Crackdown on bloggers’ websites? Stop the Stupidity

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Aug 28 2008
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Now that the fact is on the table that opposition de-facto Anwar Ibrahim has been chosen by the people into the Parliament to provide serious check and balance (or tough time?) to the ruling government, it’s the second wake-up call to the PM Abdullah Badawi to restructure the way his inefficient Cabinet governs the country. Accept the fact that BN (National Front) has been buried (temporarily) but it’s not too late to change and reform for the better, if there’s political will. But looking at how Badawi (still) refused to acknowledge that the Permatang Pauh by-election is actually the “trend” of how the people think of current government despite his candidate slaughtered with more than 15,000-vote majority, the arrogance built over 50-years has indeed taken a deep root.

On surface Abdullah Badawi is maneuvering a sinking ship, and most likely will take everyone onboard with him – that’s UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, SAPP etc. But he’s, well, a stubborn head that refuse to let go despite criticism within his own party. He’s not a fighter but he’s definitely a boulder that would not budge no matter what you say. In fact those MLM agents out there should try to recruit Badawi because he can survive rejections from potential customers. You can curse him, call him sleepy head and do all sort of things to shoo him away but he would not care and will persists, never mind he couldn’t bring back any new sales.

Hungry Angry KidA hungry man is an angry man, so goes the saying. I’ve written almost a year ago (Sept 2007) that Abdullah Badawi’s greatest challenge was the escalating oil prices, not his “dozing off” during meeting, not his “D” grade leadership, not his dependency on his son-in-law to run the country and definitely not because he bought a yacht or RM50 million luxury jet for that matter. If he didn’t manage the oil prices carefully, it would be as good as squeezing Mahathir’s grapes. And he did just that – raised the oil prices not once but twice with record-quantum, 30 sen and 78 sen per liter respectively. People are angry because it’s hard to bring back food to the table. If only he did it in a smaller quantum Badawi might not be as miserable as today. Not only people have lost the remaining confidence in him after the 8th Mar general election, somehow American’s trend of making fun of their President could be seen here.

Former premier Mahathir was right when he said Abdullah is no match for Anwar and the latter will make “life very difficult” for the PM. Mahathir was right that Anwar is going to raise issues and questions that will make both the PM and his deputy’s mouth wide-open without answers. Of course both Abdullah and Najib can choose to hide and not to turn up when Anwar is in the Parliament. The focus is definitely on Friday when Abdullah was scheduled to present the 2009 Budget. Anwar has promised to stare at him right between the eyes to ensure the PM will not fall asleep. I’m still awaiting comment from Mahathir on the Malaysia’s MSC 10-Point Bill of Guarantees which amongst other stated that the government promised there would be no censorship of the Internet.

Early of the year when the minister who thought it was a freaking good idea to buy the whole Russian Soyuz TMA-11 Space Rocket trumpeted that Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) shown great interest to invest in Malaysia. I did pour cold water simply because I don’t think Google would want to be a laughing stock. The latest action by MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission) was another stupid and desperate measure to crackdown on bloggers when it ordered all the 19 ISPs (internet service providers) in the country to block the influential but controversial Malaysia-Today portal. Instead of “if you can’t beat them, join them” strategy the panic and directionless government chose the silly “if you can’t beat them, shut them down” approach. Sure, the link to Malaysia-Today is dead but the mirror sites sprang alive almost immediately. But it’s internet dude and there’re many other ways to access blocked website such as:

Ways to access Malaysia TodayIf you google for “free proxy” you can find more than 3-million results and I would like to see if those MCMC brain-dead idiots can block all of them. You simply can’t block people from accessing web-sites unless of course the desperate government ordered all the ISPs to shutdown permanently and returns to Jurassic-Age. This also means no e-mails and definitely cripples all the businesses. If you’ve cases against RPK go and charge him. For the sake of the country’s name stop showing your stupidity to the world. MSC means Multimedia Super Corridor and not Malaysia Stupid Corridor.

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If they say Malaysia Today is spreading lies, then by all means resolve it in court.

If a website lies about me, I’ll have to sue. This BN is thus indulging in gross abuse of power by using government machinery to order private companies to block MT.

Yes, indeed BN is getting desperate. BN is NOT the government or the country, they are the administrators. As we all know, the more desperate they become, the more this delusion becomes apparent.

I hope whoever comes into power, can uphold justice and punish all those who use OUR government as their own. Examples include but not limited to:

• needlessly pushing for EC chairman’s retirement age to extended by 1 year
• DNA bill and refusing to consult experts. Politicians are not DNA expers.
• using government jets to fly themselves and Lim Chong Wei
• illegally exceeding expenditure limits for election campaigns – there is ample proof of this
• being racist and seditious by repeatedly repeating racist issues
• allowing protests by certain parties on very short notice (UiTM) and yet denying protests way in advance
• selectively prosecuting “corrupted” officials – Zakaria Mat Deros had a huge mansion, and the Perak Exco members
• illegal distribution of APs
• cracking highways
• loss of RM4.6 billion
• planning for RM100 million Merdeka parties while some people have no running water or electricity.

All these bear repeating again and again so we don’t forget, just as they repeated the sodomy allegations again and again (and yet say assert that it’s not political. If it’s not political as you say, then why keep repeating it. Leave it to the courts.)

what do these dudes know?
plunder assets are their specialty. heard of political cronies grabbing lands meant for utilities in Bandar Utama? even political parties such as Gerakan and MIC are getting into these lucrative business.
apart from engaging in corrupt acts, the next best thing they know is to lose an island to our neighbour.
whats next from this moronic cabinet?

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