Boycott US-made products? No Thanks, it won’t work

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Jan 06 2009
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Violence in the Middle East may just push the saggy crude oil prices higher much to the delights of the OPEC members who have been scratching their heads in disbelieve recently as to why their efforts previously didn’t work. Russia’s dispute with Ukraine (again?) over natural gas supplies will help the situation (higher prices) but it’s a dangerous game that could disrupt the Europe as the region’s one-quarter of natural gas supplies came from Ukraine’s pipelines. While both Russia and Ukraine are quarrelling about the commercial issues (Russia wants to charge $450 per 1,000 cubic meters, up from $250) the Middle East is again about territorial dispute.Operasi Lalang that invaded basic human rights is not any better compared to the current Israel’s invasion. The only difference was nobody got killed in Operasi Lalang but if you’re confined to four-walls and mentally tortured, it’s better to get killed than to get insane. How about the case of blowing up Mongolian model with C4?

Thousands of Israeli troops backed by tanks and helicopter gun-ships surrounded Gaza’s largest city and bombarded Hamas militants in their attempt to stop Hamas rocket fire on southern Israel. Almost instantly the Muslim world condemned and called for various strategies to punish the so-called Zionist. Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad who was labeled as anti-Semitic immediately proposed his strategy to punish United States over the super-power’s backing of Israel. Mahathir suggested that everyone should stop drinking Coca-Cola as part of the boycott US-dollar and US-made products effort.

Sure, go ahead and stop using jumbo planes made by Boeing, stop eating fast-foods from McDonald, KFC, Burger King and exchange those billions of US-dollar in reserves to Chinese-Yuan, for example. How about those imported healthcare and medical machines, not to mention box-office movies from United States? Like it or not the culture of the western country has been part and parcel of our life. I won’t die for not drinking Coca-Cola (I seldom consume this carbonated drink anyway for fear of diabetes) but I would be bored to death for not watching those blockbuster movies from the United States especially from Steven Spielberg.

boycott coca colaTherefore such call to boycott American-made products is not practical and will not achieve the desire objectives. If the Arab themselves are not serious (else how could Israel survives for so many decades) about the Palestine’s welfare who is Malaysian to mind other people’s internal affairs? Well, isn’t that what Malaysian government always said when other countries criticize the ruling government’s policies? Yeah, go ahead and send troops into the Gaza and get slaughtered. The Jews are small in population but they are the smartest people in the world and there’re reasons why they control the major economic and business entities. As a matter of fact they’re too smart that the former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market, Bernard Madoff, scored the biggest fraud case ever with his $50 billion “giant Ponzi scheme”.

The Israel army may be cannibals for killing the civilians (poor children) but not all Israel citizens supported the invasion because Israel civilians were also killed in the process. Furthermore there’re two sides to every story and nobody knows if Israel really reacted because the Hamas was bombarding southern border of Israel. As long as both sides could not sit down and negotiate for a peaceful solution over a round-table, the region will continue to attract more conflicts and more innocent people will get killed. And Mahathir’s own

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