A Tale Of A “Secret Plan” Behind Speaker Pandikar’s Love For “Private Toilet”

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May 22 2015
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Frustrated, former prime minister and Godfather Mahathir Mohamad said – “Pandikar memalukan saya (Pandikar has embarrassed me)”. If it was veteran minister Samy Vellu, he would probably have said – “Pandikar buat kemaluan saya sangat besar (Pandikar made my d*ck very huge)”. Of course, we’re referring to Pandikar Amin Mulia, the present Speaker of Dewan Rakyat, the lower house of the Parliament of Malaysia.

Samy Vellu Kemaluan Besar

And of course, there’s a huge difference between “memalukan” and “kemaluan”, both of which comes from the Malay word “malu”, which translates into “shame” or “embarrass”. Obviously, Samy Vellu couldn’t differentiate between “embarrassment” and his “penis”, the same way former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin couldn’t differentiate between “election” and “erection” (*tongue-in-cheek*).


The story goes that Pandikar went to see Mahathir to express his unhappiness with the present government, so much so that the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat told the influential Mahathir he wanted to resign. Mahathir, who is having an open war with PM Najib Razak gladly consented to Pandikar’s desire, as if the old man was still the prime minister. Mahathir then went ahead and told all and sundry that the Speaker had resigned.

Malaysia Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia

Boom!! After the breaking news, the supposedly highly regarded Mr Speaker denied about his resignation, although he admitted he had met and told Mahathir about his so-called disappointment with Dewan Rakyat procedings. Then *Boom!!* again, the honourable Mr Speaker made another U-turn and admitted he had indeed tendered his resignation, but retracted it after claiming PM Najib “listened” to his complaints.


Mahathir claims Pandikar probably changed his mind about resigning after his office was “refurbished”. The comical stunt went further when Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) chairman Shahrir Samad suggested that Mr Speaker felt “not respected” because his office didn’t have a “toilet”. From the lack of new furniture to private toilet, that was how badly Speaker Pandikar was being treated (*grin*).

Malaysia Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia Office With Toilet Attached

However, Pandikar explained that he wanted to uphold the concept of separation of powers between the legislative and the executive branches of government. He was also upset because of the perception that the Malaysian Parliament was seen as a rubber stamp. He wanted to restore dignity to Parliament and make it a first-class parliament in the world. That was why he wanted to quit. He spoke as if he was Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela, was he not?


The problem is – nobody in their right mind believes him. Let’s see – after decades as politicians and 7th-year as the Speaker, Pandikar woke up one fine day and suddenly realised he didn’t get the respect he deserves and miraculously figured the country’s Parliament was actually a pariah taking only orders from Najib administration? And he found no place to confess his unhappiness but to whine, cry and bitch about it to Mahathir?

Najib vs Mahathir - War

That was one heck of a truckload of bullshit. The fact that he went to see Mahathir about his unhappiness was already so lame. Why went to a retired and expired 89-year-old man to complain? If he had visited a brothel instead, a prostitute might at least have had given him a blowjob, out of sympathy, cheekily speaking. And why on earth did he lie about his resignation in the first place?


The Speaker lied about upholding the concept of separation of powers because he couldn’t care less. Mr Mahathir also lied about Mr Speaker’s resignation cancellation because of new renovation. Mr Shahrir Samad was actually joking about Mr Speaker throwing tantrums because there was no toilet for Pandikar to “poo and pee”. All these childish excuses were merely smoke screens behind a secret plan, a plot to boot PM Najib out of office.

Malaysia Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia Resignation - What, Who, How, Why

Godfather Mahathir can only “sack” Emperor Najib through Parliament, now that the stubborn son of Razak is adamant about chaining himself to the throne. To do that he needs a “vote of no confidence” motion to be tabled and approved by Mr Speaker. But before that can even be carried out, Mahathir needs to ensure he has the numbers. We’ve written the 3-phases strategy under Mahathir’s plan last month.


During his 22-year-rule, Mahathir had deliberately looked the other way and let Sarawak Emperor Taib Mahmud plunders as he likes. The former Sarawak chief minister is expected to return the favour by backing Mahathir. That’s 25 seats in the bag. Mahathir doesn’t need to tell opposition DAP and PKR what to do. Both parties, in their quest to be seen as heroes would automatically and obediently chip in 38 and 30 seats respectively.

13 General Election - Parliamentary Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

With 93 seats, it’s still not enough to boot Najib. UMNO Sabah, which commands 22 seats is where all the fun begins. UMNO Sabah is divided into 4 factions – state Chief Minister Musa Aman, state Speaker Salleh Said Keruak, Vice President Shafie Abdal and of course, Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar. Musa and Salleh are alligned to Najib, while Shafie Abdal is seen to be abandoning Najib.


Interestingly, Mr Speaker Pandikar has an axe to grind, after he was dropped as candidate in the 2008 elections by Musa Aman. Pandikar, who wield a significance influence among the Bajau community in Sabah was given the pacifier – Dewan Rakyat Speaker – about 6-years ago in order to prevent revolts. Although superbly powerful, the position does not carry much weight in getting lucrative projects.

Musa Aman and Pandikar Amin Mulia - Rivals

So, the plot by Mahathir was to have Speaker Pandikar resigns, without letting Najib knows. The resignation bombshell was supposed to create havocs not only within UMNO Sabah, but also the Parliament. Heck, when was the last time you read about Dewan Rakyat Speaker resigning? Pandikar actually feels “not respected” and “insulted” with his pathetic monthly salary of merely RM31,000, while his comrades were getting millions in projects.


In return for his “support”, Pandikar is promised his dream job – Chief Minister of Sabah – by Mahathir. Pandikar’s resignation is important because it’s a signal that Sabah UMNO is not fully behind PM Najib Razak. Unlike the bloated 35 ministers who are too afraid to loose their profitable positions in case of a cabinet reshuffle, Pandikar has nothing to loose but everything to gain.

Sabah - Best of Borneo

Most importantly, Mahathir will be able to gauge the number of defectors from UMNO Sabah with Pandikar leading the way. After getting the numbers, the brilliant tactician Mahathir can shows the numbers he has with the rest of the selfish and coward UMNO warlords in Peninsular. He just needs at least 20 more seats from UMNO Sabah and UMNO Peninsular to bring down Najib, and it’s not really that hard to convince those half-past-six warlords.


Unfortunately to Mahathir, Mr Speaker had chickened out. Or could the offer of a project worth RM400 million, as rumoured, too good to be turned down by Pandikar Amin Mulia? Well, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Perhaps Pandikar figured why go the long distance of becoming Chief Minister of Sabah to accumulate RM800 million when the offer of RM400 million is already on the table?

Mahathir Frustrated with Cheapskate Pandikar

Probably what Mahathir had meant when he said Pandikar probably changed his mind about resigning after “his office was refurbished”, was that the Speaker probably changed his mind about resigning after “his pocket was refilled” (*grin*). But the game is not over yet. At least Mahathir knows how much Pandikar is worth. Or perhaps the whole resignation fiasco was part of a red herring, to something unimaginable even to Najib’s cleverest advisers?


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