Money is Evil? But it can buy you Frogs (Cheap Postman)

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Feb 03 2009
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The saying goes that money can’t buy everything but then without money you can’t buy a single thing and so people still worship money till today. People still debates if money can buy true love, happiness and so forth but it’s quite subjective, really. Individual who can’t live without money thinks money can actually bring happiness. In fact how many of us can still declare that we’re still the same happy person without money due to retrenchment? I bet your sex life would turn for the worse if you’re suddenly jobless. You partner will probably give you the kick before you can even say “honey …” In reality the pros of having money overwhelmingly outshined the cons of having it.

While it’s feeling jolly good to have tons of money to your advantage, there’re many other factors that could turn the tide against you. In stock investing or option trading certain factors could turn your trades into a losing position and the losing game could snowball even after you tried to average down. In a nation’s economic crisis a decision to pump in $700 billion bailout package could do more damage – a sign or confirmation from investors that the country was indeed in deep trouble so it’s time to sell massively. In politics you chose to spend RM500 million in a by-election trying to buy votes but still you lost the battle. Strange world, isn’t it?

Fortunately there’re still many cases whereby money can buy your desired toys. For RM10 millions each you can buy over two “froggy” assemblymen (one is a former postman) to cross over to your side (why spent RM500 million on a single by-election campaign then? *scratch head*). Also money can empower you to miraculously convert a supposedly independent Election Commission to suddenly become devils and a judicial body overnight by overriding a decision made by the Perak speaker on the vacancy of two state seats. Of course in this crisis it’s strange the mighty ruling government with unlimited national funds and machinery at its disposal is simply too scare to go all out for two open by-elections, let alone a state-level election, to determine once and for all who the real winner is.

Anwar Badawi Najib MahathirSure, this latest Perak crisis will not be the last that we’ll see considering the same invincible hands are playing the same money-can-buy-you-over game in other states such as Kedah and Negeri Sembilan as well. The cat-and-mouse game will definitely continue even after March when the country sees its new Prime Minister and this political instability will add to the rocky economic slowdown. The ruling government may be dying but the possibility of these losers to bring down the whole nation together with them leaving debris and empty vaults to the opposition parties is simply disturbing. The new Prime Minister might choose not to call for a snap election after all (after he took over) but prefer to stubbornly hang on to the power. He can still prolong his stay with millions of dollars per-head to the opposition candidates with the intention to destabilize his opponents.

Mind boggling as it may appears, the battle for the crown is between Anwar Ibrahim (de-facto opposition leader) together with Abdullah Badawi (outgoing PM) against Najib Razak (PM-in-waiting) together with Mahathir Mohamad (former dictator PM). The excitement may have return but let’s hope there won’t be a last desperate dirty tactic of Operasi Lalang which could spoil the fun of the series. Tell you what, I’ll boycott US-made blockbuster movies if the tag-teams above could continue to entertain me with explosive actions and dramas *grin*. With more political uncertainties in the pipeline, who says it’s time to enter the local stock market?

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