LISTEN, SEE, LEARN, UNDERSTAND & FEEL” the downtrodden rayaat’s voices, their Pain & their Despair….- His “Advise” to the PAS & PR Leaders on the need to be of one mind with PR’s Objective & not to seek the “Easy Way” out with UMNO/BN together with its “Carrot” rewards….Promises of Money, Position, Power, etc will always “Entice the Corrupt & Greedy” even some of those “Holier-than-thou” ones…. – It will not be YB Tok Guru Nik Aziz’s “Loss” but PR & PAS Leaders’s “Missed Opportunity & Loss” by their OWN CHOICE!”

UMNO the slut infected with all the STD and PAS want to go and sleep with this slut. I say to PAS go ahead and sleep with the slut UMNO. Then when you're are infected by the disease and dying, don't come running to the rakyat. We don't want a diseased and dying party who thinks they are so great that UMNO wants them. To PAS, go on and make my day…. GO ahead and talk, smooch and get in bed with UMNO. The minute you do that, PAS is dead and buried. Golongan pendakwah who doesn't get it about 'dakwah'…. Dakwah is never about power and position.

The UMNO-isation of PAS is taking place already: 1.Power hungry by being seduced by a unity government, 2.flip flop on NEP,3. Ketuanan Melayu, 4.whispers of vote buying, 5.outright lying about Husam by ulama 6.Hadi loosely saying unity talks agreed to by PKR and DAP when in fact this wasn't so.Underneath the kopiah these ulamas aren't angels.These guys have a death wish, to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.Read my blog at sonnytneoh.blogspot.com

The sad truth is PAS will never be able to sustain its policy of inclusiveness with the other races once Tok Guru is no longer around.Magnificent PAS leaders such as YB Nizar and YB Husam will be sidelined.The solution for avoiding this would have to be a strong PKR and PR. First destroy UMNO and then bring PAS in line.Destroying UMNO and severely punishing their corrupt and treasonous leaders should be priority of all Malaysians.The work for GE13 has to start now.Negara. Ugama. Bangsa.Was how Malaysia was set up. If you don't like it migrate.

I would advise Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin to seek a refresher course on history from Tok Guru.Don't worry, fools can learn too.

Politics is dirty game.No fair no square.If they can pay someone to leave the opposition party to grab a state control, what is so difficult to pay someone to make havoc in the opposition party.It is well known that Pas is divided by two groups. One is anti-Umno n one is Pro-Umno.When UMNO needs help, they will ask their insiders which is a very powerful figures in Pas now,hadi awang or nasaruddin, to just release some signal to the market to jerk it a bit!!…Liked in currency market, they don't have to do anything, they just needs to send some messages and the whole market will tilt to the other side!!!…no need to raise or reduce rate, just gives an impression that u want to raise or reduce rate is good enough to get the result that u want!!..

Both Greed AND Stupidity… after all they are muslims …. and rabid ones at that

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