May 13th Anniversary – the same Power Crazy Politicians

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May 13 2009
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Would it be too cruel to say “I told you so” now that the Court of Appeal granted the so-called illegitimate Chief Minister Zambry a stay of execution on the High Court ruling yesterday that the so-called legitimate Chief Minister Nizar was the rightful Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Perak? From a state that fall into the hand of opposition after Mar 2008 general election to the magical creation of 2 (two) Chief Ministers, 2 (two) Speakers and now back to the unbelievable 0 (zero) Chief Minister it would take David Copperfield many more years to understand the trick. This Constitutional Crisis continuous tragedy has raised millions of eyebrows that other news such as the Altantuya murder case, PKFZ’s RM8 billion (someone said RM12 billion) scandal and the fuel hike of RON97 by 20 sen to RM2.00 a liter are taking the back seats.

Of course some of you claimed Nizar is still the rightful and legitimate Chief Minister but at the same time some would argue that Zambry is still the Chief Minister of the day thanks to three frogs, the Sultan of Perak and the single-instead-of-three Court of Appeal’s judge. In fact we should be proud that the country has her own version of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela combined, at least that was what Zambry claimed he is, never mind the only similiarity is perhaps the skin colour. While Nizar was speechless about Court of Appeal’s verdict most of the average-Joes knew this stunt was about to happen. So it’s kind of funny that Nizar would be so naïve to believe the story ended the moment he was declared the winner by the High Court. It would be a miracle for the Ruler to grant Nizar the permission to dissolve the Assembly.

The political script which was reused again and again by BN for years appeared to be outdated judging from the feedback from the man on street. It’s so predictable. Now Nizar has applied to set aside the stay of execution order by the Court of Appeal and you don’t need to be a genius to guess where this whole thing is going to land – at Federal Court, the last court of hope. It was a fight that has already crippled Perak’s economy. It’s no longer about governing the state but more of face-saving – Najib and the Sultan of Perak’s face-saving to be exact. While Zambry and Nizar were busy entering and exiting the state secretariat building in a “now you’re Chief Minister, now you’re not Chief Minister” comical episode, their boss Najib and Anwar were nowhere to be seen. Both were strategizing and pulling strings from behind the curtain in their game to show who the best strategist is.

Today, 13th of May 2009, is also the 40th Anniversary of the bloody May 13th 1969 riot that had left hundreds of innocent lifes perished, thanks to politicians. PM Najib’s father was alleged to be the mastermind who architected the bloody riot 40 years ago, with the main objective in toppling Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister. Of course you won’t find such interesting history event printed in schools’ history books but you can find such books in bookstore and archives elsewhere. Many UMNO politicians especially the former premier Mahathir has used the riot as the basis to divide the Chinese, Malay and Indian for easier ethnic control. The scare, hatred and intimidate tactic worked well during Mahathir’s 22-year rule but people especially the internet-savvy younger generation now realized that it was not a riot due to racial differences but rather selfish ambition of politician(s) who was power-crazy. Of course it was academic about old-folks-tales that the architect of the riot died while in power because the God had summoned him for the many lost lifes.

Anyway the fact is both the Malay and Chinese, let alone the wealthy politicians, could not afford to have another round of similar riot simply because the stake is too high. Despite the many spins the economy cake was equally divided between both races although it is the cronies of the ruling government who controls the majority of the slice. In a nutshell everybody would be affected one way or another if some mad politicians were to push the button of riot destruction. Nevertheless May will probably be the month where we’ll see the climax in power-grabbing which involved not only the Chief Ministers, the Perakians, the police, the Speakers, the Monarchy, the judges and many more but also the Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. I’m not sure if Najib’s camp realizes this but as long as the Perak’s Crisis is not solved by returning the rights back to the people, he would do Anwar a big favor. Anwar would be delighted if Najib’s administration continues to prolong this crisis till the next general election because by then Anwar can leverage on this crisis to bash BN and therefore gain easy support from the voters.

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[…] May 13th Anniversary – the same Power Crazy Politicians […]

[…] May 13th Anniversary – the same Power Crazy Politicians […]

[…] May 13th Anniversary – the same Power Crazy Politicians […]

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