Here’s A Potential Mahathir 3-Phases-Strategy To Boot Out Najib

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Apr 19 2015
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When we were asked to write more articles about GST more than a year ago, we deliberately refused. The reason was simple. No amount of articles on such subject would stop Najib administration from abandoning the cash cow project. Most importantly, no amount of bitching and whining about the impact of GST would wake the 47% voters (who had voted for Barisan Nasional – BN) up from their slumberland.


To tell how the 6% GST will affect these 47% hardcore BN supporters is like getting your dog to bark at a mountain, hoping to move it. Now that the tax is in full swing, it’s so much fun to see how these idiots crying, whining and bitching about paying extra for their prepaid cards, motorbike repairs, TM bills, electricity bills, and whatnot (*grin*). The point is – let the GST hits them where it hurts the most their pocket.

GST Charged on Food

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN is definitely going to lose more seats in the next general election. It’s up to the Election Commission (EC) of Malaysia to ensure BN continues to stay in power, even if its popular votes decline to 40%, or even less. And as we speak, all the mathematicians and statisticians under Election Commission’s payroll are burning midnight oil to create the “Mother of Gerrymandering” in the history of humankind.


But the EC can only do so much. It would be funny to see a Malaysian Prime Minister attending international conference who had just won only 37% of popular votes. And that’s one of the major reasons former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has gone berserk. Of course, he didn’t declare this as the main bullet. As much as everyone would like to think it was the crooked bridge which caused this crook to croak so much, it isn’t the case.

Malaysia Economy - Taxes

The crooked bridge isn’t something worth building in the first place. He just wanted a trophy of accomplishment, never mind if the bridge ends in the middle of nowhere, because Singapore wouldn’t build the other half to their soil. The old man would probably get his last orgasm because for once, he can build something without Singapore’s approval. But there’s something else much more interesting.

Mahathir Crooked Bridge - Najib Pretends Not Hearing

Mahathir is also calling Singapore’s bluff in this poker game. He’s pretty sure that if Malaysia builds the six-lane S-shaped crooked bridge, it will “force” Singapore to build the remaining half as well. Singapore actually has no issue with the bridge, as long as the package comes with attractive goodies such as the use of Malaysian airspace by the Republic of Singapore Air Force, the purchase of sand and raw water from Malaysia.

Mahathir Crooked Bridge

Instead of circling around the issue of crooked bridge, Mahathir skillfully diverts his gun back at PM Najib’s 1MDB’s RM42 billion scandal. But even if Mr Najib has indeed plundered RM42 billion, he still can’t be brought down, thanks to corruption disease infected on Barisan Nasional, the judiciary system, the police force, the monarchy, the armed forces, the election commission, the civil servants and whatnot, by none other than Mahathir himself.


Basically, there’re three phases in Mahathir’s strategy to bring down Najib, the son of Razak. First, he will (nicely) call for Najib Razak’s resignation, to which he has done numerous times. Of course, Najib has chosen to play dumb. This is also where Mahathir tests water to see if Muhyiddin or Hishammuddin play to the gallery. So far, it seems Muhyiddin hasn’t shown what it takes to become a strong leader.

Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin

But Mahathir didn’t expect much from the former meter reader anyway. That would leave Hishammuddin as the prime candidate. However, this guy who screwed up in the Sabah invasion crisis but did quite well during the missing MH370 crisis has chosen to play safe. As much as Hishammuddin wouldn’t want to be seen as betraying his cousin Najib, he practically gets multiple orgasms every night thinking of the position.


Well, there’s no time to be wasted and Mahathir has shifted gear towards his second phase now. He has openly and blatantly asked for Najib to be removed. And if both these “dins”Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin – still pretend as if they’re some virgin village boys not knowing which buttons to press in view of a naked Kate Upton, then that’s too bad. There’s a third candidate on the table – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah or popularly known as Ku Li.

Muhyddin and Hishammuddin Staring at Kate Upton body

Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has proposed the tag-team of Anwar Ibrahim and Ku Li to oust Najib Razak. Interestingly, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has expressed willingness to work with Mahathir, the same monster that had imprisoned him using draconian ISA in Operation Lallang in 1987. Mahathir doesn’t object to a meeting with his other rival, Anwar Ibrahim, who is currently serving a five-year jail sentence.


This second phase is also the “pow-wow” stage, where “fake” feasting, singing, dancing are to be held. Despite what he claimed previously, Anwar is more desperate than the mosquitoes he’s sharing to get the heck out of Sungai Buloh Prison. To hell with principles. All politicians are selfish, what more with Anwar who still has UMNO blood in his veins. And with DAP going solo to Mahathir’s camp, PKR has little choice.

Anwar and Mahathir and Razaleigh

Just like Kadir Jasin, Zaid Ibrahim could be Mahathir’s mouthpiece. So, the plan may just work. DAP and PKR have 38 and 30 parliamentary seats each. But Mahathir has another silver bullet – his long ally Taib Mahmud, Godfather of Sarawak – who commands 25 parliamentary seats. Sabah’s 22 parliamentary seats could swing in favour of Mahathir’s camp too. The total is 115 seats, more than enough to form a simple majority government.


Could that materialise or simply a wishful thinking? Let’s see, Emperor Taib Mahmud hates Najib Razak a lot, ever since the junior Razak forced him into retirement as the chief minister. Mahathir still has great influence over Sabah politicians and even if only half of them pledge their support for Mahathir, the number is good enough. One has to remember that not all of the 88 UMNO MPs actually support Najib Razak.

Najib Razak Hopeless Obama

What Mahathir, Anwar, Ku Li, Lim Kit Siang, Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman need to agree is to let the bygones be bygones. No witch hunting. And not to forget about promises to reward Sabah and Sarawak with 20% oil royalty. Ku Li can be the new prime minister until the next general election and Anwar Ibrahim can take over thereafter. That’s a fairy tales ending, which can only happen behind Disney’s backyard.


Of course that won’t happen. But it doesn’t matter. What Mahathir needs to do, or rather pretends to do, is to create a “perception” that if UMNO warlords do not kick out Najib Razak and his shopaholic beautiful wife, then UMNO itself will crumble and there will be prison instead of lucrative projects for them. After all, Mahathir will not go to jail, regardless of who comes to power.

Najib vs Mahathir - War

Knowing how those UMNO warlords’ dick swinging in the wind, it won’t be too long before the parasites tell Najib Razak to retire for the greater good of UMNO (*tongue-in-cheek*). And that will be the climax  third phase, a stage where Najib Razak and his family packs with their tails between legs. And voila, another new UMNO prime minister to be installed, with DAP and PKR remain as the opposition parties, while Anwar chats with mosquitoes – in jail.


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Hei FT , you forgot RM , don’t underestimate her , she might just play a trick ot two and Mamak’s gtand plan will just fail.

Futher more , the Mamak is 90 years old, time is just not on his side, all Najib got to do is hanging on to the premiership longer than the shelf life of the Grand
Ole Man .

Auntie Rosy? We had wrote about her 4-years ago … But her black magic didn’t work and she had given up and chose to do shopping instead …

So, forget about her …


Cheers …

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