UMNO is big Bully but that’s because PKR-DAP are Babies

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Feb 08 2009
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I didn’t know that my previous article (read here) was picked and published by the famous and cotroversial Malaysia-Today (read here) until one of my readers alerted me (thank you). And from the comments received it appeared almost 100% of them are against the decision by Sultan of Perak’s decision to “award” the trophy to federal government BN (or rather UMNO). Government-controlled print and electronic media are still in the denial state and continue to play the one-sided and bias reporting as if the whole population of 20-plus million populations were born yesterday. DAP Tiger Karpal Singh and PKR People Champion The-Rock Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin were the new targets selected by UMNO in their latest attempt to put the duo to fight with the monarchy.

What else can I say about Karpal Singh except that he’s a man with strong principle as far as politicians are concerned and for that you either hate him or love him (at least he calls a spade a spade) – there’s no two way about it. Sure, he’s famed for pick up fights with almost everybody – former dictator Mahathir, his former boss Lim Kit Siang and now the opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. You may admire him because he’s a real cool and great lawyer but as a politician he can’t be a leader because he’s not a team-player and could be as stubborn as a mule. He talks and sleeps law and won’t blink twice about suing anyone he thinks have violated the laws and this includes the Royalty – the Sultan of Perak. And this game the UMNO new bullets to divert the whole Perak latest crisis from Najib to Karpal Singh.

UMNO is corrupt, arrogant, bully, power-crazy, racist, pirate, dictator, hypocrite and so on. MCA is corrupt, UMNO’s running dog, hypocrite, prostitute, traitor and so forth. MIC is, well, a corrupt, gangster and the ultimate prostitute of all time. Combined together the UMNO-MCA-MIC is the undisputed champion for the last 50-year making fools out of Malaysian average Joes. Over time these three musketeers have proven themselves to be the snakiest yet dirtiest player in the politic arena. Thus you shouldn’t fell off your chair with the sudden Perak government collapse because the PKR-DAP-PAS is still a fragile team born yesterday. As a newly born baby naturally they (or rather PKR and DAP only?) cries non-stop when the pacifier was taken away from them. Yes, while three of them were fighting for the pacifier since captured the Perak state 11-month ago the bigger bully and loser UMNO came from behind, walking like a Pink Panther and “robbed” the pacifier away.

As with normal bully UMNO hides their hand that steals behind their back and pointed their fingers that it was the decision by Sultan of Perak to give the state back to BN. They were not to be blamed and in fact the babies PKR and DAP should now be punished for seditious act for going against the Sultan’s decision. See how the master in work? Maybe it’s true that the former government of PKR-DAP-PAS is still not capable of running a state and I’m talking about defending your territory against the barbarians outside cruel wall, mind you. Perakians may have found their truly people’s champion but obviously PKR-DAP-PAS is not ready for the real survival in the dog-eat-dog world. Threw in a Toyota Camry and you can get DAP clerk Hee Yit Foong wagging her tail defecting to the new master UMNO, although I’m not sure if she dares to go back and meet eye-to-eye her Jelapang constituents.

Although the current new government of Perak may not survive come next general election at least the BN (and other cronies) has another four years to plunder the state. The RM12.5 billion (US$3.67 billion) double-track railway may regain steam after electrified by the latest crisis that saw the BN government back to power. Gamuda Berhad (KLSE: GAMUDA, stock-code 5398) needs no introduction here while another winner in this latest episode is indeed MMC Corp Berhad (KLSE: MMCCORP, stock-code 2194). Low-profile Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary who owns MMC Corp is a long-time supporter and fundraiser for UMNO and running the political party needs lots of money so it’s only normal to feed the people who give you back the money – from left to right pocket. Again, it’s all about money and nothing personal.

It’s time for PKR-DAP-PAS to stop sulking and scratch each other’s face about the lost pacifier. Instead they should re-strategize on how to move forward to capture the federal government in the next general election. Hey, who says the next general election is four-year away? It could be earlier if a nation-wide snap election is being called should the UMNO power-struggle enter another level. Again, see how brilliant UMNO is in diverting their internal problems to this Perak crisis? Anwar, via his previous experience in UMNO, perhaps should conduct a Basic-101 class to his partners, DAP and PAS about their common enemy – the bully UMNO. The next state to fall could be Kedah although new plans and more money might be needed to deploy the same model to the last two frontiers, Selangor and Penang.

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that’s a very interesting video…lol!!

U're free to talk, but u never know the real story behind it. I just hope the country is stable, I don't want to see we became another Thailand. I don't expect our government will be like Singapore. What the newspaper & blog telling bla bla bla…I'm really tired to read it… 🙂

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