Najib’s New Game-Plan has Started

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May 19 2009
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Every Tom, Dick and his “Siu Keong” pet Cockroach knows that there’s no way Najib’s administration can win the Penanti by-election *yawn, what’s new?*. It was predictable from the moment Najib announced that his government “may” not contest for the by-election, another way to test the water to see his peoples’ reaction. Nobody within his government dares to challenge his intention except his mentor Mahathir *who else*. Of course many suggested that since people are getting sick and tired of Perak fiasco it would do the people a great entertainment if Mahathir be nominated to carry the BN’s flag to the battlefield. For once I thought this old fox would suggest his name to Najib but sadly it didn’t materialize. I would be willing to bet a cool RM1.00 that Mahathir will win and send Anwar into retirement.

Frankly there’s no risk if Najib plays the game well – persuade Mahathir to offer himself to the press and as a token of appreciation Najib agreed to it. It would be the mother of all battles between Anwar Ibrahim against Mahathir Mohamad. If Mahathir wins, Najib’s problem would be solved once and for all as it would also demoralize the opposition PR to the bottom. If Mahathir lose then put the blame on the old man for being the loose cannon and this will teach Mahathir to watch his mouth the next time he dares to go against Najib’s wish. Sure everybody has been calling Najib the “coward of the century” with his intention in chickening out from the race. But it’s better to camouflage under the “not to waste public’s money” and “its’ opposition political game” than to enter the ring and lose badly.

At least there’s nomore “referendum” that people despises current government. The most they would say is Najib is a big coward, which is much better than lose the by-election and in the process demoralize the BN coalition further down the drain, not that their spirit is good at the moment. Furthermore how can you say BN lost when it didn’t contest in the first place? The fact is Najib was planning the same coup on Perak to the rest of the state captured by the opposition post-Mar 2008 general election – Selangor, Penang and Kedah. But because the plan didn’t work in Perak the rest of the states didn’t get triggered so you can be sure the frogs are still very much alive and kicking in these states. Imagine Perak fells under Najib’s great plan thus Abdullah Badawi has to pack his laundry follows by the domino-effect when Selangor, Kedah and Penang falls after Najib took over as the sixth prime minister. Can you feel the electrifying performance of a superstar?

Najib Razak Coward Cockroach

It would make former PM Abdullah Badawi so surprised and amazed with Najib’s capability that for once he would be wide awake for the next 24 hours. It would also make Mahathir’s jaw dropped 86 floors down to the ground floor from his office in Tower One, KLCC. But the script didn’t work and it went so bad that foreigners are still wondering how a House Speaker could be dragged away like a stray dog before locked away inside a room. But who cares about Penanti by-election and the Perak state? At the moment Najib has better things to do. Perak coup was a good plan but it was executed at the wrong time at the wrong state while Penanti was like loose-change to the PM. Let Anwar and his bunch of boys celebrate Najib’s cowardice for all he cares. Najib has a set of new strategy specially made to counter Anwar’s ambitious plan to unseat the 52-year-old BN.

Najib knows he can’t fight heads on with Anwar and if he can’t fight then he needs to retreat. The people are still boiling with hatred towards BN and the percentage has increased several notches since the latest Perak’s fiasco. It’s time to act as a loser in order for Anwar’s coalition to become complacent and arrogant. If possible let Anwar’s team win big so that they become big-headed. It doesn’t matter even if Anwar were to win another 10 by-elections, as long as BN controls the federal government. At this moment it’s pointless to give “incentives” to the voters because these jokers will in turn give-away the money to the opposition and this makes Najib’s team really disgusted and cursed till foamed at mouth. It’s better to save the money to recruite more frogs and wait for the right time to act.

Of course the other strategy was to adopt the infamous “divide and rule” on the so-called famous Hindraf movement. You don’t think Najib’s administration was so generous as to approve the controversial Hindraf key member’s application for the registration of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party, do you? If this new political party can deliver the Indian votes, Samy Vellu’s MIC party can go fly kite for all Najib cares. Samy Vellu has been given too long a time to retire and is now a nuisance to Najib’s administration. This Samy Vellu with an ambitious plan to push his high-school dropout son Vell Paari to become the MIC’s President has nothing to contribute but everything to scare the Indian voters away must be made to understand that his time and party has reached the expiry date.

While BN can shy away from by-election(s) it doesn’t mean it can’t sponsor Independent candidates. In fact this is a no risk gamble that worth every dollar. If the independent candidate loses his or her deposits it’s fine because it’s average-Joes money anyway. If for some reasons the independent candidate wins then he or she can announce the intention to join BN because only BN can bring development and so on and so forth – you know those standard excuses to join BN, don’t you? Bottom line is it’s not the time to fight, what more with MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and other component parties still licking their wounds after more than a year since the general election. Najib needs all the time and resources to rebuild his coalition to face the next general election, not by-elections. But first he has to fix this Perak’s problem fast as the longer it drags the easier it would be for Anwar to fish for votes. The problem is Najib can’t say sorry and give back the Perak state, directly or indirectly, because he would lose face. So he passed the ball back to Sultan of Perak’s court.

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Good Morning Encik Stocktube!It’s a lovely morning to start and then you came up with this? I cant be having any better day than today. Thanks for making LOL (as usual:)PKR might become bigheaded with no-contest at Penanti but thanks to PDRM and many more Gomen agencies, we people of this nation will always be ‘entertained’ with nonsensical news, it will be his forever nightmare. KesiannnnnnnCheerio Encik Stocktube!

morning to you fi-sha,hope they will continue “subsidizing” us with free entertainment …cheers …

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