Perak Government – Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Feb 18 2009
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If there’s one thing that keep us all entertained and the Perak Constitutional Crisis still in play, it’s because the Speaker, V Sivakumar, has not been bought yet by the federal government known as BN (Barisan Nasional). And let’s hope this Sivakumar has the balls of steel and stays that way. The Perak state legislative assembly speaker V. Sivakumar has just suspended Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive council (exco) members from attending the state legislative assembly for a period of 18 months and 12 months respectively – for contempt of the assembly.

Whoa! This drama is indeed better than making 100% profit in stock investing. Who would have thought that the Speaker post that was previously dominated by BN and “equipped” with such a power would one day fall into the hand of opposition and in turn being used to embarrass the BN instead? Maybe the karma has finally comes and it’s true that whatever goes around comes around. Of course the most fortunate thing was that the traitor former DAP Jelapang assemblywoman Hee Yit Foong who betrayed her party in exchange for more than RM20 million (and the pending Toyota Camry) was not the Speaker else it would be almost game-over for PR (Pakatan Rakyat). It’s funny that the architect (Najib Razak) who plotted the downfall of PR government in Perak could miss out this important aspect.

Speaker V Sivakumar DAPBut now the question is whether the latest action by the Speaker to suspend the assemblymen without first bringing it before the assembly is legitimate. Rest assures that Najib Razak will have restless night burning the midnight oil to re-strategize a new plan in response to the latest counter-attack by the PR. Will the people be amazed once again with another round of dirty politics from the federal government? Now that the PR has regained its majority of 28 seats against BN’s 24 seats (with 7 seats suspended) will the Sultan of Perak reverse his earlier decision to have another round of Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) swearing ceremony? Gosh! This is getting ridiculous.

It will paint a foolish picture on the Ruler if such “now you see it, now you don’t” in relation to the Menteri Besar were to continue. Won’t it be wise for the Ruler to dissolve the assembly and return the power to choose a new government to the people initially? Of course business and money speaks louder than thunder but at the same time to sacrifice the Royal’s dignity? Sometimes you just got to admire the wonders money can do to human being. So what are the options Najib has now that the ball is in his court?

  1. Perform the David Copperfield magic again – Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar somehow has to disappear and there’s nobody that has master such skill-sets other than Najib’s team themselves.
  2. Re-use the controversial but highly effective ISA – Forcefully arrest Perak Speaker V.Sivakumar under the pretext that he needs to be protected as the government intelligence received information that Sri Lanka guerillas are on their way onboard AirAsia Airbus A320 to kidnap Sivakumar *convincing huh?*.
  3. Money speaks volume – Offer RM100 million cash to V.Sivakumar plus two units of Camry and penthouse with KLCC view. Throw in a Deputy Menteri Besar post if he’s still stubborn. In addition he has the option to own 20 hectares of land beside Samy Vellu’s in Australia for a token of RM1 Ringgit.
  4. Declare State Emergency in Perak – the fastest way to control the state indefinitely. With police, army, judicial at its disposal nobody dares to threaten or question the federal government decision. Highly unlikely and foolish to opt for this option.
  5. Deface V.Sivakumar personality – pay RM500 bucks to a photoshop specialist to doctor V.Sivakumar’s photo with a local Bollywood actress in a sexual intercourse position. In hours you’ve another Elizabeth Wong’s nude photos scandal. Now get Samy Vellu (Khir Toyo needs to rest) to demand V. Sivakumar’s resignation *simple huh?*.

Rosmah Scold NajibWhatever it is Speaker V. Sivakumar and his immediate family members have to be protected by PR guards because he’s now the hottest celebrity in town. Boy! This guy needs security that even the President Barack Obama might not enjoy. This bring the next question – will PR seeks audience with Sultan of Perak to dissolve the assembly and lets the people decide on the new government once and for all? What will the Sultan of Perak decision be?

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damn good one with the unfolding of the show going on in perak, better than any soap operas.

wah.. u gave rational points and r funny at the same time.. great job man

Absolutely brilliant piece!

Funny how they now complain that the legitamacy of the suspension is suspect as Sivakumar as the Speaker should have brought the recommendation to the Assembly for the Assembly to then decide.

How come they did not think of that when trying to establish if the Mentri Besar still retained the support of the majority in that same Assembly?

Well, in a way, the Sultan has to live with this as well.

Emergency not possible?? Never estimate how low can Najib go….

LOL!! I love your caption on Rosmah – utterly believable! 😀


Very well analyse, written and humorous as well.

If I’m not mistaken Pakatan almost made the fatal mistake of giving the House Speaker position to BN initially after 308 election just to show that they were practicing fair governnce.


Good move PR. Way to go!!!

A side note: What does FinanceTwitter think of Genting-CM? Is it a good buy now since the expiry date is still over a year away?

Thank you.

Trading is not a very good option these days.

will the Sultan of Perak reverse his earlier decision to have another round of Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) swearing ceremony?

technically (or should i say constitutionally?), nizar is still the legitimate MB…

Call this a checkmate?

Like your blog, keep it up.

wait til next elections….enough is enough !!! they cannot ‘buy’ everyone…where is the money goin to come from???submarine and aircraft deals??or spare parts deals???

Hi Stockcube,

I like your mix of politics and economics; something our leaders apparently can’t do. For them, the only thing they can mix with politics is gutter.

On point 3, will they chuck in some shares of Gamuda you think? That should get Siva over the line.

Oh boy!Oh boy!It has been very long that some article made me laughing continuously!!!!!!!!!!

Great job man. You really nailed it.

i seriously enjoy your writing choice, very interesting.don't quit and also keep penning due to the fact it just simply that is worth to follow it.excited to find out more and more of your article content, thankx!

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