Perak – it’s over in 2 hours, thanks to Mahathir’s plan?

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May 07 2009
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What would PM Najib do without his mentor Mahathir? In a nutshell Najib is clueless and screwed without Mahathir’s intelligence especially on the matter of Perak State’s power-grab controversy. It was a huge mess as a result of a coup without a proper plan and Mahathir openly admitted that Najib’s plan to forcefully take over Perak state was done with huge loophole – another way to say Najib should take care (kautim) of the Speaker (Sivakumar) instead of the Camry-crazy Deputy Speaker (Hee Yit Fong). Anyway all is not lost as Mahathir (and his advisors) might just have the workaround to solve Najib’s problem although it’s not perfect. At least Najib can hold on to the Perak state until the next general election and in the process will not lose his face by losing back the Perak state.perak police 500 meters zoneAs part of Mahathir’s evil plan, the first thing the police need to do is to arrest basically anyone within the 500-meter exclusive zone around the state secretariat building, that’s provided the person(s) could even come so near to that zone considering road-blocks were deployed much further away from the 500-meter zone. Not a single mosquito was supposed to fly into the American-style “No-Fly-Zone” in the Iraq’s war. Maybe the policemen were bored without much retaliation so they somehow went berserk and arrested most of the average-Joes who were enjoying their breakfast at a coffee-shop. At the last count, more than 60 people were arrested and dumped into police trucks incuding people elected representatives from the oppositions. Boy, Mahathir must be delighted to see the re-occurance of his favorite Operasi Lallang though the scale is smaller this time.

Of course the first thing Mahathir need to do is to declare (which he already did yesterday) that the Sultan of Perak does not have the power to remove or sack a Chief Minister to whom he appointed. This makes Mahathir a temporary angel and the oppositions sing the songs of praise. But on the other hand Mahathir secretly deviced a strategy so that the BN coalition led by Najib can retain the Perak state. It’s pathetic to read that IGP (Inspector-General of Police) Musa Hassan has the cheek to say that literally it was not the fault of the police if pregnant women were to die as a result of tragic (fell off from motorcycle or ran over by car) snatch theft. Ironically the IGP has excessive reserve of policemen that hundreds of them could be sent to Perak to intimidate and harass the average-Joes wearing black.

While the PR was so focus in grabbing their seats the BN led by Zambry was instructed to focus on the microphone. Yes, it’s a simple strategy but it works seamlessly in removing the PR’s Speaker. In fact it was like a child-game. Those who hold the microphone speaks louder and become the captain. Zambry was to move a motion to remove the Speaker who is expected to scream at top of his voice asking Zambry and his boys to go out. Zambry and his team should not move an inch because basically the Speaker will be paralyze without the co-operation of the sergeant-at-arms to remove Zambry. Didn’t I tell you money and power can move mountains *yawn*? Thank God this is not Taiwan otherwise we would be watching assemblymen throwing punches and assemblywomen pulling each other’s hair.

The turning point was when the Speaker Sivakumar left the House to escort Raja Muda (window of diversion) the microphones belong to the Speaker and PR assemblymen were quietly switched off. And the traitor deputy Speaker Hee Yit Fong was to announce that BN has the majority and successfully removed Speaker Sivakumar. PR (Pakatan Rakyat) may have the chairs but the BN has the microphones and they quickly appointed BN’s Ganesan as the new Speaker, never mind that PR’s Speaker refused to budge from the official Speaker chair. In fact during the recess all the PR’s assemblymen including its Speaker refuse to leave their seats but frankly the PR seems to have lost the battle. It’s a matter of time before Speaker Sivakumar needs to answer nature’s call right *grin*? So while the PR was adamant about not leaving their seats, the BN brought in a table for their new Speaker to continue with their agendas.

Police arrest black t-shirtHowever it would be interesting to see if what transpired in the House is legitimate and legal considering that Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah has not officially deliver his speech and declared the state assembly open. Anyway BN has the upperhand with the latest twist, not to mention the support from the police and sergeant-at-arms. It doesn’t matter if the PR assemblymen decided to glue themselves to their chairs till midnight today because come the next asembly, the sergeant-at-arms will be super-efficient in removing anyone from PR should they try to grab the official “government seats” in the House. Furthermore do I have to repeat that democracy is dead since Mahathir took over the country more than 28 years ago?

Heck, looking back it seems the Perak State now has not only 2 (two) Chief Ministers but also 2 (two) Speakers. Aren’t you proud to be Malaysian? Maybe those assemblymen currently aligned to either PR or BN can have a coffee-talk and form their own alliance and appoint their own Chief Minister and Speaker as well, especially those who would not get to be appointed executive councillors. OK, the above may not be the plan hatched by Mahathir but if it was, it’s plain stupid although hilarious. BN is guaranteed to lose the Perak state in the next general election and it could be another Kelantan in the making. As of writing time, the assembly is not over yet so let’s continue watching, shall we?

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Update: Speaker Sivakumar was forcefully taken away by a group of men in jackets (Special Branch or Thugs?) after the first attempt by sergeant-at-arms to do so failed. Ganesan who is not an assemblymen proudly taken over the Speaker Chair. He tried to restore order with his newly found power but PR’s assemblymen are drowing him. It’s possible that all the PR’s assemblymen may be ejected out from the House the same way as their Speaker.

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Correction. BN is guaranteed to lose NOT ONLY Perak state in the next general election but the rest of the country as well.

Let them win this one… Guarantee they win lose the war next time.

What a lot of Bu*****t. What is the people going to do about this? U will see in the next GE ! Hope there is a GE to go to… it could go back to Hitler era…Tyranny!

What is the phrase?? Apa nama tu.. Malaysia Boleh Lagi LAH

Convince one person per month to vote for PR. If every PR supporters does that by the next GE… BN will end.

KNNCCB,the Perakian will curse the bn and the ruler for life.The PR should start doing the “ground work” now with the Perakians and kacau the illegal govt.


What is new in this Bolehland?

UMNO/BN are having "New Clowns" in the "Same Ketuanan Paradigm Outfit".

The Muslim Hadhari UMNO Ketuanan/BN Leaders are “Bankrupt of Intelligent, Legal, Constitutional, Political, Financial etc SOLUTIONS”….

In Ipoh on 7/5/09 it is another of their “Wayang Kulit” when they already had THEIR “Master Plan” approved & their “Mercenaries” identified to undertake the Institutional, GLCs, projects, etc plus the coup d'etat at the DUN….

They & their “Mercenaries” will always be in Denial & therefore resort to “Alternative Tactics” which can only be found in their Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle “Holy Book”!

Party promotions based on “patronisation, money politics, etc” without “Meritocracy and Proven Track Records” leads to “Leaders” that UMNO is inheriting – “Elite, Ketuanan UMNO BEGGARS”….

Remember….One must always be MAGNANIMOUS in VICTORY….


UMNO Baru is too deep in its 4th stage “Terminal Cancer” NOW, to be CURED”….Period!

Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders & their Mercenaries are now “Outdoing & Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”.

Every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal another “Truth” in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.

Moral of the story….when the PR Leader (Speaker) was under threat, where were the 2nd & 3rd line Leaders (ex-MB, etc) to provide backup, diversions, etc at the battlefront?

UMNO/BN had their Legal & Operations Director in Datuk Shafee WITHIN the Dewan, advising Zam before & during the adjournment, but PR had no equivalent….

PR cannot just hold on to their "Constitutional Rights" alone but have to "Think, Plan, Strategise & ACT" beyond "Outside the Box"….

To counter whatever is at "Play" accordingly….

PR Speaker should have nominated ex-MB, etc to send off Raja Nazrin with the "Threatening" situation at hand….

If PR Speaker & ex-MB thought they had managed to have a "Word or Two" with Raja Nazrin to support them, then they were "Mistaken" as UMNO/BN has Raja Nazrin by his Orbs/Jugulars"

The PR Aduns were "Outmatched & mislead into UMNO/BN's TRAP".

Further they have been "ZOMBIED & DUMBED" by the UMNO/BN's Bomoh spell to finally be "OVERWHELMED" by UMNO/BN's Charade at the Dewan sitting to unlawfully & physically remove their PR "Speaker"….

Never underestimate your opponents, especially when they play by their "Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle" Holybook.

Do keep up your “Prayers” to God Almighty in your own way for “Sanity, Human Rights, Justice, Freedom, Equality & Peace to “Prevail” over “EVIL”

Devine Intervention works Wonders.


Correction, BN will lose the whole of paninsular Malaysia but will win in Sabah and Sarawak. Those people there are bunch of blur idiots.

A shameful day indeed. I wore my black no to ISA t-shirt and paraded around KL / PJ. BTW, gem of an article. 🙂

Back to pepper spray Hee. I’m thinking of bringing in and selling pepper spray. Maybe I should get traitor Hee to endorse it. I’ve got the tagline all written down, “Works for a state assemblyman, why not you?”. Ppl would sure love it cos it doubles up as a key chain as well.

with god willing, umno & bn will be buried next election…madey the old goat

The microphone was switched off! Ha, this smells like Sarawak! In one election, the power was switched off and then when the light came on, BN won by a big majority!Ay, why Sarawak is always so advanced in tactics. May be next time get some advice from Sarawak.

[…] Perak – it’s over in 2 hours, thanks to Mahathir’s plan? […]

[…] Perak – it’s over in 2 hours, thanks to Mahathir’s plan? […]

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