Go get Kedah and Selangor. Then focus on economy, deal?

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Feb 15 2009
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President Barack Obama has gotten the Congress to pass the $787 billion economic stimulus plan. There’s nothing to shout about because the U.S. economy will take at least another year, if you’re lucky, to see favorable result. Meanwhile over in Malaysia everyone is waiting for the coming second stimulus economic package to excite the sliding economy. The quantum is still unknown but it’ll be between RM7 billion to RM35 billion. Only certain top politicians and the governor of Central Bank knew the figures because they knew how the country was doing in fourth quarter of 2008. So if the country is about to grow at 0% this year then they may pump in RM35 billion which is equivalent to 5% of the country’s GDP (gross domestic product), if their intention was to declare 5% positive growth. Simple and you don’t need to become David Copperfield.

Investors are either still parking their money in the banks or already bought some stocks hoping to make some money when the mini-bull starts displaying its tail once the second stimulus plan is announced. But there’re other excitements other than the potential RM35 billion stimulus package. If the year 2008 was the year when the complacent BN (Barisan Nasional) government was given a knock on the head when it lost five states, the year 2009 could well become the year BN strikes back to reclaim its lost dignity and face. Compared to opposition PR (Pakatan Rakyat) the BN has the advantage of coaxing the Rulers to become one of them, not to mention the unlimited supply of money at its disposal.

Malaysia-Today made a lengthy explanation and justification why Sultan of Perak was playing a fair game to both PR (after they won the majority from the people) and BN (after they paid millions of dollars for defections and won back the majority now). It further claimed that the Perak state might fall again back to PR but frankly I’ve my reservation because money talks and at this moment PR does not have the deep pocket to turn the table around. In addition it’s beyond everyone’s understanding why the Sultan of Perak did not opt to dissolve the assembly for a state-level election when it was put on the table that the Ruler knew both BN and PR could not form a strong government. Why prolong the situation when the writing was already on the wall?

BN counter strike PRTactical-wise Najib Razak should activate the next phase to take over Kedah state from PR now that five PR state assemblypersons have confirmed their defections, RM100 million to recapture the state is indeed cheap. Malaysia-Today also claimed the Selangor state could collapse with promise of Chief Minister position to Hassan Ali if he could pull the carpet under the PR government. It appears that besides Toyota Camry the traitor former-DAP Hee Yit Fong was doing the worst thing a Chinese can do (betrayal) to pull her husband out from the hole of debts, the same way once popular former-DAP Bukit Bintang assemblyman Lee Lam Thye did to settle his wife’s debts. Lee Lam Thye’s wife was known to be a hard-core gambler and Genting Highland was her second home.

I suppose it’s true that everyone including politician has his / her price tag. Stop crapping about your struggle to help the communities and the people because given an envelope or briefcase, politicians would rather take RM20 million – RM50 million and abandon the people who voted them in. So can you blame the Rulers to put their business interest on top of other priorities? It was only natural for the Selangor Sultan to defend his uncle, Perak Sultan, and if PR were to go through the same cycle as their brother in Perak, consider the Selangor state gone. If Najib is smart enough, he should capture the Kedah follows by Selangor now that the PR is in disarray and would not be able to mount any effective counter-strike.

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by the time, Najib finishes his plan to take back Kedah and Selangor thru the back door, 5 years are up and the next election will be right before his eyes. He will rather declare an emergency and use intimidating violence to end any protest, like the Mugabe goon, rather than face an election.

See now he has to distance himself from the UMNO plan to hang Eli Wong which is nothing but his hatchet plan to destroy PR and reclaim Selangor.

Believe me, he aint going to win in any by-elections for the 3 states. In the history of Malaysia, no incoming PM has to carry such heavy baggage of immorality.

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