Chinese are a bunch of Cowards

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May 08 2009
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Five thousand years of Chinese Civilization have transformed the Chinese into a unique race which possessed all the necessary ingredients to survive in a harsh environment. But they are still the same homo-sapiens that are clever yet selfish and cowards. Although the Chinese are complex they’re relatively easy to understand once you mix with them. And they don’t call Singaporean “Kiasu” (fear of losing) and “Kiasi” (afraid of death) without any good reason. As usual there’re two sides of the coin and hence the Chinese are known to be rich (or rather economical capable) yet they need to be led and controlled under communism regime for obvious reason.Mr KiasuBecause of the “Kiasu” characteristic, the Chinese are always in front of the queue when come to the business of making money regardless whether it is legitimate or illegitimate. They can naturally smell the aroma of money miles away and they are willing to enter the ring of no-holds-barred for the sake of making money. There’s not a single business which can make money without the presence of Chinese. From stock market speculators to drug smuggling you will see the Chinese have some parts in it. Yes, the Chinese are brilliant and can make huge amount of money quite easily but that’s because they’re a great spender as well. They can create an efficient economy mill within a small town with ease and you wonder how the hell the community can prosper. As a comparison, go to a kampong dominated by ethnic-Malay and your jaw will drop to the floor.

Generally the Chinese (in China) are weak in politics thanks to thousands of years under autocratic dynasties’ rule. From the first emperor Qin Shi Huang to the last emperor Pu Yi, the Chinese never tasted real politics let alone democracy. So when the Taiwan’s lawmakers started throwing punches and chairs, spraying water at each other, pulling hairs and literally transformed the House into a wrestling hall, it was understandable as they were just infants learning the rope of democracy. However the Chinese are very good in business so much so that they “may be” the first race that invented corruption (whether they realize it or not) in order to speed up the business deals.

Perak AssemblyUnfortunately the Chinese are “Kiasi” at the same time. They have extremely high level of tolerance and as long as they can bring food to the table for their family, they can accept intimidation, inefficient and even a very corrupted government. That was the reason why they never strike back even though their husbands and sons were brutally killed and their wives and daughters were gang-raped during the riot in Indonesia of which many said was engineered by General Wiranto and endorsed by President Suharto. The Chinese have done a calculated risk and knew it wasn’t a battle for them thus they migrated leaving behind the debris but not before transferred billions of dollars out of Indonesia (mostly to Singapore). They understand the concept of live another day and you will still be alive to avenge your losses. Fight a losing battle and you’ll lose your life cheaply.

Having said that the Chinese would not tolerate if their country is at stake as can be seen when the China was invaded many times by outsiders. In fact historically the Chinese never invaded other countries (if my old memory serves me right) but was enjoying many civil wars within the current modern China territory. The Chinese had the greatest opportunity to expand their empire during the height of their naval power under Admiral Zheng He when the China generally ruled the seas but they didn’t. They’re happy to show off their power and as long as you do not poke their nose, they’ll leave you alone. And for this simple reason former PM Mahathir once said Malaysia (and other countries) has everything to gain and nothing to lose if China continues to prosper although the other superpower U.S. didn’t think so, out of jealousy I supposed.

Perak AssemblyPerak AssemblyUnlike the Chinese, the ethnic-Malays are specialists when come to the topic of politics. They’re willing to risk everything for their political beliefs including their lives and for this reason the UMNO supporters were easily intimidated and demoralized with the presence of a bigger crowds from PAS, both consists of Malays. There’re reasons why the “Bersih” rally was a huge success but the supposedly “Perak” rally yesterday was, well, a failure. Unlike the “Bersih” rally, there was no serious organizer for the “Perak” rally and everyone “thought” people will show-up naturally as if it was a “Michael Jackson” concert. But sadly the urge for the rally never reach the Perakians. Furthermore the “Kiasi” Chinese will only turn up if they see scores of Malays turn up. It was like a 100:1 ratio – if there’re 100 Malays then you’ll probably see 1 Chinese *grin*. They need PAS-Malays to lead them, period.

Seriously most of the Chinese in Ipoh consists of middle-age or retiree who do not have the stamina to run should they greeted by tear-gas. Also, they do not read blogs but still subscribe to the government-controlled newspaper, mind you. In addition, many of these Chinese are still haunted by the 13th May 1969 bloody incident. The youngsters who are “relatively brave” have mostly migrated to towns such as Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bharu or Singapore. They have yet to see that should they be whacked by UMNO-Malays, the PAS-Malays will come to their rescue and can you blame the Chinese considering they’re one bunch of “Kiasi” cowards?

Perak AssemblyPerak AssemblyNow, after seeing how an Indian-Hindu Speaker Sivakumar was humiliated and dragged away as if he was a stray-dog by, God knows if they’re real police, do you think the already “Kiasi” Chinese will not think thrice to come out, if there’s another rally in the future? If the so-called police can treat a Speaker in such manner, what guarantees are there that an average-Joes will not ended up like toasted-bread with several broken bones? Yes, in this case the Malays are well-built wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Batista, Triple-H or Goldberg but the Chinese are just novice with body no bett
er than Tian Chua. So it’s not a level playing field with Tian Chua holding a poster while Hulk Hogan holding a steel-bar thirsty for blood. Oh yeah! Do you want to know the court’s decision on Monday to decide who the rightful Chief Minister of Perak is? I’ve the crystal ball for this *grin*.

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I would have to disagree for the simple fact that the DAP was practically the major portion of Malaysia’s political opposition for many years.

When Badawi won the general elections in 2004, the DAP had 12 seats, which is more than PAS (8) and PKR (1) combined (9), thus making LIM KIT SIANG the leader of the opposition at the time. Have you so easily forgotten? So, from these facts, would you conclude that the Malays are stupid, cowardly or both? Not fair, right?

What you say is partially true but do keep in mind that we the chinese and indians needs to survive in this land too. We were given nothing even though we had help the malays to achieve independence. Despite the fact that we help build the economy, constantly making Malaysia proud, ect. What did we get in return other than being called a pendatang?

We don’t control the army, pdrm or the government. We are at the losing end most of the time. so what’s wrong to be kiasi or kiasu for survival sake?

I hope this piece is satirical, otherwise you are no different than the racists who now govern our country.

You have singled up the chinese for failing to turn out ,but how many malays are there and likewise the indians? In fact ,I believe there wasn’t any organising done for the event. The call to gather was made on the eve of the event,and as you correctly pointed out, the chinese population in Ipoh is made up of mainly MIDDLE AND OLD AGED,MANY DIDN’T know of the call to protest.

IN addition, calling to wear black is another PANDANG to this segment of population.And most likely they would not be able to find one at home.

Chinese again has this trait,ie moderation as incalculated by confucious .THey donot carry things to extreme. Only when politics is going to extreme, they shall moderate it.You may think the chinese have organised themslves to vote out bn in GE308 and BUKIT GANTANG ,then you are wrong,their voting habbit is greatly influenced by this value.You know, the bn has for the past years carried themslves to the extreme in many aspects. The voting of the chinese was thus almost unanimous .

It is a fallcy to state that the chinese is kiasi.Never is the case! Chinese has a saying ie One may die as glorious as the weight of the MOUNTAIN THAI or as unworthy or as light as a feather.When a worthy cause calls for sacrifice,the response from the population, particularly the grassroots will be insurmountable.

Last, did you expect that the bn would stooge this low and this unruly? We have not expected this roughing up in such an august venue.

According to my study, 3 thousand armed man and women KIA during resistance movement in Japanese-occupied Malaya. During Emergency period, there were 10 thousand communists KIA That total up casualty of total 13 thousand (majority Chinese). After Baling Talks, 30 thousand young man and woman walk into the jungle. Together will those had been killed, Chinese who involved in direct military movement were approximately 50 thousand. This is what had been recorded by western countries. In reality, the figure should be higher, including civilian how are direct or indirectly supplied goods, intelligent and so on, so, I will assume the figure can be in between 100 thousand if I had included those who served in British-Malaya government, politicians and those who voluntarily joined the Mainland China battlefield. I am not sure if ALL Chinese are a bunch of Cowards or not, but I am pretty sure 100 thousand Chinese that I have mentioned shouldn’t in this category.

So, MIC very proud that they have replaced another Indian with MIC men by dragging the poor Indian man out, yes?? Didn’t they wanted more Indians in the top executive positions?? Why replace one to one? Why not leave that Indian man there as Speaker and ask Zombie to give MIC another high level post? Then you have 2 Indians in top position, No??? How to get more places for Indians if you just replace one to one? Stupid! Not only are MIC Indians snakes, they are also very, very stupid. I am only repeating after Hamidah about the snake bit. All UMNO supporters are retards. That includes MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP and those other retarded parties in BN!


The Chinese of Ipoh…deserve Zombie and Zoltan……enjoy…..

I beg to differ. The chinese are not coward. The chinese choose restrain for the sake of peace and harmony, albeit sporadic protest. But the chinese will remember the ballot box. That is where they shall make their view known. Do you expect the chinese to go out in drove and gang to fight the police and not expect the malay to also go out in drove. Think about it. Do you not see that this is a police state. Do you expect the storming of the bastille to work. The federal government is waiting to impose emergency rule and take control of the state by hook or by crook. More by crooks. But the PR ADUN will live on to fight another day. Remember UMNO goons, this is not the end. It is the beginning of the end of BN/UMNO brand of politic.

To be fair you need to read the book “Wolf Totem”..the chinese are not wolves they are sheep..to be led.
This book was written by a chinese proffesor in the Peking University.
You guessed it. The book is banned in China and the author lives in exile

my grandfather bravely stood with the malays & indians to fight against the communists in the jungles of Perak but today lived heartbroken to see his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren & himself included, referred to as PENDATANG.

what is the point of fighting? take care of ourselves & our children. earn as much as possible to send our children for studies overseas because there're not enough places for pendatangs in local universities. cowards? who cares?! this is survival.


this remind me that the chinese-kiasu almost like the jews

To Anonymous @ “Friday, May 08, 2009 9:59:00 PM”

DAP’s 12 seats may be more than PAS+PKR’s 9 seats, but is a lot less than the BN Chinese seats (excluding Sabah/Sarawak). MCA(31), Gerakan(10).

The ‘non-kiasi’ Chinese are only a minority from the DAP led by never-say-die LKS. The majority of the Chinese, besides being ‘kiasu’, remained ‘kiasi’. Many despise MCA and Gerakan for being UMNO running dogs but still dared not vote DAP because of fear of another May 13. The clearest and best example of the running dog syndrome was exhibited by Koh Tsu Koon. He was Penang CM, and I believe he is an honest person, but closed both his eyes to his UMNO deputy’s land scams. Why? Because that was the unwritten condition for him to hold the CM post.

I believe the large swing of Chinese votes from MCA and Gerakan to DAP resulted mainly from the coalition with PAS and PKR and the the belief that, (using the writer’s own words) “should they be whacked by UMNO-Malays, the PAS-Malays will come to their rescue”. Previously they voted with their head(so they thought). Now they voted with both their head and their heart.

I have to agree with the writer on this.

Sorry to say this is not your best piece. Incoherent reasoning and full of racist theories. For example, are you saying all Chinese are money minded? Why are there poor Chinese all over the world especially in China? Are you saying all Chinese are corrupt to the extent Chinese invented corruption? Then why Hong Kong and Singapore are rated the least corrupted place on Earth?

Who said the Indonesia Chinese did not retaliate. They transferred all their capitals and helped brought down Suharto and now Indonesia has equal rights bill for minority, where is yours Malaysia?

Malaysian Chinese knew since May 13 1969, power grows out of the barrel of the gun. Fighting on the street of Ipoh will not change the government but will give UMNO plenty of reasons to slaughter all Chinese in Malaysia, even PAS Malays especially the Trengganu PAS will switch side and join in the fun. The Chinese will do it next GE.

Don't you know comfortable businessmen never resort to violence ? Or to put it another way , the rich never need to fight !

When the Chinese becomes poor like those in Africa/South America then they will no longer be kiasi kiasu. that I will bet my last dollar.

They are just simply rich & selfish

Anon Saturday, May 09, 2009 12:50:00 AM

U sure what u r writing?

Wolf Totem is not ban in China & the author is still working/living in China.

Check yr facts, plz if u want to quote!

Without any support from the Gomen, we need to survive in this world. If not for our nature, we would not worse than the orang asli and other early immigrants to this country.

lol. i have been following your writings for like … 2 or 3 weeks. the market turbulences make me no choice but to go out and read what comments others have. overall, for this chinese kiasu kiasi post, i couldn’t have agree more, at least it applies for some MAJORITY of Malaysian Chinese! 🙂

then of course, we all should salute Malaysian Chinese whom are politics activist. (WHO REALLY FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS and not for cash, hopefully still) Both YB Lim from DAP and and so on …

Thumbs up for this post!

No, we Chinese are not cowards. The kiasi trait is all about pragmatic survival in the world honed by the thousands of years of experience of Chinese civilization. That is the reason why 1 out of 4 homo sapiens in the world are Han Chinese.

Sunzi’s “Art of War” tells us that it is better to tactically lose a battle (alternatively conduct a strategic retreat or withhold one’s army) in order to win the ultimate war. What’s the use of being a dead hero, i.e., one who pointlessly sacrifices his life for one lousy battle?

History gives us plenty of examples when we Chinese unwisely chose to fight against overwhelming odds and then suffered humiliating defeat. A clear example in Malaysian history was when the Malayan Communist Party whose comrades formed the backbone of the MPAJA resistance during the Japanese Occupation were eventually backstabbed by the British at the end of WW2. The British crushed the communists by imprisoning rural folks in the New Villages, thus cutting off MCP’s food and resources supply lines. On the other hand, the Vietcongs defeated the Americans because of one particularly superior guerilla warfare tactic – tunneling – Malayan communists did not master that warfare strategy to get into the New Villages. Otherwise, the history of Malaysia would have been different.

Bitter experience now informs the Chinese that it is wiser to let the Malays and Indians to do the fighting and dying in the small battles until the time is right for the Chinese to join the war. FLEE in order that one may fight another day. Nevertheless, the case of a certain ex-DAP ADUN is neither about being kiasu nor kiasi; it was outright treachery against the Chinese. May she be eternally damned for stooping so low to turn against her own kind!

2 Thumbs up !

Blaming the Chinese is irrelevant because it is entirely in the power of the Malay majority to create a better country. The police, the civil service, the Malay voter are the guilty ones because they have the real, actual political power (and thus the responsibility) to effect the changes that this country needs. If anything, Malaysia has been let down by the Malay leadership, not the Chinese. Blaming the Chinese is a simplistic, unthinking cop-out.

hello anonymous at Friday, May 08, 2009 9:59:00 PM,

read again the article and try to think the hidden message …

hello anonymous at Friday, May 08, 2009 10:20:00 PM,

didn’t i wrote “They understand the concept of live another day and you will still be alive to avenge your losses. Fight a losing battle and you’ll lose your life cheaply.”

hello PoisonKagero,

read it but not with a 12-year-old mind please 🙂

hello anonymous at Friday, May 08, 2009 11:19:00 PM,

again, i supposed you didn’t read the whole article … didn’t i wrote “They understand the concept of live another day and you will still be alive to avenge your losses. Fight a losing battle and you’ll lose your life cheaply.”

also, didn’t i wrote there’s no serious organiser?

cheers …

hello aramsa,

who were the chinese voted for before Mar 2008? i supposed they enjoyed being raped?

hello anonymous at Saturday, May 09, 2009 12:56:00 AM,

sure, don’t fight physically but can you say they fight through ballot box before Mar 2008? maybe they’re ignorant …

hello manickam,

and the reason why hk and s’pore were efficient in combat corruption?

didn’t i wrote ” The Chinese have done a calculated risk and knew it wasn’t a battle for them thus they migrated leaving behind the debris but not before transferred billions of dollars out of Indonesia (mostly to Singapore). They understand the concept of live another day and you will still be alive to avenge your losses. Fight a losing battle and you’ll lose your life cheaply.”

cheers …

only a fool will not fear a worthless death. and Malaysian chinese are not fools. why should we stand when we can be moving targets? when you die, there is nothing else you can do. if you live, there is another day to fight.

sometimes, to fight is not to use one’s hand but one’s brain. there are other ways to fight a corrupted BN regime than to stand in the line of gunfire.

seeing the Youtube video, I must say it takes two hands to clap and some of the Pakatan reps clapped with the BN reps. they should not have acted rough or thrown money even if they were provoked. they should show a much better example or else they are no better than the scum they are trying to replace.

and the final “victory” photoshoot shows that BN treated the DUN like an un-disciplined football match.

what a shame!

Chinese Civilisation has brought a lot of nice things into the world. To some extend this article may be true but without the Chinese the world may not be what it is today. Admiral Zheng He led his fleet to the uncharted world and tought the world about civilisation. In fact they tought the west about seafaring and navigation. See Gavin Menzies book titled 1421 and 1434. All the evidence was systematically and scientifically demonstrated.


agreed with you sheikh sambal … there’s no doubt chinese has contributed lots of thing …

in fact without chinese, we won’t have compass, gun powder, paper and other great inventions … no doubt about it …

thanx for your comment …

cheers …

Chinese are the true cowards of cowards. That is because, just like you have said; we have been cowed by autocracy for a long long time, and also famines. China is the only country which has been plagued by the most number of famines. The rotten attitude of Chinese could be due to our degenerated genes.I witnessed the Chinese attitude at an accident site when I was still in secondary school. The Chinese cyclist was bleeding by the roadside. The driver of the car who knocked the cyclist down was also a Chinese. There were so many good-for-nothing people (including me) stood by and didn't help. Then something strange happened. Two Indian men came up and took the bloodied victim to hospital in their car. There were other Chinese watching too.Then the Chinese driver tried to stop them from helping the victim. The Chinaman said that the police had not arrived and the injured man was not supposed to be moved. They argued for a while and the pair then ignored the Chinaman and took the injured man to hospital. At least the Samaritans had some common sense to save a life first and talk-cock later.Just a few weeks ago, one of my relatives commented that he would not stop to take any bleeding road-accident victim in his new Volvo because the blood would stain his seats. Are we a hopeless bunch?The problem is the majority of the Chinese has this mentality.Another problem with Chinese — most of us are also racists and bullies. Many of my so-called friends look down on other races because of their darker skin. They are disappointed to know that there are more Indians who won the Nobel Prize than Chinese.It seems to me, Chinese people are also suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. This syndrome is a survival mechanism. Those who suffer from it are neither weak nor mad. They find themselves in a situation where they have to keep their captor happy in order to stay alive, which then becomes an obsessive identification with the likes and dislikes of the captor. Captives change their behaviour to please their tormentor, even sympathising with the captor's cause. Stockholm Syndrome has been observed in concentration camp prisoners, cult members, prostitutes, incest victims, battered women, physically or/and emotionally abused children, victims of hijacking and hostages.That is why the BN govt can take care of the Chinese for more than 40 years. Kill a couple of Chinaman, it will scare a million us.I say, Chinese is too smart for their own good. Chinese have 1 million reasons for being cowards but there isn't a reason given for being a hero. All I can say to my own people, is to say a prayer. We need heroes.Amen.

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